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RYOBI ONE and 18V Cordless Kit Review

Looking for a cordless drill kit that’s reliable, lightweight, and powerful? If yes, then RYOBI One might just be the perfect fit for you. In our full RYOBI ONE and 18v Cordless Drill Review, we explore its design and features. Read our complete review to see whether it’s worth buying or whether you should go with another option.

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Ryobi has long been well known for its quality tools. Their cordless drills have remained popular since they introduced them in the 1980s. They also offer a wider range of power tools, from blenders to saws. Today, Ryobi offers over 150 different models. The company started out as a manufacturer of hand tools but gradually shifted focus to manufacturing power tools. Ryobi is now considered one of the leading manufacturers of power tools.

There are lots of things to consider before buying a cordless tool kit. This is why we wrote our comprehensive Ryobi One and 18 Volt Cordless kit review. In addition to telling you about the features, we go into detail on the pros and cons of each model.  

The Ryobi one+ kit has two tools which are the Drill Driver and the Impact Driver. We’ll talk about the features of each tool in the sections below, so make sure to continue reading. 

The Ryobi ONE 18V Drill Driver Features

24-Position Clutch

The Ryobi One 18V Drill Driver has the unique feature of 24 position clutch. You can simply switch between positions by pressing the button. 

Variable Speed Control

The Ryobi One Drill Driver comes with variable speed control. This means that you can easily adjust the speed of the motor to suit your needs. The first speed setting goes up to 450 RPM, and the other setting goes up to 1750 RPM. [1]

Lightweight Design

The Ryobi One is designed to be very lightweight. It weighs only 9.9 pounds or 4.5 kg. This makes it easy to carry around.

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Ergonomic Grip

The ergonomically designed handle of this tool makes it comfortable to hold. It also helps prevent hand strain when using the tool.

18V Battery System

The Ryobi One comes with an 18V battery system. This gives you plenty of power to get through any job. 

Close up of The Ryobi ONE 18V Impact Driver being held by someone

The Ryobi ONE 18V Impact Driver Features

High Torque

The Ryobi ONE 18V Impact Driver delivers up to 1800 pounds of torque which is impressive. This allows you to drive screws quickly and efficiently. [2]

Lever Handle

The lever handle of the Ryobi One 18V Impact Driver makes it easier to use. It also provides better leverage when driving screws.

18V Battery System

The 18V impact driver uses an 18V battery system which gives you more than enough power to finish any project.

Onboard LED

The Ryobi ONE comes with an onboard LED light that illuminates the work area. This makes it easy for you to see what you’re doing while working.

High Impacts Per Minute

The Ryobi ONE Impact Driver delivers high impacts per minute at 3200 IPM. This means you will be able to drive fasteners without worrying about breaking them.

Is the RYOBI ONE and 18V Cordless Kit the One For You?

If you want a powerful drill and impact driver that are easy to use, then the Ryobi ONE 18V tool kit is definitely worth considering. It has all the features you need to complete most jobs.

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However, if you don’t like having to change batteries every few minutes, then you might not find the Ryobi ONE 18v ideal. This is easily fixable, though as you can get batteries that are compatible with these tools and offer more juice. 

There are also other options if you want to consider something more such as the ryobi 18v one+ 4.0ah 8 piece combo kit, or the ryobi 3 piece combo kit. All these models can be found at the ryobi kit – bunnings.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this Ryobi ONE and 18 Volt Cordless Tool kit Review helped you decide whether or not this is the right tool kit for you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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