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Dewalt 12V/20V MAX Jobsite Bluetooth Radio DCR028B Review

What kind of radio would you choose to listen to music or talk to someone during the construction site? The Dewalt 12V/20v Max Bluetooth Wireless Job Site Radios are ideal for outdoor use because they provide convenient features and excellent sound quality.

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Dewalt provides high-quality tools and accessories for professionals. They also offer a wide range of products to satisfy their customers’ diverse requirements. Whether you are working alone or within a team, these portable radios will ensure you stay connected throughout the day.

It has a built-in speakerphone allowing hands-free communication. And with its advanced features, you’ll enjoy the ultimate performance.

To learn more about the Dewalt 12V/20V MAX Jobsite Bluetooth Radio DCR028B, continue reading the article below. 

Dewalt 12V/20V MAX Jobsite Bluetooth Radio Features

The dewalt jobsite radios have a number of great features that make them perfect for your work.

Built-in Speakerphone

It is an essential feature for any job site. You can easily communicate with others while on the job without having to hold the radio up to your mouth. [1]

Advanced Technology

This radio uses the latest technology to deliver superior audio quality. Its digital signal processing (DSP) allows it to reproduce sounds with greater clarity than other models at the same price range.

Easy Operation

With a plethora of buttons, this Bluetooth radio seems hard to operate. However, it’s one of the most innovative designs out there. Even though it has a lot of buttons and toggles, you’ll find it really simple to use.

Durable Construction

The durable plastic housing protects the internal components from damage. It is made of impact-resistant material, which makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Waterproof Design

The waterproof design ensures that the radio remains functional even when exposed to water. Keep in mind that it’s not made to be put under water but rather to be able to withstand light watering.

Dual Band Antenna

The dual band antenna delivers clear reception in both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands. [2]

Compact Size

The compact size makes it easy to carry around. Combined with its lightweight design, you’re going to have no trouble with this tool.

These Jobsite Bluetooth Radio dimensions are as follows:

  • Height: 10.5 Inches or 26.6 Centimeters 
  • Width: 15.3 Inches or 38.8 Centimeters 
  • Length: 7.7 Inches or 19.5 Centimeters
  • Weight: 8 lbs or 3.6 kg

Bluetooth Feature

This radio allows you to connect over Bluetooth and play songs directly from your phone making it an excellent choice if you want to listen to your playlist.

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Dewalt 12V/20V MAX Jobsite Bluetooth Radio Pros and Cons

Dewalt Jobsite Bluetooth Radio turned on


  • High-Quality Sound: The Dewalt 12V / 20V MAX Jobsite Radios come with a powerful DSP chip that helps produce a clearer sound.
  • Convenient Features: The radio comes with a variety of useful features such as volume control, channel selection, voice dialing, and call answer/end.
  • Easy Operation: The radio has a large display screen which makes it easier to navigate through the menu system.
  • Lightweight: The radio weighs only 8 pounds or 3.6 kg, making it very convenient to carry around and one of the more lightweight choices on the market.
  • Waterproof: The radio is designed to endure light rain, making it perfect for work environments where spills happen from time to time.
  • Durable: The radio is built using high-quality materials that will last long after its initial purchase.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: This dewalt jobsite radio bluetooth radio supports bluetooth connectivity allowing users to connect their smartphone devices to the radio.


  • Corded: If you want to listen to music or talk on the go, then this model won’t do the trick. It requires a power source. There are other dewalt radio with battery and charger if you don’t want to get tangled.
  • Expensive: Although the radio is affordable, it still costs quite a bit compared to some of its competitors. If we compare dcr025 vs dcr028 there’s a clear cheaper option out of the two.
  • Small Display Screen: The small display screen may be difficult to read, especially if you have bad eyesight.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable Jobsite radio, then the Dewalt 12V /20V MAX Jobsite Radio should be at the top of your list. It offers a number of great features, including Bluetooth connectivity, a display screen, and an impressive set of functions. Overall, this is a good choice for anyone who wants a versatile radio that can handle multiple tasks.

I hope this Dewalt 12V/20V MAX Jobsite Bluetooth Radio Review has helped you conclude and get the information you were looking for. If you have any questions or suggestions about the article, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section.

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