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Best Magnetic Wristband In Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

If you find you’re always dropping metal tools or accessories when working on projects, you need a magnetic wristband. These simple but handy items can make your work a lot simpler and less hassle.

So, read on and discover how to find the best magnetic wristband in Australia on the market today.

Best Overall

Klein A-55895 Tradesman Pro Magnetic Wristband

The Klein A 55895 Tradesman Pro magnetic wristband is an amazing all-rounder. Its rare-earth strong magnets will keep all your small accessories handy and easily accessible. The material used to make this wristband is 1680D ballistic fabric.

How Do You Find The Best Magnetic Wristband?

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Klein A-55895 Tradesman Pro Magnetic Wristband
  • Adjustable
  • Fastening – hook & loop
  • Material – 1680d ballistic-weave
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget BYETOO Magnetic Wristband
  • Adjustable
  • 1680D ballistic polyester
  • Fastening – hook & loop
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Formatrade Magnetic Wristband
  • Adjustable
  • Fastening – hook & loop
  • Material – 1680D ballistic polyester
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Are you looking for high-quality magnetic bracelets in Australia? Want to know which features to look for? Then read this buyer’s guide and you’ll get the information you need to make an informed decision.


When you’re looking for the right magnetic wristband you’re looking for user-friendliness. You want it to be easy to put on and take off. You also need it to remain in position comfortably so it’s easy to access whenever you need it. You don’t have to stretch or contort when you want to remove it.


This is a key consideration since they must be sufficiently strong to hold the items you’ll hold on it. The stronger the magnet(1), the more weight the items it can hold. Strong magnets can hold items like tools and drill bits. Weaker ones can only hold nails or screws. 

Make sure, too, that there are sufficient magnets in the wristband and that they are well located. This will make it easy and convenient to attach your tools to the wristband. Bear in mind, though that the more the magnetic strength of the magnets, the heavier your attached tools will feel.


You don’t want your wrist and arm’s natural movement to be impeded by your wristband. However, you need it to be big enough to hold your tools.

magnetic screws and bolts on the ground


You need a cuff that is lightweight. This is because the extra tools you’ll be attaching to it will weigh the band down. Bear in mind, too, the strength, size, and amount of magnets in the wristband. All of these contribute to the overall weight of the item.


Nobody wants their wristband to feel cumbersome or uncomfortable when they’re working on a project. Make sure that the band’s inner surface is comfortable, preferable with finished edges and breathable mesh. It should also be adjustable and lightweight so it can fit securely with no irritation.


Make sure the wristband is made of tough and robust material. Ballistic Nylon or polyester(2) that has a hook and eye fastening is best.

Check our review for the RAK magnetic wristband Australia.


You won’t want your wristband unexpectedly falling off your wrist when you’re working. You also don’t want it to rip and tear. Make sure to choose a high-grade material that is ripped and tearproof.

Our Magnetic Wrist Bands Reviews

Here, you’ll find our best picks of this year’s magnetic wrist bands.

1. Klein A-55895 Tradesman Pro Magnetic Wristband – Best Overall


  • Adjustable

  • Fastening – hook & loop
  • Material – 1680d ballistic-weave

The Klein A 55895 Tradesman Pro magnetic wristband is an amazing all-rounder. Its rare-earth strong magnets will keep all your small accessories handy and easily accessible. 

The material used to make this wristband is 1680D ballistic fabric. This means that it is highly durable and robust enough to stand the test of time. Meanwhile, its adjustable Velcro closure means that it will fit most sizes of wrist comfortably. 

There is a breathable mesh interior added to the inner side of this wristband. This ensures excellent airflow for reduced sweating and better comfort. It has also been well-contoured to ensure the most comfortable fit around your wrist.

Thanks to the easily adjustable design, it can also be wrapped around a tool bag or belt. This allows small components to be kept nearby without needing to be held in the hand.

2. BYETOO Magnetic Wristband – Best on a Budget


  • Fastening – hook & loop

  • Adjustable 
  • 1680D ballistic polyester

The BYETOO Magnetic Wristband is affordable yet effective. It’s a truly handy gadget that can be used by DIYers or professionals alike. 

This wristband contains 15 strong magnets to keep your tools and accessories firmly in place. The magnet surrounds virtually the whole wrist so you can carry many items around effortlessly. 

If you’re carrying non-magnetic items too, this band has two pockets. This allows you to store plastic accessories with ease without needing to use your hands.

The adjustable band means that one size can fit most people comfortably. It is made from 1680D ballistic polyester which is breathable, durable, and lightweight. The sewn edges won’t dig in while there is a padded soft mesh inside to allow good airflow and comfort. 

This is also a very affordable magnetic wristband, so it’s a good value choice for anyone on a budget.

3. Formatrade Magnetic Wristband


  • Fastening – hook & loop

  • Adjustable 
  • Material – 1680D ballistic polyester

The Formatrade Magnetic Wristband is a great option for DIYers or professionals alike. Made from high-quality, robust 1680D ballistic polyester fabric, this resilient and durable wristband is built to last.

This wristband contains five large magnets which are well-distributed around its circumference. This means that it’s easy to fit multiple tools and accessories around the whole wrist. This keeps them close at hand and easily accessible. 

This band also contains two small pockets for storing plastic components that are non-magnetic without having to hold them. Despite its strong construction, this is a surprisingly comfortable wristband. It features a lightweight design so it won’t wear you out even when wearing it for long periods. It also sports a breathable mesh which permits maximum airflow for reduced sweating and maximum comfort for long periods.

The Verdict – Which Magnetic Wristband Do We Recommend?

All three of the magnetic wrist bands that we’ve suggested here are highly effective. However, overall we can only recommend one, and we’ve chosen the Klein A 55895

Affordable without compromising on quality, this magnetic wristband really gets the job done. Adjustable, strong, and hard-wearing, this item won’t disappoint. It’ll keep all your metal items safe throughout your workday. It’s also relatively comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.

Magnetic Wristband FAQs

Magnetic wristbands are a surprisingly convenient solution for all kinds of purposes. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a keen DIY enthusiast you can find a use for one. 

Magnetic wristbands are ideal for holding small metal items securely. Screws, nails and pins can all be easily kept within easy access and close at hand. However, if you buy a strong enough band, you can also carry metal tools effortlessly around with you. This frees up your hands so that you can work seamlessly. 

When you select a wristband in the right strength and size, you’ll save time on your project. You won’t have to return to your toolbox repeatedly to pick up different items that you need. It will also prevent you from having to go up and down ladders to get different tools and accessories. 

You can also protect people below you when you’re working at height by ensuring you won’t accidentally drop a tool.

Magnetic wristbands are adjustable bands that fit easily around your wrist. Usually, they’re secured using hook and eye (Velcro) fasteners. Inside the wristband, you’ll find several powerful magnets sewn within the fabric, which is typically strong and resilient. 

This allows small metal items like screws, tools, nuts, bolts, nails and pins to be carried on the band. It saves time and effort when selecting and transporting different items.

If you usually wear a watch, you may wonder whether it’s safe to wear one next to a magnetic wristband. Usually, the answer to this question is yes. Most watches these days are battery powered. Battery powered digital watches won’t experience any issues if you wear them beside your magnetic wristband. 

On the other hand, if yours is a wind-up style, traditional watch, you may experience some issues. These watches can be affected by the magnets which are inside the magnetic wristband. That means that you could find that your watch becomes unreliable when you’re wearing the wristband. It may tell you the wrong time.

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