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What Vacuum Cleaner Is Better Than Dyson?

The cost of a Dyson Vacuum cleaner is enough to drive buyers who are on a budget away.

One would also think that at such a high cost (almost $1,000), they would be very efficient at cleaning hardwood floors or soft carpets. But sadly, it is not the case. So at this point, you might be pondering what vacuum cleaner is better than Dyson.

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Well, in this article, we list a brand of Vacuum Cleaner that goes for less than half the price of a Dyson yet more efficient and provides top-quality models. And by that, we mean the Shark Vacuum Cleaners.

What Makes Shark Vacuum Cleaner Better than Dyson?

Let’s take a few aspects as to why Shark vacuum cleaners are better than Dyson.


Shark Vacuum Cleaners are very lightweight in comparison to heavy-duty Dyson Vacuum cleaners. The lightweight design allows for easy handling and flawless steering, making it perfect to use for extended periods.

Shark Vacuum Cleaners such as the Shark Vertex Duoclean has an inverted recline feature. This makes it an excellent choice for cleaning under low furniture or cabinets. In addition, it folds up for easy storage and can stand on its own.

The Shark Vertex Duoclean is easy to use and does not require you to change the vacuum head for different floor types, unlike Dyson Vacuum cleaners. The stick also features a light, making it excellent to use in slightly dim rooms.

Hardwood Floors & Soft Carpets

According to the NY Times, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 ranks first for best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors (1).  The vacuum cleaner is highly versatile and easy to use as it is lightweight and can be carried or wheeled.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 is perfect for all types of flooring. With such multipurpose functionality, one would think that the vacuum cleaner would be pretty expensive. However, buyers would be shocked to realize that it goes for just $170.

The NY Times reports that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 has been tested on wood, tiles, and linoleum. The best part is that the vacuum cleaner effortlessly cleans without leaving scratch marks on the floor, much unlike the Dyson V8 Absolute.

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Battery Life Of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Both brands have multiple cordless vacuum cleaners on the market today. However, to make a fairer comparison between both brands, we will focus on the best each brand has to offer. By that, we mean the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX and the Dyson V11 Torque Drive.

The Dyson v11 torque drive battery requires a charging time of 4.5 hours with a runtime of 60 minutes. When you compare it to the 80 minutes run time of the Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX, you realize that there’s no competition. The Shark ION F80 also requires 3.5 hours of charging time, a significant amount less than the Dyson v11.

The Shark ION F80 combines two replaceable, rechargeable batteries that can easily be swapped to achieve its incredibly high run time feature. The advantages of the Shark ION F80 over that of the Dyson v11 would make one think that it would cost more. 

However, a trip to Amazon shows that the cost of the F80 is $594.89 compared to the v11, which costs $699.99.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Pet Hair Cleaning

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner is the best tool for pet owners. The cordless vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The stick of the cordless vacuum cleaner folds in half so it can clean hard-to-reach areas such as under cabinets.

Unlike other Dyson Cordless Vacuum cleaners, the roller of the Rocket Pet Pro is self-cleaning to prevent hair from sticking or clogging. (2) Besides, the Rocket Pet Pro is not limited to just hardwood floors like Dyson, but rather you can use it to clean carpeted floors and rugs.

The highly efficient rug setting allows it to pick up dust that most vacuum cleaners fail to do. The bottom sweeper is large enough to pick up debris in fewer passes compared to Dyson.

The canister of the Pet Pro Vacuum cleaner is easy to empty, thanks to a simple push button.


If you are constantly thinking about what vacuum cleaner is better than Dyson, look no further than Shark.

Hopefully, by now, you already know what type of Shark vacuum cleaner to purchase, depending on your specific requirements.


The MultiFLEX technology is a technology utilized by the most cordless shark vacuum cleaners. The technology allows the Vacuum to bend to effectively clean areas such as the bottom of lower furniture and cabinets.

MultiFLEX also allows the vacuum cleaner to stand on its own and also compact storage.

According to the manual that comes with the product, you should clean the shark vacuum cleaner filters every three months, amounting to four times a year.

Doing so would help maximize the vacuum cleaner’s suction power, as the buildup of dirt could make the cleaner lose suction.

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