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The Best TIG Welder in Australia (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

Are you a professional or hobby welder that needs to find a new TIG welder? Searching for the perfect balance of performance versus budget for either home or professional use?

Rather than spending your time scouring the internet and getting confused over specifications, take a look at our buyer’s guide to find out just what you should be looking for. We are here to help you find the best TIG welder in Australia – read on to find out what you need to know.

Best Overall

Unimig KUMJRRW200CA TIG Inverter Welder

Unimig KUMJRRW200CA TIG Inverter Welder comes pretty close! Not only does it come with IGBT technology, but it has been built to last, giving you total dependability when you need it the most.

The Best TIG Welder Reviews Australia

Are you ready to purchase but don’t know which machine to select? We have narrowed our preferences down to four great options and have shared the details of each below.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Unimig KUMJRRW200CA TIG Inverter Welder
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget Unimig PK11041 TIG Welder Kit
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Unimig PK11060 TIG Inverter Welding Kit
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Unimig PK11057 TIG Welder Kit
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How to Choose the Best TIG Welder in Australia?

Finding the best TIG welder doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out process, especially with our help! Take a look at our detailed buyer’s guide to give you an idea of what you need to be looking for and then check out our top choices so that you can purchase the best solution the first time you try.

What is TIG Welding?

TIG welding is also known as Tungsten Inert Gas welding. The weld is produced using non-consumable tungsten and differs from MIG welding in that tungsten rods (1) are used to weld as opposed to wire. 

The Materials a TIG Welder Can Work With

The great thing about TIG welding is that you can weld more alloys and metals than with any other welding, making it more versatile. The main materials used in TIG welding include steel, stainless steel, copper, gold, magnesium, bronze and brass.

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Cheap TIG Welder or More Expensive?

When picking out your TIG welder, you may find yourself restricted to a certain budget. In reality, the more you can afford to pay, the better the TIG welder you will end up with. However, there is little point in investing large sums of cash into a TIG welding machine if you are not going to be using it on a regular basis. The best way to choose is to balance the features you want with the price, going for a mid-range solution that offers everything you need.

Choosing Between a Large or Small TIG Welder

Size isn’t always the most important consideration when it comes to TIG welders but getting a device that suits your needs is. Take the time to think about housing your new machine and work out how much space you can dedicate to it. 

A man with protective gear welding with blue sparks coming from the metal

You will also need to factor in space off the floor to keep your machine in the best condition, so picking an option that you can lift and move is also going to be important. As with most advice, opting for the smallest, cheapest model may result in disappointment, but don’t feel pressured into buying the largest, high-spec option either – always go back to what you will use it for and what you need.

Portable TIG Welder Vs Immobile TIG Welder

Deciding between a TIG welder that is designed to be transported and one that isn’t is simple. All you need to do is work out whether you have a dedicated space to store and use it or if you will need to move it around when completing jobs. If you are planning to set it up in your workshop then there is no need to seek out a portable option.

Single or 3-Phase Model?

If you aren’t sure whether to go for a single or 3-phase welding machine then a 3-phase will offer greater efficiency. 3-phase machines simply offer three times the amount of power than a single phase, giving you higher amperage to work with thicker materials.

Finding a near-perfect solution seems impossible, but we think that the Unimig KUMJRRW200CA TIG Inverter Welder comes pretty close! Not only does it come with IGBT technology, but it has been built to last, giving you total dependability when you need it the most.

You can weld a wide range of materials with this device and the Lift Arc function works hard to help you get the best TIG welds you have ever achieved. In addition to being our best overall, this machine is fully portable, giving you the freedom to take it with you whenever you have a job to get done.

It’s 6.5kg and offers up to 200 amps of power when you use it. It also boasts the coveted IP21S rating, giving you the peace of mind that it is safe for you to use and safe for the environment too. This kit includes the machine, a carry bag, arc lead and an earth lead, making it well worth your investment.

This ac tig welder is one of the best overall choices on our list and that’s saying something since the competition it’s really fierce and made of reputable brands. We deemed it one of the best based on its features and what it can provide for the user of this tool. Don’t you agree?

2. Unimig PK11041 TIG Welder Kit (Best on a Budget)


When you want to stretch your budget as far as it can go then the Unimig PK11041 TIG Welder Kit is a great choice. Not only does the kit come with a TIG welder but there are other great items included to help get you started. A welding helmet (2), welding glove, wire brush and chipping hammer are all included too!

This device is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for moving around from job to job. However, it is better suited to a hobbyist rather than a professional welder, as constant use would see it needing replacement soon after purchasing. If you are planning on using it only on rare occasions then it really is worth considering.

Your safety is important and investing in a kit that offers safety gear included will help you avoid accidents or issues from the get-go. The device also has a range of internal safety features that have been designed to help you weld safely every time you turn it on.

Another great option, but a bit pricier, is the Unimig PK11060 TIG Inverter Welding Kit. This kit is designed to tick all your boxes, helping you to get up and running with your welding in next to no time at all.

The kit includes the welder, a welding helmet, a torch starter kit, welding gloves, stainless steel TIG rods and aluminium TIG rods. The machine provides a welding range of 10-200 amps and the machine weighs in at 10kg.

You also get access to the most up-to-date inverter technology as well as a whole host of safety features that will kick in when you need them the most. If you want something that will last and your budget can stretch, then this is it.

Our last product is the Unimig PK11057 TIG Welder Kit that comes with a TIG welder, welding helmet, electrodes, gloves and chipping hammer, ready to cover all your welding needs. It also comes with Arc Force to help boost the current and stop your electrodes from extinguishing as well as IGBT inverter technology. 

It works well even with variable supplies of power and can be powered using a generator that has at least 9 KVA. It offers a hot start and has outstanding arc stability no matter which electrodes you are using. This dc tig welder is going to offer you a great value for your money as well making it a really desirable choice among professionals and beginners alike.

It weighs just shy of 5kg and puts out up to 180 Amps, making it a powerful option that will help you get the precision welds you are looking for. This kit is great value and well worth considering as your next TIG welder machine.

The Verdict – TIG Welder Reviews

Picking out our number one pick was a challenge and before we share it with you, we’d like to give an honourable mention to the Unimig PK11041 TIG Welder Kit. This kit is perfect for beginners, hobbyists or sporadic users and comes with all the gear you need to get started. It’s also great for those with lower budgets, getting you the kit you need for less than other competing models.

Our favourite overall is the Unimig KUMJRRW200CA TIG Inverter Welder, a welding kit that is powerful, portable and produces exceptional results every time. We love that it has IGBT technology and that it offers 200 amps for you to work with. Ultimately, if you want to get the best TIG welder, this is the model to choose.

We are always on hand to help when you are looking for advice and support surrounding TIG welders. We’ve shared the most commonly asked questions below in an attempt to support your needs but if you can’t find the answer you need listed here then just connect with us and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions – Choosing a TIG Welder

High-frequency TIG welders offer the ability to get a tighter and cleaner finish when welding. It is achieved by increasing the polarity, helping you to get better depths of penetration without balling up your tungsten. The higher the frequency used, the tighter the joints and the lower the risk of using more filler metal than needed.

Pulse welding is the process of welding that uses a high and low current in an alternate pattern. It helps you to avoid spatter when you are working and lowers the temperature that you need to work at. The good thing about pulse welding is that it gives you the ability to work with thin and thick metals without experiencing any burning.

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