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Milescraft 1303 Drive90PLUS Review

Are you looking for a way to improve the performance of your drill? If you answered yes, then Milescraft has got you covered. The new 1303 Drive90Plus is a compact cordless tool with the same powerful features as its larger cousins: variable speed control and impact driver (impact screwdriver).

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With its compact size, the milescraft hook driver makes it ideal for tight spaces such as garages or cabinets. It also has a built-in impact driver (impact screwdrivers) and two batteries for longer run times. This versatile tool is powered by only two AA batteries and weighs less than 7 pounds. [1]

This small but mighty cordless power tool delivers great value. Its powerful motor and convenient battery life make it perfect for DIY projects at home. Also, it provides excellent bang for the buck because its compact design saves space, making it easier to store. It covers virtually every job with three sizes of chucks, from drilling through holes to driving screws into wood.

Continue reading this Milescraft 1303 Drive90PLUS Review to learn more about this product and what makes it great.

Milescraft 1303 Drive90PLUS Features

The Milescraft drill 90 Plus comes in three different versions. Each version has a unique set of features. For example, the 6.35 mm chuck can be used on most drills and screwdrivers, while the 9.52 mm chuck works best with screwdrivers.

The 6.35 mm chuck accepts both standard and metric bits. It’s compatible with all types of bits, including Phillips, flathead, hex, and Torx.

The 9.52 mm chuck accepts standard bits and is explicitly designed for screwdrivers. It’s not compatible with metric bits.

The 11mm chuck is compatible with standard bits and is designed for use with hammer drills. It’s also compatible with some screwdrivers. [2]

All three versions have variable speeds ranging from 0 – 5200 RPM. They are controlled via an easy-to-read LED display.

The 1303 Drive 90 Plus includes a 2-year warranty.

What Makes This Cordless Tool Great?

Its compact design allows you to carry it around easily. With its lightweight weight, you don’t need to worry about dragging it around when doing DIY projects.

Its powerful motor and long runtime time make it ideal for any project. You won’t find a better value-for-money cordless tool.

It’s easy to use thanks to its simple controls. Even if you’re unfamiliar with using tools, you will quickly get the hang of it.

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It’ll save you money over buying separate tools. You can use one tool for multiple jobs. You can even use it outdoors without worrying about damaging anything. It’s waterproof so you can use it in wet conditions.

Man holding Milescraft 1303 Drive90PLUS with Drill Attachment

How Does It Work?

To operate the 1303 Drive 90 Plus, simply press the button located on top of the handle. A red light will illuminate, indicating that the tool is ready to use.

To change the speed, turn the dial clockwise until the desired setting appears. When the desired speed is reached, the red light will go out.

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In order to stop the tool, hold down the trigger button for several seconds.

Closing Thoughts

If you want a powerful yet affordable cordless tool, then the 1303 Drive 90 PLUS is the right choice. It’s easy to control, durable, and offers good value for your money. 

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