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Best Plant Humidifier (2023 Buyers Guide)

If you love plants, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when they begin to look dull and lifeless, even when you’ve taken the time to care for them. The good news is that there could be a simple fix – a plant humidifier! 

Plant humidifiers add moisture back into the air and help your plants look great again. Why not get the best plant humidifier you can by checking out our buyer’s guide and recommended products? Read on to find out more.

Best Overall

Arovec Top Fill Humidifier

A top fill system which also prevents leaks, this Arovec Humidifier will be your plants best friend when it comes to replenishing moisture in the air.

Plant Humidifier Reviews

Now you know why you need a plant humidifier and what you need to look for, we’ve got four great products that we highly recommend. Take a look at each of them to see if they can offer you and your plants the support you want.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Arovec Top Fill Humidifier
Best on a budget Best on a budget Portable Plant Humidifier
see on amazon
Senlixin Plant Mister
FHYTGBS Refillable Spray Bottle
LLS Humidifier Watering Can
LingSi Atomizer Spray Gun

Best Plant Humidifier Australia – Buyers Guide

If you are keen to learn more about plant humidifiers (1) and want to know what to look for when you purchase one, we have all the information you need in our guide below.

Understanding the Benefits

Plant humidifiers offer a wide range of benefits to your plants and your environment. From reducing bacteria and viruses by increasing the humidity in the air to helping plants heal when they have been struggling to thrive. In addition, increasing the moisture in the air will help your plants to grow well as it will create a warmer environment. 

Different Humidifier Types

There are a number of different options to choose from when picking a humidifier, however,  warm mist or cold mist are the two main models to choose from. Warm mist humidifiers help you to keep a constant level of humidity but they are often expensive to buy. Cold mist humidifiers are cheaper but they can be noisier too.

Looking After Your Humidifier

Anyone looking to invest in a humidifier needs to be prepared to clean their device on a regular basis! To keep your humidifier in the best condition, it is always wise to use distilled water instead of tap water and schedule a weekly clean of the unit.

Some humidifiers can be washed and sterilised in the dishwasher but if yours can’t then cleaning it thoroughly with bleach will help to kill off any bacteria that has grown.

Knowing When to Use Your Humidifier

woman using a humidifier in a bedroom

Humidifiers should never be used in an environment that already has high humidity levels. If you don’t have any way of measuring the humidity, a good indicator is to check if there is any condensation or wetness on the walls or windows – if there is then the air is already humid enough.

In addition, never use a humidifier that has had water left in it or one that has not been cleaned. Ignoring these basic rules can cause damage to your plants.

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Plants

Many people think that their cute plant humidifier is only good for indoor use but there are models that are perfect for outside. Humidifiers outside help to replenish moisture around your plants in areas that are very dry. However, take your time to find the right model as your standard indoor model won’t be much use to outside plants.

1. Arovec Top Fill Humidifier (Best Overall)


A top fill system which also prevents leaks, this Arovec Humidifier will be your plants best friend when it comes to replenishing moisture in the air. It has a huge water tank of four litres, meaning this humidifier can keep going for over a day continuously. 

It has different misting levels so you can always adjust your humidifier to a setting that suits you and your plants. You can use this device in large rooms which have a footage of over 30 square metres, and with the novel LED panel you can always be sure to program your humidifier perfectly.

2. Portable Plant Humidifier (Best on a Budget)


If you only have one or two small plants in your home or office that you need to take care of, then this dainty portable plant humidifier is sure to fit the bill. It works on a USB cable so you can even plug into a laptop or other small device to keep it powered around the clock. 

It is very simple to use and comes at a great price point, making for a convenient mister suitable for small plants and rooms. Just one press is all that’s needed to control the humidifier, and it also boasts a variety of colours so it can double as a gentle night light too!

If you are new to the idea of a plant humidifier and want to try it without spending over the odds then the Senlixin Plant Mister is a great choice. It comes in a variety of colour options to suit your style and has a pumpkin shaped bottle that can take a decent amount of water to save you having to top up during use.

The nozzle is adjustable to the needs and size of your plants and it emits either a fine mist or a direct spray, making it suitable for watering as well as humidifying. The other great thing about this model is that it can be used for other household needs too, making it versatile and supportive to your needs.

When it comes to finding the best solution, simple is sometimes the right way to go and this couldn’t be truer than the FHYTGBS Refillable Spray Bottle! This bottle comes in a number of colours and is a sturdy, manual spray bottle that holds up to 200ml at a time.

It is made from ABS and has a fine spraying nozzle that releases the perfect level of mist for your plants. Simply unscrew the top, fill it up and then secure the bottle before starting to spritz your plants. It’s cost-effective and works perfectly on your plants!

If you have a large collection of indoor plants or want a humidifier that can help your outdoor plants to thrive then the LLS Humidifier Watering Can is a brilliant choice. It holds a massive 2L of water and the pump action head allows you to decide the amount of pressure you put into the can, releasing a mist that will get your pants looking healthy again.

The can is made from PE plastic and won’t crack with age, making it a long lasting solution for all your plants, indoors and out. The nozzle can be adjusted to two positions – one offers direct spray and the other is a mist. It also comes with a printed user guide on the side of the bottle so that you are never left confused about how to get the results you need.

If you like the idea of a motorised humidifier then the LingSi Atomizer Spray Gun is both powerful and portable. You simply fill the 500ml water bottle and then screw it into the spray gun before pressing the trigger and releasing the mist. It can work for two hours continuously, helping you to get great humidity for all your plants.

The spray gun is rechargeable and works best when you charge it fully before use. It weighs just 400 grams and the mist produced can be sprayed up to 1.5 metres from the nozzle of the gun, making it easy to get complete coverage.

The Verdict – The Perfect Plant Humidifier Australia

If you want to know more about humidity (2) and start to support your plants better, then you need to invest in the Arovec Top Fill Humidifier – a simple spray bottle that produces excellent water mist for your plants. It is easy to fill, simple to spray and is low in cost, making it the perfect addition to your household!

If you prefer something smaller and more cost-effective then you should also check out the Portable Plant Humidifier! This budget-friendly humidifier is versatile and can be used for watering as well as misting. We love that it comes in a range of colour options and has a fun design.

If you are new to humidifying your plants or you have some questions that you need the answers to then we may have the answers you need. Check out some of the commonly asked questions below and then purchase your new manual or automatic plant humidifier today!

Frequently Asked Questions – Finding a Good Plant Humidifier

Humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes and you can expect to pay less for a small plant humidifier that you use indoors than a more powerful model for outdoor use. However, finding the cheapest option possible may not be the right way to go. Rather than basing your purchase on price alone, take the time to check the features and opt for a model that offers the support you need.

Typically, indoor humidifiers come in a range of shapes and sizes, helping you to find the right fit for your indoor plant collection, including electrical options. Outdoor humidifiers are less complex and can be anything from a tray of water that evaporates around your plants to a large pump action bottle that creates a mist.

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