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Best Portable Fire Pit Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

Love to enjoy the outdoors around a roaring fire? Want to make the most of the evening with family and friends? Fire pits are not only a great way to stay warm as the evenings cool down, but they also help to create an inviting and relaxing environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy. The great news is that you can take this atmosphere with you on all your trips with a portable fire pit! 

Finding the best portable fire pit Australia has isn’t an easy task as there are so many different options to choose from. Rather than purchasing the first one, you find, why don’t you take a look at our buyer’s guide and then check out our top four products. With our help, you’ll soon be enjoying a stunning fire pit wherever you go.

Best Overall

STBoo 15 Inch Pellet Fire Pit

If you are happy to pay for a great fire pit and will get significant use from your purchase then the STBoo 15 Inch Pellet Fire Pit is the best choice around!

Portable Fire Pit Reviews Australia

Now you know what to look for in a fire pit, it’s time to check out our top four choices. We scoured all the fire pits we could find to bring you the very best options for a wide range of needs. Check them out now and purchase with confidence.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall STBoo 15 Inch Pellet Fire Pit
Best on a budget Best on a budget Lifedoo Travel Camping Stove
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Huirumm Portable Camping Fire Pit
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Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit
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Best Portable Fire Pit Buyers Guide

When it comes to choosing the best portable fire pit for RV trips, camping or just relaxing at home, there are a number of considerations that you should think about. We’ve listed the most important factors in our buyer’s guide, giving you the information you need to make the best choice.

Size Matters

The larger your fire pit, the more fuel it can hold and the bigger your fire will be. However, you also have to think about how easy your fire pit will be to move and clean when it’s time to pack up. Opting for a fire pit that is less than half a metre wide will make it easy to enjoy and transport. 

Choosing the Right Materials

Whether you’ve found a portable steel fire pit or one made from iron or copper, deciding on the right material will help you get the best results. We love steel models as they are easy to maintain, come in a range of designs and can handle life on the road without any problems.

Choose Your Fuel

Each fire pit will have a recommended type of fuel for you to choose but choosing the best portable smokeless fire pit will ensure your enjoyment without inhaling lots of smoke! From finding the best portable gas fire pit that you can hook up to choosing a wood-fired option, your fuel choice is really up to you. It is important to note that transporting your fuel will come with space limitations, making gas a great choice.

fire in a portable fire pit outside

Purpose Matters

Another important consideration is the function of your new fire pit. You may want to use it to create a campfire just to look at or you may want to use it to cook your dinner or toast marshmallows. If you are planning to use it to cook food, you will need to make sure that it can be used for this purpose and that you have the right accessories to cook with.

Price Options

Before you invest in the cheapest or most expensive fire pit, take the time to first work out the budget you have available. Opting for the cheapest version will probably mean that you won’t get much use out of it before it needs replacing, but going for the most expensive may be a waste of money. The key to finding the right option is searching for all the features you want in the budget range that you can afford.

1. STBoo 15 Inch Pellet Fire Pit (Best Overall)


If you are happy to pay for a great fire pit and will get significant use from your purchase then the STBoo 15 Inch Pellet Fire Pit is the best choice around! Not only is it made from heavy-duty iron but it is covered in a heat-resistant material that makes it safe to sit around and ensures that your fire pit will not get damaged or warped over time.

To fill, you simply place the pellets inside the unit and the flames are then produced and come out of the top. When the fire dies down, you can release the ash by shaking the fire pit and releasing the ash into the ash tray that comes with the kit. You can use the fire pit to create a relaxing atmosphere for your evening or even cook on it, helping you to get your meals created in style!

2. Lifedoo Travel Camping Stove (Best on a Budget)


If you want a budget-friendly option that is easy to install and dismantle, the Lifedoo Travel Camping Stove is an excellent choice. It is dark black and folds flat when not in use, making it simple to store and take with you. It can be used to cook food including frying, grilling and boiling water, helping you to enjoy the fire and food at the same time.

The unit has ventilation holes to aid proper circulation and combustion, plus the open sides work to give an exit route for any ash build-up, helping you to burn your fire for longer without any issues. The fire pit also comes with a ground-protecting pan that works to catch the falling ash and protect the ground, enabling you to leave no trace and cause no harm to the wildlife around.

If you are keen to use kiln-dried wood to power up your fire pit then the Huirumm Portable Camping Fire Pit is well worth considering! The design is simple and the stainless steel legs fold out to create a surface for your logs. It will take up to 5kg of burning materials at a time and you can choose to burn wood or even coal to create the fire you want. 

The net that you burn your wood on is made from stainless steel and has been woven in such a way that any ash is unable to get through, saving the ground below from getting scorched. It’s simple to pack and take with you and only takes up a small amount of space in your trunk.

Our final fire pit suggestion is the Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit – a gas fire pit that is smoke-free and can be used for both cooking and creating ambience. It’s simple to store and has been designed to be used for camping, beach fun and even in the backyard.

In terms of safety, the unit is CSA-approved and gives you the freedom to use it when other fire pits are banned. The reason for this is that the unit is spark free and unlikely to be the cause of a bush fire as long as it is used properly and sensibly.

The Verdict – Portable Fire Pit Reviews

Our favourite fire pit is the STBoo 15 Inch Pellet Fire Pit as it offers a smokeless design and can be used for cooking when you are camping. It’s made from heavy-duty iron and comes with an easy carry handle as well as an ash tray. Once lit, it is easy to maintain the flames for as long as you want and the design is safe, reducing the potential for a fire safety problem.

We also love the simplicity of the Lifedoo Travel Camping Stove as it is easy to put up and take down, comes with grill grates for cooking and even has an ash pan to help you keep the area clean and tidy. It is perfect for those on a budget who want the fun of a fire pit and the convenience of a stove.

When you want to invest in the best portable fire pit for camping and other trips, we are here to help. Check out our commonly asked questions and get the answers you need!

Frequently Asked Questions – Portable Fire Pit Australia

Fuel choice is wholly dependent on the type of fire pit you choose and can include butane, propane or even kiln-dried wood (1). However, we think that gas is a great option as it is easy to transport and doesn’t take up much room. Finding the best portable propane fire pit for camping is easy too as there are so many different gas models available to buy.

Portable fire pits are very safe, as long as you purchase one that is well made and designed to move around. However, it is important that you follow all the fire safety guidance (2)  you can find so that you don’t inadvertently cause a wider issue when you choose to use it.

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