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Stihl Cordless Chainsaw Review

Stihl chainsaws are some of the most powerful wood-cutting tools out there. They can cut through any type of wood. If you want to start cutting trees or building something, you should invest in a Stihl chainsaw.

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Stihl is the German brand name for a company founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926. The company has always focused on producing high-quality power equipment that would stand the test of time. Stihl produces professional garden tools, chainsaws, lawnmowers, snowblowers, and much more today. Their chainsaws come in two types – corded and cordless.

This review looks at whether Stihl chainsaws are worth buying and whether they are a good choice for someone looking to build their home improvement projects.

Stihl Cordless Chainsaw Features

The first thing you will notice about the Stihl battery chainsaw review is how compact they are. Most other brands have large machines with many extra features, but Stihl makes smaller models easier to store.


The handle is comfortable and well designed as it should be for this type of machinery. There are no sharp edges that could hurt your hand. You can use the saw as a regular one-handed tool if you prefer. However, you can also use both hands to operate it.

Chain Tension

You can adjust the chain tension using the lever located near the trigger. This allows you to ensure the chain is tight enough to prevent slipping and yet not too loose so that it won’t bind. [1]

Operating Settings

Four settings are available: off, low speed, medium speed, and high speed. These settings allow you to control the amount of power being used.

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It’s important to note that these settings aren’t permanent. You can change them whenever you like.

Safety Switch

One of the best things about this saw is that it comes with a safety switch. When activated, it prevents the motor from starting unless the trigger is depressed. This ensures that the machine doesn’t start when you accidentally bump into or drop it.

Build Type

Stihl chainsaws are made from steel and aluminum alloys. The blades are hardened to withstand the wear and tear of heavy-duty work. They are built to last and are very durable. [2]


The weight of the Stihl chainsaw is 7.6 pounds or 3.4 kg. It’s easy to carry around and transport. The saw itself is also sturdy and reliable. It can be used for years without any problems.

Power Source

Stihl chainsaws run on electricity, and they require some powerful batteries to run.

Battery Life

If you choose the cordless option, you will need a battery pack. Stihl recommends that you buy an 18v lithium-ion battery pack.

These packs usually last between 2-3 hours, depending on what kind of work you do.

Charging Time

The charging process takes approximately 4 hours.


Stihl chainsaw accessories include oil, fuel filter, blade guard, and a charger.

Blade Guard

A blade guard protects the teeth of the saw blade. It keeps the debris away from the teeth and helps the saw work smoothly.

Stihl Cordless Chainsaw Cutting Wood in the Nature

What Makes it Better Than The Rest?

When it comes to chainsaws, there are many options out there. Some people want something that is powerful and tough, while others just want something simple and affordable. If you fall into the latter category, then Stihl is definitely the right choice.

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Here are some reasons why Stihl is better than most other brands:

1) Durability

As mentioned earlier, Stihl chainsaws are built to last. They are made from strong materials and are extremely durable.

2) Reliability

Another reason why Stihl is the best is because of its reliability. Unlike other brands, Stihl has been making chainsaws since 1926. That means they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their product line.

3) Safety Features

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Stihl chainsaw over the rest is that it comes with several safety features. For example, the saw has a safety switch that stops the motor from turning on until the trigger is depressed.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a good quality chainsaw at a reasonable price, then look no further than Stihl. Their products have stood the test of time and continue to do so today. Hopefully, this Stihl cordless chainsaw review has helped you make a decision. If you have any questions or suggestions about the article, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section. 

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