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Best Utility Knife Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

A utility knife is a specific style of knife that is used for jobs like opening and cutting down boxes, trimming carpet, vinyl, or wallpaper and craft projects. It’s probably one of the most useful tools you can have in a toolbox. They are also known as box cutter knives or safety knives.

It’s essential that you select a utility knife that has all the features you need, an ergonomic design and solid construction that will last, and lastly, a brand you can trust. It’s better to spend a bit of time considering the different options available to ensure they meet your needs; this saves the frustration and disappointment down the track. The last thing you want is a knife that falls apart in the middle of a project or isn’t up to scratch.

Best Overall

Klein Tools Folding Utility Knife

This innovative knife features a handy lock-back function and a strong aluminium handle with fold-out blade housing. The fixed blade can be easily changed out using the patented snap lock and sliding mechanism.

The Best Utility Knife Australia – Buyer’s Guide

Utility knives really are the workhorse of the toolbox, and thanks to advances in blade technology, we’re no longer stuck with blades that become blunt too quickly or snap off at inconvenient times. But what type of utility knife do you need? There are a few things to consider.

Types of Knives

an old & a new orange and black utility knives separated by a tape measure on a table

1. Retractable Utility Knives – An excellent general-purpose knife suited for both home and work. This knife is designed with a blade that retracts back into the protective housing, allowing complete control over the cutting blade’s depth, not to mention its also an excellent safety feature.

The blade is moved in and out of the protective housing by using the slider or button on the knife and can generally be adjusted into different positions, so you have the perfect blade depth for the job at hand. The only thing to consider with this style of knife is how the big job will be or how long you’ll be cutting for because you generally need to hold your finger down on the button or slider to keep the blade in position.

2. Fixed Blade Utility Knives – A utility knife with a fixed blade means the blade will be locked into one position and won’t automatically retract when you remove your finger from the button or slider. These knives are great for heavy-duty jobs requiring large amounts of cutting or cutting through thick and demanding materials.

These knives are generally considered more stable and can be used with a wider variety of blades for different applications. However, storing this type of utility knife is of the utmost importance because the blade doesn’t automatically retract.

black & white photo of man holding a utility knife

3. Breakaway Blade Utility Knives – This type of utility knife contains blades that are scored so they can be quickly snapped off as they become blunt or covered in materials such as adhesives.

These blades can be used on either fixed or retractable knives, meaning they may not automatically retract, so safe storage is essential.

Knowing what is the best kitchen utility knife can help you find the right one for your kitchen.

These blades are designed for light to medium jobs where the blade blunts quickly. Instead of changing the whole blade, you can snap part of it off and keep working.

The Top Four Best Utility Knives

Image Name
Best Overall Best Overall Klein Tools Folding Utility Knife
see price on amazon
Scotch Precision Titanium Utility Knife
see price on amazon
FC Folding Heavy Duty Utility Knife
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Fiskars Pro Utility Knife
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Now that we’ve covered the basics of utility knives and blades, let’s get stuck into the review of the best utility knife.

1. Klein Tools Folding Utility Knife – Best Overall

Why we love it::

  • The best folding utility knife is a carefully considered combination of safety features, performance, durability and usability, and this knife ticks all of those boxes.

    Perfect for a work site or home workshop alike, this knife will have you cutting down carpet, vinyl, cardboard or ropes in no time. Plus, this knife also folds down with the touch of a button to ensure safe handling and compact size when not in use.

You can always rely on Klein Tools to have the right solution for any job, and this utility knife is no different.

This innovative knife features a handy lock-back function and a strong aluminum handle with fold-out blade housing. The fixed blade can be easily changed out using the patented snap lock and sliding mechanism. Plus, the high-quality, triple-ground blades ensure performance and longevity.

We love the wire stripping notch on this knife. It’s a unique feature and will come in handy for electricians or professionals working with wires or cables. It also has a belt clip so it can be easily carried around a worksite.

2. Scotch Precision Titanium Utility Knife

Why we love it:

  • Whether you’re an artist, teacher or undertaking a big craft project, this utility knife is perfect for intricate and delicate work that requires more finesse than an ordinary box cutter knife can provide.

    The titanium-coated blade lasts up to three times longer than an ordinary stainless-steel blade, plus the titanium coating is corrosion resistant and has an excellent strength-to-density ratio, meaning it’s also lightweight [1].

Scotch is a long-established stationery brand with a reputation for producing high-quality products for all sorts of projects, and it’s easy to see that this utility knife deserves the 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on

The Scotch Precision Titanium Utility Knife is ideal for any art or craft project. It features titanium coated snap away blades, which are great for cutting thick materials such as foam, cardboards, string and rope. The angled blades are great for precision cutting, and it also features a blade snapper cap to safely and efficiently discard the blunt blade without risking injury.

The non-slip handle is comfortable and reduces hand strain during prolonged work, and the click and lock feature holds the blade in a fixed position when cutting and avoids accidental snapping. The blade easily retracts back into the casing when not in use.

3. FC Folding Heavy Duty Utility Knife

Why we love it:

  •  If you need a high-performance, heavy-duty utility knife that makes easy work of demanding jobs, then this knife is the right one for you.

    It folds down to an impressive 4.3 inches and even comes with a knife holster. We especially like the wood accent trim on the handle; it certainly gives the knife a premium look at a very affordable price.

This lightweight and durable utility knife has been crafted out of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, and it features an anti-slip grip for added safety. Plus, the handle can even double as a clip, so you fasten the knife to your tool belt.

This knife is equipped with razor-sharp carbon steel blades and is great for a range of tasks, from opening boxes to slicing carpet and metal sheets. The knife also comes with ten additional utility blades.

Are you worried about changing out sharp razor blades? Don’t be. This knife has an easy access button for super quick blade changes without any additional tools. Another great feature is the one-button lock-back design which locks the blade into place to avoid any slips or mishaps during cutting.

4. Fiskars Pro Utility Knife

Why we love it:

  • The perfect knife to have in the home toolkit, it will easily get any job done without compromising on performance or safety.

The Fiskars Pro Snap-off Utility Knife features a front-loading blade change with no loose parts, making blade changes more straightforward and quicker. The built-in segment snapper easily snaps old blunt blades and captures them, leaving no mess or need to worry about stray blades.

This knife also features the CarbonMax™ blades that stay sharper up to 24x longer, meaning you’ll get more use out of a blade before having to replace it. The full metal housing means it’s incredibly durable and has been tested to withstand drops and impacts without damaging the knife. The ergonomic and innovative design of the grip ensures ease of use and reduces hand fatigue.

The verdict:

The best utility knife is the Klein Tools Folding Utility Knife for its variety of functions, safety features and overall performance. This knife is an excellent option for professionals, however, even if you’re just looking to replace your old worn-out utility knife at home this will do the trick nicely.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, the Scotch Precision Titanium Utility Knife is a great choice. However, this knife is best suited to smaller jobs that don’t require the strength of a larger knife.


They are essentially the same thing; however utility knives tend to have more functions and are designed to be used in a professional environment due to their sturdy construction and sharper blades.

Utility knives can be used to cut paper, cardboard, plasterboard, vinyl, carpet or rope, amongst many other things. Some utility knives have a wire stripping notch as well, making them useful for electricians.

·   What the handle is made from, generally metal is the strongest material

·   Ergonomic handle

·   Easy blade change mechanism

·   Whether it requires specialty blades

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