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Draper 230V Wet and Dry Bench Grinder 31235 Review

There are several good options out there for wet and dry bench grinders, but they all seem to lack some key features. Will our review finally reveal the perfect bench grinder for your shop or home? Let’s take a look at three models from the top brands and see what makes them stand apart.

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Bench grinding machines are essential tools for woodworkers and hobbyists. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, styles, and price points. There are also multiple uses for these devices, depending on how much power you require.

The best bench grinders will be able to handle any type of material that you throw at them. Some can even process exotic woods like bamboo, cork, and other hardwoods. The most important thing is to find one that fits your needs.

You should consider a portable model if you need something small enough to fit in your workshop. You don’t want to have to drag it around every time you need to use it.

A larger version would work well for large projects. If you plan to do a lot of grinding, then you might want to invest in a high-quality machine. It will last longer and perform better than other models, but it’s a bit more pricey.

If you’re looking for a new bench grinder, you may not know where to start; continue reading our Draper 230V Wet and Dry Bench Grinder 31235 Review.

Draper 230V Wet and Dry Bench Grinder 31235 Introduction

When we first started researching this article, we were surprised by just how many different types of bench grinders there are available. We found that there are two main categories: wet and dry.

Wet Grinder

Wet grinders are designed to cut through soft materials such as wood, plastic, etc. These grinders usually feature a water tank with an internal motor that spins a disk inside. This creates friction between the disk and the material being ground, which causes heat. [1]

This heat melts the material and allows it to flow down into the water tank. When the grinding is complete, the user simply drains the water from the tank and removes the melted material.

Dry Grinder

While wet grinders are great for cutting softer materials, they aren’t ideal for harder materials. For example, they won’t work well on metals because they melt the surface instead of cutting through it.

Dry grinders are designed to work on harder materials like concrete, stone, brick, glass, etc. These grinds are typically powered by electricity rather than water. These grinders are often used for demolition purposes, so they’re built to withstand heavy-duty usage. They also tend to be more expensive than their wet counterparts. [2]

The best thing about the Draper 230V Wet and Dry Bench Grinder 31235 that we’re reviewing is that it has both of these types into one it’s just a matter of setting up the mechanism. It comes with a Whetstone wheel with a diameter of 200 mm and a dry white stone wheel of the same size but runs at 2850 rpm or (rotations per minute).

Silverline Wet Bench Grinder on floor

Draper 230V Wet and Dry Bench Grinder 31235 Features

Let’s talk about one of the most important features of this wet and dry bench grinder, which is the adjustable safety protection. The safety protection is very easy to adjust, and it works perfectly fine. You’re never in danger of hurting yourself when using this grinder. 

Another useful feature is the automatic shutoff function. This means that the grinding operation stops immediately after the desired amount of material has been removed. This is especially helpful when working with hard materials.

You’ll find that the grinding speed is quite fast. In fact, it can reach speeds of up to 2850 RPM. That’s pretty impressive considering its small size.

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This grinder requires 230 Volts of energy. It has a weight of 12.1 kg, and its dimensions are as follows: 

  • Height: 48.8 Cm
  • Width: 31.8 Cm
  • Length: 29.6 Cm

What comes inside the box:

  • One Draper 31235 230-volt wet and dry bench grinder
  • One 200 mm whetstone
  • One 125 mm dry white stone
  • One BS-approved non-rewireable three-pin molded plug and cable
  • One Instruction manual

Closing Thoughts

You should consider buying this product if you want a high-quality wet and dry bench grinder. It’s affordable, durable, and powerful. On top of that, you get two types into one device. If you need a good grinder, then this is definitely worth your money.

I hope this Draper 230V Wet and Dry Bench Grinder 31235 review has helped you come to a conclusion and get the information you were looking for. If you have any questions or suggestions about the article, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section.

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