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Why Are Weed Pullers for Crabgrass Different?

Have you ever wondered why those special hand tools for cutting crabgrass are usually shaped differently from other garden equipment? In case you haven’t noticed, they look a bit unusual. What makes them different? Why are they different from the other weed pullers?

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For decades these tools have become a staple item in every homeowner’s toolbox. They’re designed to cut through tough vegetation such as grass, weeds, or shrubs without damaging them. The shape helps prevent slippage since they only have one edge that makes contact with the ground.

This annual grass grows all over lawns and green spaces, causing unsightly clumps around our homes. If you also want to remove weeds from your property without resorting to pesticides, consider using a weed-pulling machine. They can be effective at removing unwanted plants from your lawn or garden.

Why are weed pullers for crabgrass different? The answer is simple: They have to be!

To learn more about these devices’ differences, continue reading the article below, and you’ll learn everything you need to know. 

What is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass is an annual plant that has been growing for thousands of years. It’s native to Europe, but it was brought to North America by settlers during the early 1900s. This perennial grass thrives on poor soil and full sun. [1]

It spreads quickly and easily, which means it can grow up and take over your garden in no time. Its long stems make it difficult to mow, so it needs to be removed regularly.

The seeds germinate within two weeks after being planted. Once established, crabgrass will spread throughout your yard. You may notice new growth appearing even if you don’t see any signs of the plant itself.

How Do I Get Rid of Crabgrass?

If you’re tired of dealing with this pesky weed, there are several ways to eliminate it. One way is to use a weed-pulling device. These machines are designed to help you remove weeds without having to spend hours pulling them out by hand.

They work like a pair of scissors, making quick cuts along the length of the stem. When used properly, they won’t damage the roots of nearby plants.

You should always wear gloves when working with these tools. Your hands will thank you later.

Another option is to spray herbicides directly onto the weed. While this method works well, it requires repeated applications.

You might find yourself spending a lot of money on chemicals if you choose this route.

A third option is to hire a professional landscaper who specializes in removing crabgrass.

These professionals often use specialized equipment to ensure their clients receive the best results possible. [2]

Weed Puller for Crabgrass shown on the porch

Why are weed pullers for crabgrass different?

There are many reasons why weed-pulling machines for crabgrass are shaped differently than conventional gardening tools. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • The blades are longer because they must reach deep into the root system.
  • The handles are shorter because they require more strength to operate.
  • The blade’s teeth are serrated, making it easier to pull it with roots as well.
  • It has to be a more sturdy device since Crabgrass has thicker stems.

What size weed-puller should I buy?

When choosing a weed-pulling tool, you’ll want one that fits your budget and meets your specific needs.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for one:

Size matters. A larger model will allow you to tackle bigger jobs.

Consider the type of job you plan to perform. Do you just want to cut through the tops, or do you also want to dig up the roots?

Consider how much force you need to exert. If you have arthritis, you might not be able to handle a heavy-duty machine.

Look at the warranty. How long does it last? Will it cover replacement parts?

Do You Need to Pull out Dead Crabgrass?

Yes! Even though crabgrass doesn’t look dangerous, it still poses a threat to your lawn. The roots can cause problems such as stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and discoloration.

Crabgrass can also attract insects and diseases.

This makes it important to get rid of all traces of the weed before planting new grass seeds.

How Long Does Crabgrass Grow?

Depending on the climate where you live, crabgrass can grow anywhere from 6 inches or 15 cm to 2 feet or 60.9 cm tall. It grows quickly once it gets started.

Once it reaches maturity, it spreads rapidly. This means you could end up with an entire lawn full of crabgrass.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve been trying to get rid of crabgrass but haven’t had any luck, then you may want to consider using a weed-pulling machine. These devices make short work of the problem, allowing you to enjoy a clean, healthy lawn again.

Make sure you get a weed puller that works well for crabgrass as well. We’ve explained above what are the differences and features to look for in a weed puller for crabgrass. If you have any questions or suggestions about the article, don’t hesitate to leave a reply in the comment section below.

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