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Kings Roof Top Tent Review

Are you looking for a good camping experience? If yes, then you should definitely consider going through this kings roof top tent review article. They offer high-quality tents at affordable prices which also have a bunch of unique features different from the rest of the competition.

The Adventure Kings brand was created by an Australian family who wants to give people affordable access to the outdoors. Their primary objective is to offer Aussies the best roof top tents in Australia that are made with great quality and that wouldn’t break their bank.

The company was founded in 2012 and has since grown into a leading brand in the outdoor equipment industry. [1] Their tents come in various sizes and styles, and they also provide accessories such as tarps, hammocks, sleeping bags, etc.

Adventure Kings Camping Outdoors Setup

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents offers a wide range of tents that are suitable for both beginners and experts. They also offer great customer service and support for whatever problems you may encounter with your product.

Let’s look at this tent review and see what makes the Kings Tents different from the others.

Kings Roof Top Tent Review

For this review, I’m going to show you the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent, which is the staple for them. It has great reviews and is at a reasonable price so let’s jump into more details to see if this tent meets your needs.


First of let’s look at the kings roof top tent dimensions. This is going to be a very spacious tent since it offers nearly 4.5 square meters of space. It has a 145 cm wide and 310 cm long exterior, making it one of the biggest tents and the best one from competitors. That’s going to help you store more things in it and have a more comfortable experience.

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent

The kings rtt has a 135 cm high interior, and even though it’s higher than the rest, don’t expect to stand up in it. However, the added headroom space it’s really nice and will make your stay in it more pleasurable. When it’s packed up, this tent will only be around 35 cm high, making it easier to travel and very compact.


The kings roof top tent weight is something to be looked at with pride since it’s one of the most lightweight tents on the market. Compared to its competitors that can weigh around 65 or even 80 kg, the kings rtt comes at only 57kg.

You can easily hold this tent with two adults and place it on the top of your roof. If you were wondering how much weight does it support, the official answer from an adventure king official is that it depends on your roof racks’ load-bearing capacities.

Build Quality

On average, most people who buy a Kings roof top tent will be pretty happy with the way it performs. However, it isn’t uncommon for some customers to complain about some issues with the construction or durability of the tent. Some complaints have been in the flimsiness of the aluminium ladder for heavier people, the premature tearing of stitches of the bad, etc. 

Hardshell roof top tents are also a quality option.

I’d say those are minor issues that happen with bad usage of the product and the product wear after some time. There have been reported reviews that have used the product for years, and no problems like that have happened. It depends on how well you take care of your equipment, and it’s definitively not going to show problems immediately. After all, the adventure kings tents come with a 1-year full warranty. Even though the guarantee isn’t as much as the competitors who come with a 2 or 3 years plan, it’s still good enough.


This is an important aspect of the roof tent that you are going to get since it should be able to be set up as quickly as possible. The first time you’re going to set up this tent, it will take you around 20 minutes until you figure out how everything works. If you have another person there to help, then the setup time will decrease by a lot.

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Setup In The Nature

After you get accustomed to how everything works you will be able to set up the tent in about 15 minutes and pack it back in just 10 minutes. If there’s still a bit of confusion, then the adventure king website offers a user manual that will make it really easy for you to understand how to set it up. [2]

Pros and Cons

This tent is one of the best and cheapest ones in the market compared to the competitors, and that’s the most important pro thing about it. On the other hand, the most negative thing about it it’s the 35 cm height of it when packed; it’s going to cause a lot more drag to your vehicle and increase the fuel consumption.

It has a larger sleeping area than most other tents; however, the mattress’s build quality is not the best. The total package comes at only 57 kg, which is great and extremely lightweight, but the flimsiness of the ladder might be the drawback for it.

Reading the Overtons trustmade hard shell rooftop tent review will give you a brief overview of it.

Overall as you can see from this kings rooftop tent review, there are more benefits to this product. I think it’s an excellent choice for the price to performance ratio that it offers. In the end, if you want an amazing rooftop tent buy kings.

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