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What are the Top Tape Measure Brands

If you are an electrician, carpenter, or builder, then you know the importance of having the best tape measure in your toolbox while working. Getting accurate measurements is an essential part of these professions. The benefit of a quality tape measure cannot be overstated.

Making the right choice of tape measure can be quite difficult because of the many different brands in the market today. This article aims to end your decision paralysis and provide answers to the question, what are the top tape measure brands in the market today.

5 Top Tape Measure Brands

After thorough research and testing tape measures from different brands, we have selected the top best on the market. Here, we highlight what makes them stand out among others.

1. Stanley PowerLock

Coming first on our list is the Stanley PowerLock. It comes in different variations ranging from 12 feet to 35 feet. Furthermore, you can extend the Stanley PowerLock up to 10 feet without buckling under its weight.

Its small size allows you to hold it comfortably. The Stanley PowerLock features the Tru-Zero to provide accurate reading while taking measurements of long distances. It is corrosion-resistant and holds up well even after years of regular use. The blade of the PowerLock is one of the most durable brands in the market today [1]. But, even at that, it’s still one of the cheapest.

Fun Fact

The Stanley PowerLock was a part of the landing gear for the Apollo 11 Space Mission in 1969. If NASA scientists could trust the proficiency of the PowerLock, then it’s obviously a great choice for your daily work activities.

2. Milwaukee Tape Measure

One of the best features of the Milwaukee Tape Measure goes to its ingenious hook design. The hook was designed with a magnet to ensure that it grips the edge of whatever’s being measured without needing someone to hold it down. In addition, to ensure it lasts for a long time, the tape measure was designed with a nylon blade coating.

Red Milwaukee 25 Feet Tape Measure

But is that all?

For the user’s convenience, the tape measure has the measurement numbers printed on both sides of the blade. The tape also has a finger stop feature that protects the hands and fingers from getting injured when the blade retracts.

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3. Dewalt Xp Tape Measure

The hook of the Dewalt XP tape measure provides a solid grip when being used [2]. Furthermore, the numbers on the tape are big so that the user can read the tape measurement with ease.

Dewalt Black & Yellow 25 Feet Tape Measure

Besides, the first 9 inches of the blade is coated with thermoplastic to resist wear and tear. The Dewalt Xp is extendable up to 12 feet without buckling under its weight.

In addition, it is quite compact in size. This allows it to fit comfortably in the hand of the user.

4. Crescent Lufkin – Tape Measure

Crescent Lufkin 25 Feet Tape Measure

The blade of the Shockforce tape measure from Crescent Lufkin is coated with nylon to prevent wear and tear and prevent the measurement numbers from cleaning off. It is extremely durable and can withstand drops from distances as high as 25 feet without losing its functionality. It can even survive landing on concrete.

This tape measure can extend to almost 13 feet without buckling under its weight, one of the highest on this list. The blades come in two types [3]: the Nite Eye hi-viz green printing on black and conventional black number printing on yellow.

5. Klein Magnetic Tape Measure

Klein Tools 25 Feet Magnetic Tape Measure

The Klein Magnetic tape measure can extend up to 9 and half feet without buckling under its weight. The numbers on the tape are large and also double-sided measurement printing. These features allow the user to read the tape measurement with ease. The blade is coated with nylon [4] to ensure its durability and prevent printing from cleaning off. During retraction, the speed of the blade is controlled by the retraction speed brake to protect the fingers from suffering injuries. The metal clip of the Klein Magnetic tape measure secures very tightly to a tool belt.


As a tradesman or hobbyist, owning a durable and accurate tape measure would go a long way in making your work easier.

We hope that going through the article, you will be able to conclude what top tape measure brands are best.


Milwaukee will fix or replace any defective if discovered that the cause of the fault was from its factory. This applies to any product throughout its lifetime. All you need to do is to send a copy of the proof of purchase along with the defective product to any Milwaukee factory Service Centre location.

Stanley Hands Tools, a division of Stanley Black & Decker, is the manufacturer of the Stanley tape measure.

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