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The Best Planer (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

Do you frequently partake in woodworking and understand the importance of a quality tool? Need to shave down or smooth out that annoying kink in the wood, be it a surface or door bottom that won’t open correctly. Planers are a great addition to any tool kit, especially when you enjoy woodworking tasks. 

However, finding the best planer for your needs depends on a number of different factors. In this guide you will learn about planers, what you need to consider and see a number of great options that are currently on the market and available to you – getting the best planer in Australia has never been as easy!

Best Overall

Dewalt DCP580P2-XE 18V 5.0Ah XR Cordless Brushless Planer Kit

There are many reasons that we chose the Dewalt DCP580P2-XE 18V 5.0Ah XR Cordless Brushless Planer Kit as our best overall but the main one is that it comes as part of a kit, meaning that you are ready to work as soon as it arrives.

Top Four Planer Review Options for You

Finding the right table or hand planer for your needs is simple when you let us show you the top available options. We’ve selected four of the best so that you can buy quicker and enjoy for longer.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Dewalt DCP580P2-XE 18V 5.0Ah XR Cordless Brushless Planer Kit
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best on a budget best on a budget Milwaukee M18BP-0 18V 82mm Cordless Planer
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Festool 576603 EHL 65 EQ-Plus 65mm EHL Single Handed Planer
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Makita DKP181Z 18V 82mm AWS Brushless Cordless Planer
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How to Find the Best Planer in Australia?

If you are ready to find the best planer for your next project then take a moment to read through our buyer’s guide and learn what you need to look for in your newest tool

What Does a Planer Do?

A planer is simply a tool that helps you smooth out wood and reduce the size of wood by a outlet of mm at a time. They are often used in door hanging, smoothing joists and even with handrails. Buying one is an essential purchase for woodwork and when you buy a quality machine, you can be sure it will last for some time.

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Benchtop or Handheld?

If you have lots of planing and large pieces of wood to work with then a benchtop planer may be the best bet as they can take deeper amounts of wood off a surface in a go. However, if you need something smaller and more versatile then a handheld planer could be your best choice. If you want something affordable and compact then handheld planers win every time.

Comfort Levels

Many people just look at motor size and output but there is something far more important to think about when it comes to finding the right planer – your comfort. Many models now come with comfort grip handles and have been ergonomically (1) designed so that you can work for longer and achieve consistent results. Always check the grips and the noise levels of a planer before you buy so that you don’t end up with a tool you hate to use.

A brand new Makita cordless planer sitting on top of a table

Check Out the Blades

Another important part of choosing the best planer is to find a model with the right blades. Some models have one blade and others have two, and the most heavy duty ones can even offer three. Your blade choice really depends on your usage – a DIYer will be fine with one blade, but if you are a pro then you will need two or more.

Corded or Cordless

Finally, deciding between a corded or cordless model is also a big decision to make! Corded models are often more powerful and bulky which is great for regular use, but cordless models are more flexible and portable. Before you buy, check the power output first and make sure it matches you needs, if it does then corded or cordless becomes a choice that can be made on preference.

There are many reasons that we chose the Dewalt DCP580P2-XE 18V 5.0Ah XR Cordless Brushless Planer Kit as our best overall but the main one is that it comes as part of a kit, meaning that you are ready to work as soon as it arrives.

The kit includes two batteries, a battery charger, wrench, key, guide and reversible blades, It also comes with a dust bag, (2) a tool box and a blade alignment plate. There really is nothing that Dewalt have left out!

The machine provides a cut of up to 2mm per pass and has a brushless motor that offers the smoothest finish you can imagine. You can use this wood planer with the AirLock system and get rid of dust that would otherwise cause problems. It’s powerful, built to a high standard and is sure to last the test of time!

That’s why this Dewalt Cordless Brushless Planer is one of the best electric planers you’re going to find in the market. It has everything that you would ever need to do that job properly and comfortably. We highly suggest you take a look at this device and it didn’t meet your expectations make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

2. Milwaukee M18BP-0 18V 82mm Cordless Planer (Best on a Budget)


If you need a cheap planer that offers superior results then the Milwaukee M18BP-0 18V 82mm Cordless Planer is the optimal choice. Not only does it offer precision results but it comes with a motor that supports up to 2mm of material removal with each pass.

There are 20 locking positions to choose from that go up in millimetre increments and a depth adjustment dial to stop you from needing to re-zero your tool each time. The dual cutting head is designed to offer the smoothest finished and there is also a built-in edge guide to help you get the perfect cut each time.

It is a cordless option that is powered with an 18V battery and there is a simple battery level guide that will show you when it is time to plug it in. There is no doubt that this machine is a genuine upgrade from the best hand planer you may have used previously!

The Festool 576603 EHL 65 EQ-Plus 65mm EHL Single Handed Planer comes with a planing width of up to 65mm and offers a massive 4mm planing depth, making it perfect for all types of projects. It also comes with interchangeable blades depending on the results you need to achieve.

It weighs 2.4kg and is corded, giving you the ability to use it one handed without getting tired too quickly. It is compatible with Festool’s dust extractor too which can be used on either side of the machine depending on where you need to work.

It has a rotational speed of up to 15600 rpm and comes with a side French, a manual, a plug-it lead and a systainer, helping you to get the best results no matter what you are working with.

Last, but not least is the Makita DKP181Z 18V 82mm AWS Brushless Cordless Planer, another budget-friendly option that offers a heavy duty level of performance. It cuts to a depth of 3mm and works to automatically adjust the torque and the speed during use. 

It comes with an electric brake that is designed to enhance the level of safety for users as well as protecting the item you are working on. The motor provides 12000 rpm and you can choose the side you want to attach your dust extractor, helping you to get the best results. 

It comes with a wrench, guide rule, depth and blade gauges and weighs in at 3.6kg, giving you the pressure and power without causing your arms to get tired when using it.

The Verdict – The Best Planer Australia

It’s no shock that the Dewalt DCP580P2-XE 18V 5.0Ah XR Cordless Brushless Planer Kit is our top choice and best table planer that you can choose. With a powerful motor, range of functions and lots of great accessories, this kit will be an asset to your collection.

In addition, the Milwaukee M18BP-0 18V 82mm Cordless Planer is also high on our list and offers a combination of versatility and power that will impress most users. It is our budget option too, helping you to get the most for your money!

Planing is an important skill, with many projects relying on planing skills for the best and smoothest finishes. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about planers to help you get a better understanding of the tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hand planer is a traditional tool that is powered by your hands and uses your force to plane the material in question. It is an important part of any tool kit and a great option for smaller or fiddly projects. A bench or table planer is a machine that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and creates smooth edges on the biggest projects – making it great for professional and DIY jobs.

Keeping yourself safe is really important when you are using any type of tool. When you have a motorised planer you should always wear safety goggles or face shield with goggles as well as ear defenders and gloves. Many people also choose to wear safety overalls too but make sure that there are no loose or dangling strings that could get caught in the planer.

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