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Which Brand Multimeter Is Best?

Electricity since its discovery has become a driving force in the world. It powers our home appliances and is beginning to power our cars too. A Multimeter that measures all the properties of electricity accurately is the next best thing.

But there are several brands of the best multimeter types world over with different prices and functionalities too. As a buyer, you should know that there is probably no greater heartbreak than getting ditched by your less quality multimeter while on a job. Hence,  getting a top-rated multimeter from a reliable brand is the way to go. So, if you want to know which brand multimeter is best, read on to find out.

Which Brand Multimeter is Best?

Before answering the above question, you need to ask yourself this, What kind of multimeter do I need? Irrespective of your answer, we present Fluke to you! Fluke Corporation is a market leader in top-quality multimeters. There are other brands like Brymen and Amprobe that produce good multimeters too.

But why Fluke?

Measuring electricity requires precision and accuracy, and Fluke gives us these in spades. Fluke multimeters are also durable, ensuring you use them for long.

Amprobe has a longer legacy though, they have been in the market the longest. Their multimeters are budget-friendly and accurate

Let us look into Fluke multimeters better.

What You Need To Know About Fluke

Short Overview of the Fluke Multimeter

This is a product of Fluke Corporation, a world leader in professional electronic test tools. Fluke Corporation designs, develops and sells electronic measurement instruments for an array of industrial applications. They offer products considered as the most reliable for professional technicians

They also develop software for measuring and condition monitoring. Established in 1948 by John Fluke in Everett, Washington, It is a subsidiary of Fortive [1].

The Fluke 87v multimeter is currently leading the chart due to its accurate measurement of frequency. It also identifies irregular signals and captures spikes as short as 250 microseconds [2].

Fluke Multimeters start at a selling price of $49.99. The maximum price is wholly dependent on the product features and the sites offering them.

Fluke Top Models & Why We Picked Them

True, Fluke is the leading brand in the manufacture of Multimeters, but even within Fluke, there are standout performers. The top performers are Fluke 117 and Fluke 87V True RMS Multimeter.

Why did we choose these models? There are several reasons! Read on.

Maintain Temperature Reading Precision Over Time

Fluke 117 and 87V have a thermocouple probe for temperature measurement. This feature is a K-type. It gives an accurate temperature reading over a long duration, which is down to its RMS technology.

That’s not all.

Fluke multimeters have a standard safety rating of CAT-III 600V. It can also measure either an overload of 20 amp or steady 10amps for 30 seconds. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this safety rating. Fluke provides you with the highest level of protection from electrical hazards [3]. Also, ghost voltages are a nonissue due to their low impedance.

Fluke Multimeter

Fairly Accurate Readings Retained Over Years Of Use

The RMS (Root Mean Square) Technology places the Fluke multimeter head and shoulders above the rest. This technology makes this instrument capable of measuring diverse AC waveforms, standard, and irregular sin ways inclusive [4]. This makes it ideal for use in measuring electrical properties in other HVAC systems. You could also employ this tool for use in testing electronic measurement devices.

Automatic Voltage Switch and Detection

One attribute that distinguishes this multimeter from its peers is its ability to switch between AC and DC voltages automatically. Also, this equipment can measure ac/dc voltage through a barrier, eliminating the need to touch the temperature probe.


Are you still on the fence as regards which brand of multimeter is best? Then, know that the Fluke multimeter is not just your average brand for this tool, as shown by its different attributes.

Check our guide for the best multimeter for homeowners.

It adds a class of professionalism to measuring electrical properties even for non-professionals. Fluke gives you value for every penny spent on purchasing it.

Besides, it combines the best of both functionality and design, coupled with efficiency and effectiveness, to give you a pleasant Multimeter experience.


Choosing a brand for your measurement needs would be less difficult if you knew what to look for, right? Well, here are some attributes standard multimeter brands possess.

·        Accuracy and high precision in measuring current, resistance and voltage

·        With applications in both the home and professional setting

·        Legible readings

What you look for in a Multimeter brand is dependent on your multimeter needs. If you are a beginner, then an Auto-range multimeter is just ideal for you as it selects the range by itself. It is also easy to use.

Digital multimeters also give you straightforward and precise readings. They also provide readings faster than analogue multimeters. Its digital features make them perfect for both professionals and amateurs in the field.

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