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Best Ratchet Spanners in Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

Finding the best ratchet spanners in Australia is essential whether you’re a DIYer or professional working on a mechanical or construction project. Many tasks involve using spanners, but a ratchet spanner set will take a lot of the hard work out of the equation.

In this buyer’s guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these handy tools.

Best Overall

Supatool S030005 7 Piece Metric Combination Ratcher Spanner Set

Do you need several ratcheting spanners in different sizes but at an affordable price? This Supatool kit will be an ideal option. The seven pieces in this kit are designed for multifunctional use.

How Do You Find The Best Ratchet Spanners?

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Supatool S030005 7 Piece Metric Combination Ratcher Spanner Set
  • Chrome plated
  • 7 combination spanners
  • Combination ratchet and open end
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget GearWrench 9mm Combination Ratchet Spanner
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Combination open ended ratchet spanner
  • Moves fasteners in just 5 degrees of movement
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Best for Professional Use Best for Professional Use GearWrench 9902D 16 Piece Metric Flex Head Combination Ratchet Spanner Set
  • 2100 joules protection
  • Length of cord – 6 feet
  • 12 standard AC outlets, 1 USB C port and 4 USB A ports
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What should you look out for when choosing between the different ratchet spanners on the market? Here are a few features and considerations to keep in mind when you’re shopping around.

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Buying A Set?

You can buy ratchet ring spanners singly or in a set. If you’re likely to need them in different sizes or for different purposes, a set could be the best investment for you.  If you’re going to choose a set, you need to decide how many spanners you require. Some sets have just a few, perhaps 5. Others have over 20 to choose from.


Of course, the finish of your spanner will have an effect on how nice it looks. However, that isn’t the true purpose of a finish. It should offer optimal protection from corrosion and damage too.

man cleaning a ratchet spanner on a white towel

There are various finishes to choose from:

  • Polished chrome – these are common and visually attractive. They’re also fairly durable and offer good protection from corrosion and rust. On the downside, this finish can make spanners slippery if oil or water gets on them.
  • Black oxide (1) – this is a more affordable finish. It offers good protection from chipping and scratches but not so much from corrosion and rust.
  • Nickel – this is one of the least common finishes. It isn’t especially durable and can chip and scratch easily. It is quite an affordable choice though.


If you’re using your spanner in a tight location with minimal room for turning the wrench, the ratchet must engage immediately when you begin turning. You need at least 72 teeth for this to occur. If possible, a 90 tooth spanner is best.

Our Ratcheting Spanner Reviews

Here, we bring you our top three ratcheting spanner picks for this year.

1. Supatool S030005 7 Piece Metric Combination Ratchet Spanner Set– Best Overall


  • Chrome plated

  • 7 combination spanners
  • Combination ratchet and open-end

Do you need several ratcheting spanners in different sizes but at an affordable price? This Supatool kit will be an ideal option.

The seven pieces in this kit are designed for multifunctional use. They are double-ended and offer a combination of open-ended spanners and ratcheting rings. The latter is perfect for use in any tight and confined working area. 

The seven sizes in this kit are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm, and 19mm. This ensures that there is a spanner in the kit to suit a wide range of needs. 

Drop forged, heat treated and chrome plated, these are strong and robust tools. They are corrosion and rust-resistant and will last for many years thanks to their strong construction.

If you need a good all-round ratchet spanner set, this Supatool kit belongs in your workshop!

2. GearWrench 9mm Combination Ratchet Spanner – Best On A Budget


  • Polished chrome finish

  • Combination open-ended ratchet spanner 
  • Moves fasteners in just 5 degrees of movement

Do you only need a basic ratcheting spanner? Then this GearWrench tool will suit your needs.

If you just want to buy a single ratcheting spanner, this is a great choice. Extremely affordable yet without compromising on quality, this tool will get the job done easily. 

As an “original patented ratcheting wrench,” it offers both a standard and ratcheting end for great flexibility. It also provides off-corner loading to improve the grip and reduce fastener rounding. 

The finish is polished chrome for excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. It also looks stylish and bright in your toolbox. 

Thanks to the well-designed ratcheting box end, only 5 degrees of movement is needed to move a fastener, making this a great option in tight spaces.

Low priced and yet high performing, this is the tool for anyone on a budget.

3. GearWrench 9902D 16 Piece Metric Flex Head Combination Ratchet Spanner Set – Best For Professional Use


  • Length of cord – 6 feet

  • 2100 joules protection
  • 12 standard AC outlets, 1 USB C port and 4 USB A ports

If you’re a professional who needs an outstanding and comprehensive ratcheting spanner set, this GearWrench kit won’t disappoint. 

Made by a reliable brand, these strong and robust ratcheting spanners are ideal for use in the professional, workshop, or garage. 

With their 72 teeth in their ratcheting box end, you only need to move as little as 5 degrees to move the fasteners with ease. Thanks to the off-corner loading, you can also enjoy a better grip as well as reduced fastener rounding. 

There are knurled side beams as an indicator for your ratcheting direction, while the flexible head makes these even more convenient to use.

Even better, this kit contains no less than 16 tools of different sizes. That means whether you’re looking for short or long ratchet spanners, you’ll be spoiled for choice with this kit. 

If you’re a professional who needs high-quality tools to suit a range of tasks, this GearWrench kit will fit the bill perfectly.

The Verdict – Which Is The Best Ratchet Spanner In Australia?

All three of the options that we’ve recommended here are great choices depending on your needs. However, overall, we think that the Supatool kit is the best choice for most needs. 

Coming as a kit of no less than 7 ratcheting spanners, there is sure to be a tool here to suit every requirement. Furthermore, they are strong and built to last. Their polished chrome coating is resistant to corrosion and rust so they will last a long time in your workshop.

Ratcheting Spanner FAQs

A ratcheting spanner uses a gear and pawl mechanism(2) which creates the ratcheting motion one way while also allowing free spinning of the wrench in the other direction. 

Once the spanner is turned, the pawl will lock onto every tooth in the gear. This creases a very high level of toque inside the socket. 

When you get to your desired arc limit, it’s possible to return easily to your initial position with no loss of torque and with no need to release the fastener.

You don’t technically need to buy a ratchet spanner if you have a regular spanner in your toolkit. However, it can make your life a lot easier. Its ratchet feature enables you to simply turn the bolt by a few degrees before returning to the starting point with no need to remove the spanner or undo your work.

Also, the combination box and open head design and thin beam give this design even greater versatility. Essentially, a ratcheting spanner can do exactly what your existing spanner does but more efficiently. It is, therefore, the best option if you want to remove fasteners at a higher speed.

Sockets and ratcheting spanners perform similar functions. However, a socket may be switched on just one handle. A ratchet spanner, on the other hand, is just one size. 

Socket spanners may also experience clearance issues when working in tight spaces. Ratchet spanners, meanwhile, have a thinner design. This allows them to get into even awkward spaces while requiring a minimal amount of clearance.

If you use a combination spanner, you have to align it with the fastener or bolt and turn it before disengaging. This returns the spanner to the starting point. You then have to put the end back on the fastener and turn it once more. 

If you’re a professional, you may be able to do this fairly quickly. But it can still be difficult to carry out the task quickly if the fastener is difficult to see or in a tricky location.

A ratcheting spanner means you only need to find the bolt once. After attaching the ratcheting spanner head it will stay there until you’ve completed the job.

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