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Best Outdoor Heaters Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

Want to make the most of your outdoor space but find it too cold? Need to host outdoor events in the winter months? Finding the best outdoor heaters Australia has to offer is an important mission, especially if you want to enjoy the great outdoors all year round. 

To get the right solution for your needs, you will need to think about the area you want to cover as well as the number of people that will be looking for warmth from the heater. 

Rather than being confused when it comes to choosing, we’ve shared our outdoor heater buyers guide and some great products that could be the right solution for you. Check it out now and then find the one that works for you.

Best Overall

Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

If you want a powerful patio heater that relies on propane then the Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater is well worth your time. It is a commercial-sized space heater that can be utilised on a patio, near a pool or at your business premises.

Best Outdoor Heaters Australia Reviews

We’ve rounded up four great outdoor heaters for you to check out so that you can purchase them without fear of getting them wrong. Each option has been selected for its unique solution to your heating needs, so just pick the one that will work the best for you!

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget Devanti Gas Patio Heater
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Ehomeexpert Outdoor Patio Heater
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Stainless Steel Patio Heater
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Best Outdoor Heaters – Buyers Guide

Our buyer’s guide has been designed to offer you clear information on how to best choose your new outdoor heater. Take a look at each section to discover what you need to think about before you purchase.

Safety First

The first thing you will need to think about before you buy a new outdoor heater is the safety features that come with it. You will need a heater that doesn’t wobble or tip over and that has been correctly installed depending on the type of power you are going to use. It’s also important to note that outdoor heaters should only ever be used in an area that has adequate ventilation. (1)

Want to know what type of heater is better for outside? Check our article to find the answer.

Think About Power

Deciding how to power up your outdoor heater is also an important decision to make. From the best outdoor gas heaters in Australia, to the best infrared heaters (2) and even electrically charged options, there is a model to suit all needs. Take the time to look into each power source and decide the one that suits you the best so that you end up with the perfect solution.

Style Options

Outdoor heaters come in a wide range of styles – from chimneys to fire pits and patio heaters to wall-mounted heaters. Before you buy, take some time to find out what each type has to offer and then select a model that will look great in your outdoor space as well as provide the amount of heat that you need to stay warm.

Consider the Environment

As with any type of energy use, it is always wise to consider the impact that your purchase may have on the environment. Gas is a natural resource and you will need to top up your gas bottle to keep your heater working, but it also offers the power you want when keeping a group of people warm.

close up of an outdoor heater

The best outdoor electrical heaters Australia has can be powered with renewable energy, reducing your impact on climate change. Whichever power mode you opt for, take the time to find the most eco-friendly solution.


The final consideration you need to think about is whether you need an outdoor heater that is portable or not. A portable heater can be taken with you on trips and offers a warming solution whenever you need it. However, a rigid heater is often more powerful and will produce the best results.

1. Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater (Best Overall)


If you want a powerful patio heater that relies on propane then the Bronze Outdoor Propane Patio Heater is well worth your time. It is a commercial-sized space heater that can be utilised on a patio, near a pool or at your business premises. It is a perfect option when you need a lot of heat and offers a massive 48000 BTU to anyone sitting within its radius. 

The propane tank sits inside the bottom of the heater unit and offers improved stability and safety. It comes with an ignition switch that is simple to use and has wheels to help you position it correctly. There is also a heat dial that you can turn to get the right level of heat delivered to your seating area. It’s also one of the most affordable choices of patio heater, giving you a great amount of heat for the price point, as well as an aesthetically pleasing outdoor heater.

2. Devanti Gas Patio Heater (Best on a Budget)


If you want to keep a close eye on your finances and still get a decent outdoor heater then the Devanti Gas Patio Heater is a great choice. It is powered with an LPG gas bottle and stands upright on a flat surface without any risk of falling over, making it a great option in locations where there are animals or children that may be harmed if the unit is messed around with.

The heater has a black base and an attractive heating core that is displayed through a stainless steel grate. It’s easy to start up with a simple push ignition and a gas bottle of up to 9kg can be stored in the bottom of the heater for a sleek finish. It comes with double handles and has a lockable door to keep your gas bottle safe. It also has a simple on/off valve that can be accessed at speed should there ever be a problem.

When it comes to the best choice overall, we think that the Ehomeexpert Outdoor Patio Heater is the one to watch! It is a stylish choice and looks great as a statement piece on any patio. We particularly love the flame that is displayed from inside a glass box, offering heat in any weather, including wind and rain.

It can put out up to 40000 BTU when in full power mode and has passed all CSA certification requirements. It’s also simple to move as it comes with built-in wheels, enabling you to move it around as your needs change. The device is also built to last and made from quality materials such as stainless steel.

Our final option is the Stainless Steel Patio Heater, a stylishly designed heater that is made from the strongest materials and offers great levels of safety, including a tipping sensor that cuts the gas if the unit ever fell over. It’s easy to ignite and the temperature control works well to give you the perfect amount of heat as and when you need it.

It’s a sturdy heater that can be used on a patio as well as on a poolside or even in a garden space. The device is designed to heat up at speed, helping you to save on gas until it is required and keeping your outdoor space warm for hours as you enjoy the longer evenings it offers.

The Verdict – Outdoor Heaters Reviews

From expensive to cheap outdoor heaters, we’ve shared some great options that you can purchase. However, our top choice has to be the Bronze Outdoor Propane Heater as it makes a bold statement and produces a lot of heat that will easily keep a big group of people warm. It’s safe, secure and moveable – making it a great option for any home or business owner.

We also recommend the Devanti Gas Patio Heater is a great choice for anyone that is budget focused. It is a sturdy heater that fits on any patio and emits a good amount of heat, keeping you all warm as the nights get colder.

When it comes to making your selection, there are a number of heaters that you can choose from. Our frequently asked questions may help you to get the answers you need, ensuring that you end up with the right solution the first time around.

Frequently Asked Questions – Good Outdoor Heaters

Many Australians may think that outdoor heaters are a waste of time, especially with such a great climate. However, when the sun goes down, it can be hard to stay warm and enjoy the outdoor spaces on offer. Installing a heater will help you to get more use from your backyard and keep you and your loved ones warm.

There is no specific power source that offers the perfect solution, and you will need to weigh up the pros and cons for your needs in your area. If you are in a remote location and need to travel far to get gas top-ups then electric may be the right choice. However, if you want something that doesn’t have to be plugged in then gas may be your go-to!

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