Meet The Team Behind Green Build Co.

Erin's profile pic in blue shirt

Erin (Photographer + Founder)

Erin has always cared deeply about sustainable living practices and creating a cleaner future for our world. He’s travelled the world doing sustainable building courses such as the Earthship building course in Taos. From a young age learning about the damage that is being done to our planet and wanting to help.

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Umar (Developer + Editor)

Umar is WP developer who loves to help business owners to bring their businesses online. He has developed many sites from business sites to personal blogs. He is also an editor for this site and helps writer to get content published. When he’s not developing he’s keeping fit in his home gym or on the mats rolling.

people playing in mud

Earthship Build Australia

Photo from back in 2014 when one of the team members helped volunteer to build the first council approved Earthship in Australia. The build took place right on the outskirts of Adelaide. The build has been completed for several years now and is used as an Airbnb.