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Best Raised Garden Beds Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

Looking to grow your own organic vegetables for the freshest produce? Need a raised bed for growing flowers to brighten up your garden? Raised garden beds are a great way to make your garden more productive while reducing the amount of garden pests that cause problems and saving the pressure on your back while you work. 

However, with so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to work out which option will work the best for your outdoor space. Our buyers guide and recommended product list is here to help and will give you relevant information that will help you to find the right solution. Check it out now.

Best Overall

Green Fingers Garden Bed

If you want a retro look that is on trend right now then the Green Fingers Garden Bed is perfect. We love it because it is made from galvanised steel, is lightweight and creates a slim oval planter that will fit in most outdoor spaces.

Raised Garden Beds Reviews

Now you know the best things to consider when you are buying a new raised bed, why not check out some of our favourite products and invest in one of them? Check them out now!

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Green Fingers Garden Bed
Best on a budget Best on a budget UNHO Raised Bed
LUVODI Wooden Tiered Raised Garden Bed
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VidaXL Garden Raised Bed
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Best Raised Garden Beds – Buyers Guide

From cheap raised garden beds to more expensive, there are options to suit every budget. However, finding the right one for your needs depends on you having a good understanding of what it on offer. Our buyers guide aims to educate you on the key factors that you need to consider before you make your purchase – read it and get ready to buy the best raised garden beds for your needs.

Why Raised Beds are Great

Raised beds have been a popular choice for many years as gardeners want to be able to get the best results without damaging their health. In addition, many gardeners find that installing a raised bed gives them the ability to avoid common pests (1) and bugs that can destroy a plant before you’ve even had the chance to enjoy it.

Finally, raised beds add a focal point to any garden and can help you to create the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Picking the Best Material

From steel and plastic to wooden raised garden beds, there are plenty of materials being used to create these garden accessories. Choosing the right material for your needs will depend on what appeals the most to you and which works the best. Lighter materials like plastic can be easier to build and install but heavier choices like wood or steel can last for much longer. 

2 wooden raised beds in a garden outside a home

Choosing the Shape

From round raised garden beds to square or rectangular, choosing the best shape for your garden depends on the look you want to create and the space you have available. It’s also a good idea to think in terms of maintenance and select a bed that you can maintain without hurting your back (2) and be able to access the paths with ease. 

Filling the Beds

Once you have your chosen raised beds in place, it’s time to think about filing them up. Most avid gardeners will mix things like compost, top soil and sharp sand to create a good draining system that plants can grow in. It’s also important to think about feeding the ground with nutrients so that your new seeds or plug plants get the best start in life.

1. Green Fingers Garden Bed (Best Overall)


If you want a retro look that is on trend right now then the Green Fingers Garden Bed is perfect. We love it because it is made from galvanised steel, is lightweight and creates a slim oval planter that will fit in most outdoor spaces. The dimensions of this bed are 240 x 80 x 42 cm, making it a deep bed that will be ideal for growing root vegetables that need lots of space.

It has been covered with epoxy coating to ensure that the weather does not damage the unit and it is simple to put together and install. The kit comes with all the fittings you need to get it up and running, and with just 8 pieces of steel to fit together, you can be enjoying your newly built raised bed in next to no time at all!

2. UNHO Raised Bed (Best on a Budget)


If you are keen to get your raised beds in and want a budget-friendly, wooden option then the UNHO Raised Bed is worth checking out. It measures 106 x 106 x 20 cm and stands flat on the floor, ready to fill. If you want to try the no-dig method then this option is ideal as you can simply build it, place it down and then fill it with your chosen mix of earth and other items. 

The total volume of this raised bed is 128L, making it great to grow fresh vegetables or salad when you want them the most. Plus, you can buy multiples of this bed to create a complete raised bed garden design that suits your needs without having to invest in expensive timbers or sleepers.

If you want a compact growing solution that offers both deep planting sections and more shallow areas then the LUVODI Wooden Tiered Raised Garden Bed is the best choice. It is made from quality wood and has been designed to offer a stair-style look. Interestingly, you can separate each bed and plant them independently or stack them to create different heights and depths.

It is an ideal solution for anyone that has a little bit of space that they want to fill or when you want to grow your own but don’t want to end up with gluts of food that will end up in the composter. These beds are made from fir wood and have not had any treatments added to them, making them safe to grow crops in without worrying that you may pass on harmful chemicals through your food.

If you want to install raised beds but want a modern look then the VidaXL Garden Raised Bed kits are a great choice. They are made from steel and have been coated in black to give a statement look. They come in a huge range of sizes and offer deep planting for anything that needs space to set down strong roots. 

The kit arrives flat packed, and you will need to assemble it yourself before you can use it but it comes with great instructions and so you’ll soon have it up and running. This planter is not only good for gardens, but it can also be used on patio areas as well as balconies, helping you to get plants to the places you want them to be.

The Verdict – Best Raised Garden Beds Australia

Our favourite raised bed option is the Green Fingers Garden Bed that is oval shaped and deep enough to grow root vegetables with ease. It’s easy to install and treated to last, making it a great investment when you want to get your gardening producing fruit, vegetables and herbs.

If simple is more your style then the UNHO Raised Bed is also a fantastic choice. We love how quick and easy it is to install and how long the wood can last, giving you a durable and versatile planting solution. Plus, as it is so cost-effective, you can get a few at a time and create a large planting area.

Rather than investing in the wrong raised beds for your needs, take a moment to read our frequently asked questions and get some great pointers that will help you choose the ideal solution.

Frequently Asked Questions – Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds come in all shapes, sizes and budgets, meaning that there is chance that you can find the best solution without spending more than you can afford. Unfortunately, lots of suppliers tend to charge more for their products, meaning you will need to be willing to shop around for the best deals.

From timber raised garden beds to plastic raised garden beds and more, there are a number of versatile and durable options open to you. Many people think that metal raised garden beds look the best whereas others prefer a more traditional look. Before you buy, make sure that the material you want can offer the protection you need from the elements as well as being long-lasting.

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