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DeWalt Planer DW735 Review

A Dewalt planer is a handy tool for woodworking enthusiasts. This versatile machine lets you shape materials into desirable shapes using its flexible tabletop. Does this device offer enough versatility and power to satisfy professional woodworkers? Let us take a look at the Dewalt DW735 planer review.

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DeWalt tools are high-quality tools that cater to the requirements of professionals. In addition to being really powerful, they come equipped with several features such as a dust collection system and various accessories. The company also offers maintenance plans and warranty coverage. They feature a number of unique safety mechanisms, including emergency stop buttons and a lockout mechanism that prevents unauthorized access.

It takes some time to master the art of woodwork. For someone who has no experience or knowledge in using this type of equipment, a DeWalt planer would be a great choice. Since it comes with a large storage area and two cutting blades, it provides ample space to store sawdust and material scraps.

If you want to learn more about the DeWalt Planner DW735, then I suggest you continue reading the rest of the article. 

DeWalt Planer DW735 Features

Dual Speed

This DeWalt Planner allows you to choose between slow speed and fast speed. You can use either one, depending on your preference. One speed is meant for thicker planning, and the other one is more about detailed finishing. [1]

Dust Collection System

With this planer, you don’t have to worry about dust getting into your eyes while working. The dust collector will collect all the dust particles from the work surface.

Adjustable Blade Height

You can adjust the dewalt planer dw735 blades height so that you can cut different types of materials without having to change the settings.

Adjustable Work Table

The table can be adjusted to suit your needs. It can be moved forward or backward depending on what kind of material you need to cut.

Safety Mechanism

There are many safety mechanisms built into this planer. These include an automatic shut-off when there is any pressure applied to the motor, an emergency stop button, and a lockout mechanism. All these mechanisms ensure that you do not get hurt by the machine.

Powerful Motor

The motor that this device houses is 15 AMP, which handles 20000 RPM, which means it can cut wider materials with ease.

Storage Area

This planer has a large storage compartment where you can safely keep your sawdust and material scraps.

Fan-Assisted Chip Ejection System

This planer uses a fan-assisted chip ejection system. As soon as chips start building up, the fan will help push them out of the way.

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Usability Manual

This planer comes with a DeWalt planer dw735 manual pdf that explains how to operate the device.

Three Knife Cutter Head

This planer comes with three knives on the dewalt planer dw735 helical head that allows you to make cuts of different widths. This way, it can deliver cuts at 10000 RPM while granting 30% longer knife life. 

The DeWalt Planer DW735 close look

Fast Knife Change

The DeWalt dw735 13” planer lets you easily change the three knives. To do this, just slide the knives from the channel and insert the new ones. [2]

Extended Warranty

If you purchase this tool within its warranty period, then you will receive free replacement parts and service for the next three years.


The price of this planer ranges from $600 to $650+. However, you find a DeWalt planer dw735x sale and get it for cheaper if that’s too much for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about finding DeWalt planer dw735 parts since they’re easily available online.

The Specifications of the DeWalt Planer DW735:

  • Weight: 92 lbs or 41 kg
  • Cord Length: 13 Inches or 33 Centimeters
  • Width Capacity: 13 Inches or 33 Centimeters
  • Depth Capacity: 6 Inches or 15 Centimeters
  • Cuts per Minute: 30000 
  • Motor no-load Speed: 20000 RPM
  • Motor Cutterhead Speed: 10000 RPM
  •  AMPs: 15 AMP

DeWalt Planer DW735 Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to operate.
  • You can adjust the table height.
  • There is a dust collection system.
  • This planer has a powerful motor.
  • Features Dual Speed option.
  • It has a fan-assisted chip ejection system.
  • It has Safety mechanisms.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It’s not portable

Closing Thoughts

I think that this DeWalt planer is worth buying if you are looking for a good quality planer that offers a lot of features. If you are in the market for a high-quality planner, then this might be the right choice for you. It is durable, reliable, and easy to use. It is also priced reasonably.

I hope this DeWalt Planer DW735 Review has helped you conclude and get the information you were looking for. If you have any questions or suggestions about the article, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section.

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