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Milwaukee vs Makita Radio – Pros And Cons

Are you looking for a good quality radio that would last a long time? Do you need a job site radio that will produce high-quality sounds? If yes, you should consider buying a Milwaukee or Makita radio because they have excellent features and performance.

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The Milwaukee and Makita brands are well-known power tool brands across the world. They offer several types of tools, such as drills, saws, sanders, grinders, circular saws, jigsaws, and much more. On top of that, they offer some of the best job site radios you can find out there. They come with some special features as well; it’s important we dive deep into each one of them to help you make the best choice out of the two.

There’s so much to talk about these two devices, so without wasting any more time in this article, we will compare the two devices. The Pros and Cons of each of them and the features that they offer. Then you can make an informed decision about which of these makes the most sense to your situation.

Milwaukee Radio Features

Sealed AUX – This radio has the auxiliary compartment sealed and protected from weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry too much about leaving it in the rain for a short amount of time. [1]

Powerful Sound – It comes with powerful speakers that deliver great sound quality. You won’t be disappointed when listening to music on this device as it’s one of the loudest jobsite radios.

Long Battery Life – With its large battery capacity, you can use this radio for hours at a time.

Multi-Functional Controls – It has multi-functional controls that allow you to control all functions easily. Even though there are quite a few buttons, you won’t find it hard to use them.

Battery Powered or Corded – This device allows you to use it with batteries for higher portability, or if you run out of batteries, it can also use the power outlet. The choice is yours, but you will never run out of juice to run it since it offers this amazing feature.

Makita Radio Features

The Milwaukee Jobsite Radio on a work table

Waterproof Design – This radio is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant, and even submersible up to 1 meter (3 feet).

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High-Quality Sounds – It comes with high-quality speakers that provide clear and crisp audio output.

Large Capacity Battery – Its battery capacity is larger than other similar products. So you can listen to music longer before needing to charge it again. With an 18V Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah battery, it can last up to 35 hours; on the other hand, with an 18V Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah battery, it will last you 14 hours. [2]

Easy Operation – Easy operation controls allow you to operate it quickly and without getting confused.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology.

Protective Bumpers – These bumpers protect the radio from accidental drops and bumps. This makes it ideal in harsh working conditions.

Milwaukee vs Makita Radio – Pros And Cons

Let us now take a look at the pros and cons of each device:

Milwaukee Radio


  • Large Battery Capacity – This radio has a huge battery capacity, making it ideal for those who like to listen to music for hours.
  • Corded Powered Ability – On top of its large battery capacity this radio allows you to connect it to a power outlet as well if you don’t want to waste the battery, and this is what’s unique about this design.
  • Great Sound Quality – It comes with powerful and high-quality speakers that give you great sound quality.


  • Lacks Waterproofing – Although it is water resistant, it does not come with a waterproof design.
  • Low Customer Rating – This device has a low customer rating of 2.3 out of 5 stars in the 100+ reviews that are made on it.

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Makita Radios


  • Good Battery Life – Since it uses lithium-ion batteries, you can enjoy long battery life.
  • Excellent Sound Quality – It comes equipped with high-quality speakers, which gives you excellent sound quality.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and play the songs from your playlist directly. This is what makes it different than the Milwaukee radio. 
  • Sturdy Design – Combined with its protective numbers and sturdy design, this radio is made to last a long time.


  • No Corded Power Option – Unlike the Milwaukee radio, it doesn’t have a corded option.

Closing Thoughts

So we hope you found our comparison article helpful. We know that choosing between these two devices can be difficult because they both offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, we believe that after reading this article, you should be able to make a better decision when buying one of them.

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