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Best Heavy Duty Extension Cord In Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

When you need to run equipment, appliances, or tools at some distance from a power outlet, what do you do? You need to find the best heavy-duty extension cord! Capable of handling the requirements of even industrial power tools, these cords won’t let you down.

So, read on and discover how to find the best long extension cord on the market today.

Best Overall

Ultracharge 25m 15 Amp Extension Lead

The Ultracharge UR250/25C extension cord is a brilliant choice for all kinds of users. Whether you’re a keen caravanner or a contractor needing an industrial-strength cord, this is the one for you.

How To Find The Best Heavy Duty Extension Lead?

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Ultracharge 25m 15 Amp Extension Lead
  • 15 Amp
  • Cable length – 25m
  • Wattage – 3500W
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget Ultracharge 15m Heavy Duty Extension Cord
  • Lead length – 15m
  • Amp – 10A
  • Rating – 2400W
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HPM Extension Lead 30m
  • 10 Amp
  • Cord length – 30m
  • Weight – 4.54kg
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Are you looking for the best 15 amp extension lead? Then you want to know the different features to look for in your purchase. Read our buyer’s guide to get the information you need.


The AWG (1) or gauge is a key consideration when you’re buying a heavy-duty extension lead. The wire size used by the extension cord is known as the AWG or gauge. The gauge of a wire refers to its diameter. 

A lower gauge means that it has a higher diameter. Lower gauge extension cords are best for industrial heavy-duty devices which draw lots of power. Higher gauge extension cords suit small household devices better.

Current Level

Not only do you need to consider the gauge of your extension cord, but you also need to consider its current level. All extension cords are rated to carry a certain current level. This will typically be listed in wattage and amperage. 

When you’re choosing the right extension lead, you need to note the electricity requirements of your devices. You must never overpower an extension cord. That’s why you must only use a cord that is rated for the correct amperage and wattage. 

man cutting outside with an extension cable

If you overtax your extension lead the cord may fail. In a worst-case scenario, it could result in a fire. Therefore, choosing a cord with a higher rating than you require is the best course of action.

What is an extension cord with multiple outlets called? Check this out here.

Outdoor or Indoor

Think about where you’ll be using your extension lead. Some cords are rated for outdoor and indoor use. This means that typically they are water-resistant. Make sure you’ve read the description of the cord carefully and never use a cord rated only for indoors outside.

Our Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reviews

Here, you’ll find our top four picks of the best heavy-duty extension power cords on the market this year.

1. Ultracharge 25m 15 Amp Extension Lead – Best Overall


  • 15 Amp

  • Cable length – 25m
  • Wattage – 3500W

The Ultracharge UR250/25C extension cord is a brilliant choice for all kinds of users. Whether you’re a keen caravanner or a contractor needing an industrial-strength cord, this is the one for you. 

Stretching for 25 metres, this cord is long enough for virtually any purpose. It is especially useful for connecting RVs and caravans to the mains connection in a caravan park. 

Since this is an especially heavy-duty cord, it comes with a 15 amp plug and socket. It can be used with even the highest current-drawing equipment and tools. 

With its thick black and orange flexible cord, this extension cable can easily be seen. This means that it isn’t a tripping hazard, even on a poorly lit campsite. It even features an internal LED light that indicates live power is flowing through the cord. This ensures greater safety for users. 

If you’re seeking a great overall heavy-duty extension cord, this is the one for you.

2. Ultracharge 15m Heavy Duty Extension Cord – Best on a Budget


  • Lead length – 15m

  • Rating – 2400W 
  • Amp – 10A

Affordable yet high quality, the Ultracharge UR240/15HD extension cord is a good budget purchase. This is a heavy-duty lead that is suitable for both office and home use. It isn’t a good choice for industrial purposes though. 

This extension cable stretches for 15 metres, which is long enough for many purposes. Whether you need to power tools in your garage or a vacuum cleaner away from an outlet, this cord suffices.

This cord has also been given a bright yellow colour. This makes it easy to see so it won’t cause a tripping hazard even in low-lit locations. 

Operating at 10 amps and at 2400 Watts, this cord has a power indicator too. This means that you can see at a glance if it’s working.

If you’re on a tight budget and need an affordable extension cord, this is the one for you.

3. HPM Extension Lead 30m


  • 10 Amp

  • Cord length – 30m
  • Weight – 4.54kg

The HMP Extension lead is a great choice if you need a seriously long extension cord. Measuring 30 metres in length, it’s one of the longest leads on the market. This makes it ideal for campsites to connect caravans and RVs to the mains electricity supply. 

The wide blade earth terminal works with 10 amp outlets, giving plenty of versatility with which appliances it can power. It features an extra heavy-duty flexible cable that is strong and resilient. Meanwhile, its moulded socket and plug make it easy to inspect this cord for safety purposes. 

Whatever rugged applications or high-powered appliances you need this cord for, you won’t be disappointed in its performance.

The Verdict – Which Heavy Duty Extension Cords Do We Recommend?

All three of these heavy-duty extension cords have been made with quality in mind. However, if we had to pick just one overall, we’d opt for the Ultracharge UR250

With a cable length of 25m, it’s long enough to suit most purposes. It is also compatible with 15 amp equipment. This makes it an incredibly versatile choice. 

Whether you’re a contractor, a DIYer, or a keen caravanner, you’ll find this cord the perfect option for you.

Extension Cord FAQs

If your fridge is located a long way from a power outlet there’s no need to worry. Using a heavy-duty extension lead is ideal for this purpose. It’s important though to check the amp rating of the cord. It must be the same as the amperage of your fridge to protect against hazards and fires.

An outdoor extension cord is mostly weatherproof. This means that it’s suitable for use in damp or wet conditions. An outdoor extension cord is suitable for use indoors but an indoor cord cannot be used outdoors safely.

There are some rules to follow to ensure that you’re using your extension lead safely:

Don’t overload an extension cord beyond its capacity.

Never plug two extension cords into each other.

Never allow extension cords to contact snow or water unless they’re outdoor rated. 

Don’t put an extension cord under a window, door, or carpet. 

Don’t allow an extension lead to overheat or it could set on fire. 

Don’t force an extension cord plug into any outlet into which it doesn’t perfectly fit.

Only choose an electric extension cord that has been approved. 

Avoid using a single extension lead for multiple appliances simultaneously.

Make sure that you’ve matched the wattage and amperage rating on your cord to the device you’re using. 

If the cord has been damaged don’t use it.

If the cord feels hot to the touch, stop using it.

Always choose extension cords with polarized plugs (2).

Avoid using extension cords as permanent substitutes for basic wiring.

Extension cords come in different gauges and lengths. Each gauge has a particular amperage limit:

Extension cords between 25 and 50 feet in length:

12 to 10 gauge – 16 to 20 amps

14 gauge – 14 to 15 amps

16 gauge – 1 to 13 amps

Extension cords of 100 feet in length:

10 gauge -16 to 20 amps

12 gauge – 14 to 15 amps

14 gauge – 11 to 13 amps

16 gauge – 1 to 10 amps

Extension cords of 150 feet in length:

10 gauge – 11 to 15 amps

12 gauge – 8 to 10 amps

14 gauge – 1 to 7 amps

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