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Best Tool Boxes in Australia (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

Tool boxes are an important accessory for anyone who has a tool collection. Do you have all of your tools thrown in an old bucket, tucked away in a drawer or arranged haphazardly on your garage wall? Struggle to find exactly the tool you need for the job?

Not only do toolboxes keep your tools safe and clean when they are not in use, but they help you to ensure that your workspace is clear and ready to use whenever you have a job to do. 

We are here to help you with finding the best tool boxes (1) Australia – take a look at our buyer’s guide and then check out the suggested options that you can buy.

Best Overall

Grip Aluminium Tool Box

If you are willing to spend a bit more and want to get the best solution for your needs then the Grip Aluminium Tool Box is sure to be a great purchase. It’s made from aluminium and comes with a hasp locking system so that you can feel confident but your tools will always stay safe.

Reviews of the Best Tool Containers

Now you know what you are looking for, why not check out of top four favourite tool boxes so that you can get organised sooner than ever!

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Grip Aluminium Tool Box
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget Metabo MetaLoc Small Tool Case
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Milwaukee 48228442 PACKOUT Tool Box
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Kincrome Tray Cantilever Tool Box
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How to Find the Best Tool Chest in Australia?

No matter whether you have one or one hundred tools, you are sure to need some kind of storage system to help you keep your belongings safe and secure. Before you purchase a new tool box, why not check out our top tips and learn what you should look for from your new storage solution.

Think About Materials

One of the main reasons to store tools is to feel confident that they are safe when they are not in use. The best way to do that is to choose a toolbox that is made from tough materials such as steel, aluminium or heavy-duty polymer.

Husky connect vs milwaukee packout. Which is better?

Be careful that you don’t end up purchasing a strong solution, only to find that it is too heavy to carry, look at the weight of the toolbox to help your selection.

Pick the Right Design

In addition to getting the right materials, you will also need to think about finding a solution that has the right design for your needs. Cantilever tool boxes are great for small tool collections but stackable drawers are best for larger collections.

You will also need to think about portability and whether your new tool box is the right size for your vehicle and whether it comes with carrying handles and security locks so that you don’t sustain any damage to your tools when they are being transported.

Open tool box on a wooden floor

Understand Your Storage Needs

There is nothing worse than buying a storage solution to find that you can’t fit everything that you need. Before you buy a new tool box, work out what you need to store in it and think about whether you will be adding to your tool collection with anything that also needs to be stored.

Many people choose stackable storage solutions that can grow with their needs – making it easier to invest in what you need now and then add to it in the future.

Check the Load Capacity

Each tool box will come with a load capacity guide that needs to be adhered to. The reason for this is that your new tool storage will be at risk of breaking or getting damaged if you overfill it. Most small tool boxes come with a maximum load of 5kg but larger, better quality options can offer up to 50kg of storage weight.

1. Grip Aluminium Tool Box (Best Overall)


If you are willing to spend a bit more and want to get the best solution for your needs then the Grip  Aluminium Tool Box is sure to be a great purchase. It’s made from aluminium and comes with a hasp locking system so that you can feel confident but your tools will always stay safe.

We also love it because it weighs just 3.5kg, giving you a lightweight option that is easy to move. Inside the box, you will find a pullout component that gives you space to store smaller items without the need for stacking things on top of each other.

This box is designed for serious tool owners who want a professional look when storing tools. At 575mm long, 245mm wide and 220mm high, you can look forward to storing your essential kit in one place.

2. Metabo MetaLoc Small Tool Case (Best on a Budget)


If you are looking for a small tool case that is robust and secure, the Metabo MetaLoc Small Tool Case may be the best option. This budget-friendly box boasts a stackable design, wide carrying handle and inserts that can be moved to create the ideal storage solution.

This box has been designed to offer the best Space-saving solution, and it comes with a range of inserts that you can use to store any accessories or small parts ready for your next job. We love that it can be stored anywhere, meaning that you don’t need to have a tool shed to be able to keep your tools safe.

If you want to add to your collection then you can purchase more of these boxes, knowing that they will stack securely on top of each other and can be carried from place to place.

If you need a larger storage solution for your tools then the Milwaukee 48228442 PACKOUT Tool Box is well worth your time. It comes with two storage drawers that are split into separate sections to help you get the right tool with the least fuss.

It is part of a larger range of Milwaukee Packout Tool Boxes, meaning that you can add to your purchase and know that each box will stack securely on top of the other. Each box comes with front opening drawers and they are made from heavy-duty polymer to stop the risk of breakage when on the road.

Each drawer can take up to 11kg of tools and there is a locking bar that works to secure the drawers shut and stops them from emptying even if the drawers fall or are tipped over.

If you are a traditionalist at heart then why not opt for the Kincrome Tray Cantilever Tool Box? Not only does it look like a traditional toolbox but it is made from steel and is virtually indestructible.

You can store your larger tools in the bottom section and use the cantilever tray for smaller tools and accessories, giving you access to the things you need without any problems.

The tool box is secured with a hasp lock at the front, giving you the freedom to add your own padlock for extra security when you are out and about. It’s a simple design that is made from high-quality materials – perfect for any tools you need to store.

The Verdict – Best Tool Box

Our top choice has to be the Grip Aluminium Tool Box as it is sturdy, safe and comes with a secure licking system. It’s big enough to store your essential items and weighs just 3.5kg when empty. We love it and highly recommend it!

However, if you are looking for a cheaper or smaller option, the Metabo MetaLoc SmallTool Case could also work for you. It’s stackable, made from highly durable materials and is comfy to carry – perfect for when you need to take one or tools with you on a job.

Spending your cash on a new tool box system may leave you feeling stressed, but when you find the ideal solution you are sure to be impressed. Take a look at some questions that we get asked about tool boxes on a regular basis – giving you the best information before you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions – Tool Containers

Stackable tool boxes are known for being an expensive option as they offer greater flexibility and can be organised to fit your specific needs. In fact, when you invest in a pricey modular tool storage system you can be sure that it will grow with you as your tool collection grows. There are cheaper options to choose from but if you go too cheap then you may end up with a storage solution (2) that is flimsy and easily broken.

Portable tool trollies are a great idea for anyone that needs to lug their equipment around from place to place. The good news is that there is a wide range of sizes to choose from when you look into tool trollies, meaning that you are sure to find one that will fit into your car with ease.

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