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Best Right Angle Drill Attachment Australia [Top 4 Picks 2023 ]

Just as the name suggests, a right-angle drill attachment allows you to work at a 90° angle to increase the versatility of your drill. These attachments allow you to drill between joists and reach wall studs, plus access tight corners and small spaces easily and efficiently.

Whether you’re a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or DIY enthusiast, having the best right-angle drill attachment will allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Best Overall

Bosch IXO Angle Screw Adapter

Bosh’s right angle drill adapter has managed to score a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on and has been popular enough to be sold more than 4700 times.

Best Right Angle Drill Attachment Australia – Buying Guide

Wondering when would you use a right angle drill? These drill attachments were originally designed for professionals, but they are slowly filtering into the home toolkit because they are so useful. We’ve reviewed the top four right angle drill bit attachments and explored the features and benefits that you should consider before buying.

Man showing Performance of Bosch lX0 Angle Screw Adapter

Type of 90 degree drill attachments

There are two main types of right-angle drill adapters, flexible and rigid. Flexible right-angle attachments are usually made from a metal casing and have a magnetic bit grip, these attachments can easily reach the most difficult of places and have a wide variety of uses, however, they aren’t suitable for self-tapping screws. The rigid attachment is usually made from steel and usually has a magnetic and cam bit grip, it also has a sturdier chuck and is best suited to professional use [1].

man using Bosch's right angle drill to tight a screw

Size and Weight

Consider how small the areas are that you’ll be working in and weigh this up against the size of the right-angle drill attachment you’re considering.

Reading our review for the Dewalt right angle drill attachment – bunnings will help you know its features & more.

There are some really compact models on the market that offer some advantages such as a lighter weight for ease of handling, plus it can be used in a larger range of areas.

best right angle attachment 1-10mm


If you’re buying a right angle drill attachment it’s so important to double-check that it’s compatible with your existing drill.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Bosch IXO Angle Screw Adapter
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Dewalt Extreme Right Angle Flexible Screwdriving Shaft
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EZONEDEAL Right Angle Screwdriver
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Makita DA4000LR 710W 13mm (1/2″) Angle Drill
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Best Right Angle Drill Attachment Australia – Reviews

After looking at a number of different right angle drill attachments we’ve found the top four on the market, with options ranging from Makita to Bosch, there’s sure to be just the right attachment for you.

1. Bosch IXO Angle Screw Adapter – Best Overall

Why we love it:

  • The right 90-degree drill attachment allows smooth access to fitting screws in corners and narrow gaps with its curved design. Due to this, it provides an easy and stress-free assembly experience and makes quick work of any small drilling projects at home.

Founded in 1886, Bosch is yet another top-performing multinational company hard at work to provide quality products that spark enthusiasm and improve the quality of life for its consumers.

Bosh’s right-angle drill adapter has managed to score a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on and has been popular enough to be sold more than 4700 times.

Compatible with the 4th, 5th, and 6th gen of IXOs, the Bosh angle drill bit is a super handy and easy-to-use product. The eight-angle settings ensure you reach most of the narrow and tight places with ease.

The minimalist design of this product allows you to screw as close as possible to the perpendicular surface. It quickly does what it is supposed to do and is super robust while doing it.

The adjustable torque head utilizes a clever clutch mechanism that ensures the screw is only driven as far/hard as you desire. The right angle drill chuck itself is well made and easy to attach.

2. Dewalt Extreme Right Angle Flexible Screwdriving Shaft

Why we love it:

  • The Dewalt extreme right angle shaft is a handy multi-purpose accessory that does a great job of driving inaccessible screws with force and impact. It’s really robust and provides a long service life. It can easily be considered a bargain gave the wide range of applications and environments it can perform within.

DeWalt has always been a top contender for electric tools and has a well-maintained reputation of trust and reliability among its customers. It was founded back in 1922 and has cemented itself as the industry standard since then.

This angle drill bit has continued to cement the brand’s strong reputation for excellence by scoring a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on

Dewalt’s extreme right-angle shaft eliminates the need for having a different angle drill chuck for every situation as its flexible design allows it to reach any angle seamlessly. The ratchets can be adjusted to be optimized for tight spaces.

The shaft has a built-in side handle that provides leverage to its flexible body and supports it during intensive drilling. This attachment is a quality piece of kit and lasts, unlike other cheap models. The screwdriver shaft features a length of 38 cm (approx.) and is compatible with any ¼ internal hex impact screwdrivers. The loading head supports fast and easy bit changes, unlike a regular right angle drill adapter. This unit is much more practical and diverse.

3. EZONEDEAL Right Angle Screwdriver

Why we love it:

  • The perfect tool for hard-to-reach places. The 105o design allows it to reach tight spaces much more accessible than just a standard 90-degree drill attachment. It manages to be super sturdy and lightweight simultaneously and is perfect for keeping for an extended period.

EzoneDeal works hard to supply high-quality products that are also affordable and have been maintaining their reputation for customer satisfaction since their inception in 2015. 

It is no stretch to say that their right-angle drill adapter manages to keep their customer satisfaction going with a 5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon.

The 90-degree drill bit attachment enables it to reach tight spaces effectively and efficiently, and the Vanadium chrome steel construction ensures that it’ll last the distance. It has two operating modes; the small 105 angle drill attachment is best for small and hard-to-reach spaces, whereas the long 105 angle drill attachment can be used to extend even further into a narrow space.

The screwdriver itself is very smooth and easy to use with many applications, including (but not limited to) hand use, electric drills, electric screwdrivers, and handles. The hexagon handle boasts a ¼ inch diameter with a total tool length of 13 cm for accessibility.

The suitable angle drill chuck utilizes a powerful magnet that ensures that screws won’t fall off during the drilling process. The performance of this tool allows it to reach torque of 100in/lbs on 400 rpm with ease.

4. Makita DA4000LR 710W 13mm (1/2″) Angle Drill

Why we love it:

  • The drill itself is super easy to turn over for speed changes and has an ergonomic grip with a very soft and grippy feel. The angled gears are made to be super robust and durable to get maximum performance. The DA4000LR angle drill provides quality power in a durable package.

Makita has been manufacturing quality power tools for the past 48 years. Over the course of their history, Makita has earned fame for making power tools with excellent quality and reliability.

The quality of their products has developed a deep level of trust between Makita and its customers. The DA4000LR is a great right-angle drill that continues to deliver high customer satisfaction.

The Makita right angle drill attachment boasts a continuous rating input of 710 Watts and can drill its way through most materials with ease. It has two modes of rotation in which the rotations per minute can go up to 900 on Hi mode and 400 on Lo mode.

It weighs around 4kg with a length of 2.5 meters and provides excellent performance compared to its competitors. The durability also ensures that you get your money’s worth.

The Verdict

After going through the list we’ve come to the conclusion that the Bosch IXO Angle Screw Adapter scored way above the rest due to its affordable price and high-quality build. This is a brand with a long history that we know and trust to deliver the goods. 
The runner-up is the Dewalt Extreme Right Angle Flexible Screwdriving Shaft for its wide variety of uses, long service life, and robust build. Another excellent option for use around the home.


This tool attaches to a standard drill and turns it into a right-angle drill. It usually has a shank that is secured into the drill chuck. The head has a chuck that holds screwdriver or drill bits [2].

It is primarily used when you need to reach small and difficult spaces where a regular drill won’t fit. The attachment allows you to drill on a 90-degree angle with ease [3].

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