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Best Work Boots Australia [Top 5 Picks 2023]

Do you know the horrible feeling of stubbing your toe on furniture? Well, imagine being on a worksite and dropping heavy machinery on your foot. It would certainly be a lot worse than just kicking your pinky. That’s why having the best pair of safety boots, or work boots, is critical to your health and safety.

Whether you work in construction or carpentry, or anything in between, a pair of comfortable and durable work boots are an essential part of the job.

Searching through the hundreds of work boots online can be a daunting task, so that’s why we’ve done the hard work and found the best work boots in Australia.

Best Overall

Blundstone 992 Steel Toe Safety Men’s Work Boots 150mm Lace & Zip

The Blundstone 992 features a 150mm ankle support that laces up, plus the convenience of a zip-up side. So, once you’ve fit your work boot correctly, it’s as simple as slipping in and zipping up for a snug and well-fitting boot.

Best Work Boots Australia – Buying Guide

You’ve probably searched for Working Boots Australia or slip on work boots and been inundated with information, so let’s break down the basics so you can find the perfect pair.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Blundstone 992 Steel Toe Safety Men’s Work Boots 150mm Lace & Zip
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Steel Blue Parkes Zip Sided TPU Outsole Boots with Scuff Cap-min
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Redback UBOK Slip-On Work Safety Boot-min
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SAFETOE Mens Steel Toe Work Boots-min
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Timberland PRO mens 6 Pit Boss-min
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Types of work boots

Steel toe – As the name suggests, this type of work boot has a broad steel reinforcement covering the toe area of the boot. Steel toe boots are usually rated by the impact the steel area can withstand, and this is measured in joules. Type 1 steel toecap boots can withstand up to 200 Joules of impact force [1]. These are probably the most common type of protective toe found in work boots and the cheapest; however, they can sometimes be uncomfortable for long periods.

Soft toe – This type of boot does not come with a heavy steel toe and is classed as non-protective. However, this type of boot is still highly durable and comfortable and great for a worksite. However, if your job demands a steel toe, then these are best avoided.

What features make a good work boot?

If you’re working in construction, undoubtedly the most crucial consideration will be the steel toecap. However, many other features create great steel-toe boots.

Material – Work boots can be manufactured out of various materials, including full-grain leather, nubuck leather which feels similar to suede but more durable [2], or synthetic materials such as rubber or polyurethane. Boots are usually lined with moisture-wicking fabric that helps prevent bacteria and odour and keeps feet dry and comfortable.

Sole Slip-resistant soles work by creating a seal between the sole and wet surfaces by pushing water away from the space between the tread. An all-terrain sole is also an excellent option for rugged work sites. The outside is just as important as the inside; the inner sole is usually made from rubber or polyurethane to create an ergonomic footbed so your feet can handle standing on hard surfaces like concrete for long hours minus the fatigue and pain.

Electric hazard protection – Electrical hazard resistant footwear offer the greatest protection when working with live electrical circuits. It’s a common myth that it’s dangerous for footwear to contain metal, such as a steel toe cap. However, the reality is that metal is only conductive when it’s in contact with another piece of metal. Electrical hazard resistant boots employ rubber soles and encapsulate any other metal within non-conductive materials. Electrical hazard-resistant footwear certified under the ASTM standard F2413-18 can withstand the application of 18,000V at 60Hz for 1 minute [3].

Work Boots, glasses & helmet in a store in Australia

Waterproof – Having a pair of waterproof boots makes life so much easier. You can work in wet environments without fear of ruining your new work boots or getting wet feet. While rubber is naturally waterproof, most leather work boots receive a waterproof coating during manufacturing.

Do you know what are the best work boots for wide feet Australia? Reading our article will help you find the best one for you.

Comfort and style – Finally, the last factors to consider are the overall comfort of the boot and the style. Assuming you and your new boots will be spending a lot of time together, you’ll want to make comfort a top priority. Ensuring you find a lightweight boot with flexible soles and extra padding in the collar and tongue are guaranteed ways to stay comfortable. The style comes down to your personal preferences; whether you prefer light or dark, low or high, zip or laces, these are all factors to consider.

Work Boot Reviews Australia

We’ve covered the basics of what makes a great work boot and things you need to look out for when you buy work boots. Now you’ve made it to the all-important reviews, read on as review the top five boots.

1. Blundstone 992 Steel Toe Safety Men’s Work Boots 150mm Lace & Zip – Best Overall

Why we love it:

  • These boots are designed to provide maximum safety on site, and they are even electrical hazard resistant. This boot is  ASTM F2413-18 certified for electrical shock hazard resistance, a sure win for any electricians or builders working around live wires.

    These boots measure 150mm in height, which gives superior ankle support. You might think the added height makes it a heavier boot. Guess again! These boots are lightweight and, despite their size, are very comfortable to wear for long hours.

These feature-packed steel toe boots are the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and durability. The Blundstone 992 features a 150mm ankle support that laces up, plus the convenience of a zip-up side. So, once you’ve fit your work boot correctly, it’s as simple as slipping in and zipping up for a snug and well-fitting boot.

We all hate having hot and sweaty feet. This boot features a thermal regulating bamboo lining that allows your feet to breathe. The ‘Shock Zone’ footbed features a channeled airflow system and cushion lining, ensuring extra comfort for tired soles.

Given all the features focused on comfort, you might forget that these are designed to endure the demanding conditions of construction work. So, it’s important to note that these boots are heat resistant to 300°C and the high-density nitrile rubber outsole is oil, acid, and organic fat resistant and impervious to microbial attack, all thanks to its hydrophobic nature.

Let’s get to the all-important safety features. The steel toe is a broad fitting impact-resistant Type 1 steel toe cap with the ability to withstand 200 Joules of impact force. Type 1 steel toes are recommended for construction, sawmills, mining, heavy engineering, and agricultural work [1], so it’s safe to say your tootsies will be taken care of in these boots.

2. Steel Blue Parkes Zip Sided TPU Outsole Boots with Scuff Cap

Why we love it:

  • We can see why these boots are Ranked #1 Best Seller in the work boots category on The heavy-duty leather ensures longevity and allows for flexibility, and the soft polyurethane footbed makes it feel like you’re walking on air.

    A great boot at a moderate price that will last the distance, reduce foot and leg fatigue, and keep you safe.

The Steel Blue men’s work boots are a 95mm high hiker style boot featuring a padded tongue and collar and an easy on/off low-cut zip release, which saves the time and hassle of laces.

These work boots are made from high-quality, durable leather, including a combination of nubuck and full-grain leather that is ethically and environmentally sourced from members of the Leather Working Group [4].

The baltico lining is a soft hydrophobic fabric that efficiently wicks away perspiration leaving your feet dry and cool. The patented Ortho Rebound Footbed is made from high-quality polyurethane, so it always retains its thickness and shape, ensuring maximum support and reduced foot fatigue. Plus, high-tech poron pads are strategically placed in the sole under your foot’s peak stress areas resulting in maximum comfort for the boot’s life.

The durable outsole is anti-static, heat resistant to 130°C, and slip and oil resistant. Steel Blue takes safety so seriously; their boots are SRC tested and rated. This means that their footwear is tested in a laboratory on various surfaces to ensure they are slip-resistant. The boots have been tested on a ceramic tile floor with a Sodium Laureth Sulfate solution (SLS) and a steel floor with Glycerine.

The toe cap is made from hardened steel for premium protection, and the abrasion-resistant toe scuff cap covers most of the boot and prevents cuts, abrasions, and nicks.

3. Redback UBOK Slip-On Work Safety Boot

Why we love it:

  • Over 90-years of experience and craftsmanship support Redback, plus you’ll be spending your hard-earned cash on an Australian-made product.

    The quality of the leather and construction is evident and worth every cent, in our opinion.

    These work boots are easy to take on and off at a moment’s notice, but you’ll find yourself more than happy to slip them back on every day because the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become.

     When you’re picking up a pair of Redback men’s work boots, the important thing to note is the sizing; these boots are made to AUS/UK sizing, so we’d suggest paying particular attention as they are listed in US sizes.

These Redback boots go hell for leather. Their legendary durability is in part thanks to the Australian and New Zealand premium full-grain cowhides used in manufacturing. This type of leather is thicker and more supple than in normal workboots. Redback combines superior old-school craftsmanship with the latest technology to create one of the best men’s work boots on the market.

The Redback UBOK Slip-On Work Safety Boot features a cushioned midsole made from a special compound with millions of tiny air bubbles that help to increase shock absorption and energy return; this, coupled with the anatomically accurate moulding, means you can stay on your feet longer with less discomfort and fatigue. Plus, the unique triple-layer midsole design helps prevent sagging arches often associated with flat feet.

These slip-on work boots’ intelligent design features a 180mm elastic side and compression moulded outsole, so they are super easy to slip on and off. The boots are made from a 3-piece, thick grain leather upper, meaning they are water-resistant and suited to the harsh conditions of an Aussie worksite.

Safety is always top of mind for tradies, and the reinforced steel-toe is designed to meet global safety standards and protect your feet from worksite hazards and accidents.

4. SAFETOE Mens Steel Toe Work Boots

Why we love it:

  • Safetoe offers 30 days money back and a 6-month quality warranty which means you can rest easy knowing these shoes are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

    These are the best budget work boots on the list. However, they don’t skimp on features and safety, and they still offer the same superior protection as some of the more expensive models. They just aren’t backed by a well-known brand name. An excellent option if you’re watching the hip pocket.

The Safetoe Work Boots provide superior comfortability combined with the best safety protection, all at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.

The Safetoe Work Boots look more like hiking shoes, but this doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed any features you’d expect to find in safety boots. They are made from 100% water-resistant leather, and the shock-absorbing insoles are 1.5cm thick.

They feature an extra-wide comfortable toe cap that can withstand up to 200 Joules of impact force. The outsole is made from double density, slip-resistant polyurethane, and the abrasion-resistant overcap is made from tough polyurethane. The inside of the shoe is lined with cambrelle for superior breathability thanks to its moisture-wicking properties.

5. Timberland PRO mens 6″ Pit Boss

Why we love it:

  • This boot is supportive from the tough nubuck outer to the cushioned footbed, and it’s designed to keep your feet in tip-top condition. The lightweight construction doesn’t sacrifice durability, but it does make long work hours lighter.

    The electrical hazard protection provides secondary underfoot protection from live electrical circuits or energized conductors, so these are great for electricians.

    The only gripe we have with these boots is that they aren’t water-resistant. Obviously, you can go ahead and waterproof them yourself, but at this price tag and against competitors, it seems like it should be a standard feature.

If you need a pair of versatile and durable work boots that not only feel good but also look good, then the Timberland PRO mens 6″ Pit Boss are a great option.

The 6-inch boot is synonymous with Timberland and the most widely recognized boot from the brand, adorning the feet of everyone from tradies to rappers. However, the Timberland Pro range of footwear is built to withstand the rigorous nature of a worksite.

Featuring built-in comfort technologies such as the removable open-cell polyurethane footbed and the moisture-wicking cambrelle fabric lining, which fights bacteria and odours. The electrical hazard protection and slip-and-oil resistant soles deliver optimal performance day in and day out and ensure absolute safety.

The boot features nylon shock-diffusion plates for support and torsional rigidity. Need a translation? This simply means the boot has nylon panels that prevent sagging and collapsing with repeated use to ensure longevity.

The high-performance all-terrain sole is designed to be slip-resistant and is engineered for comfort, and as you’d expect, the asymmetrical reinforced steel toe provides crucial impact protection.

The Verdict

The Blundstone 992 Steel Toe Safety Men’s Work Boots are a clear standout on this list. They offer great safety features and certifications, plus the heavy-duty construction is second to none. These work boots are the best option if you work in a trade-related profession or with heavy machinery.

The best budget option is SAFETOE Mens Steel Toe Work Boots. They offer many of the same safety features as their competitors but at less than half the price. If sticking to a budget is your priority, these boots will fit the bill.


A good work boot should be a snug fit that feels supportive. It should not be too loose or too tight as it will cause blisters and discomfort. Instead of sizing up, we’d suggest looking for work boots that come in a wide size which many brands offer. This will help avoid any heel slippage and discomfort associated with boots that are too long for your foot.

Breaking in a new pair of work boots can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks or 100 hours [5]. The following steps will help guide you through the process.

1. Test them out, and don’t ignore any immediate pain or tight spots on your foot or ankle.

2. Make sure the boots fit well. They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

3. Wear them around the house when doing everyday tasks, start with 20 minutes a day and increase as your foot becomes used to wearing the boot.

4. After spending time wearing them, take them to work and start to wear them, however, take your old pair of shoes with you in case they are still initially uncomfortable.

5. During the break-in period, you can apply leather oil to areas that need a bit of stretch.

6. Never use water or heat to break them in. It will degrade the natural materials and decrease the lifespan.

1. Clean them with a nylon brush and a water-based cleanser.

2. Apply a leather conditioner every few months to keep the leather supple

3. Use a waterproofing solution if required

4. Sprinkle baking soda inside and leave overnight to eliminate odours.

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