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Best Log Splitter Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

Own a wood burning stove? Need lots of firewood for your family evenings around the firepit? If you work your way through a lot of wood each year then investing in the best log splitter in Australia is a great way to improve your efficiency and make your life easier. 

However, finding the best product is not as simple, especially when you check out all the different options that you can choose from. We’ve put together a helpful buyers guide to help you develop your log splitter knowledge, as well as offering four of the best products that we could find.

Read our guide and check out our top products – you’ll soon be the proud owner of a brand new log splitter!

Best Overall

Rover Petrol Log Splitter

The powerful Rover Petrol Log Splitter is our best overall as it comes with an 8-ton force and is powered with a petrol motor for the highest level of efficiency.

Best Log Splitter Reviews Australia

Rather than trying to scour the internet for the right log splitter, take a look at our top four choices instead and get a solution that meets your needs, the first time around!

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Rover Petrol Log Splitter
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Best budget option Best budget option Baumr 6 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter
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Yukon 240V 8 Ton Electric Log Splitter
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BE 126 10T Electric Log Splitter
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Best Log Splitter – Buyers Guide

A log splitter is designed to give you the help you need when cutting your logs. Traditionally they are used by tree surgeons and lumberjacks, but more people are investing in them for their firewood needs. Our buyer’s guide is here to help you pick the best option for your needs. 

Responsible Wood Collection

As more people invest in log splitters for firewood needs, more wood is being chopped down without the right level of environmental care. Rather than just choosing any type of wood to split and burn, think about responsibility sourced wood (1) instead.

By choosing wood from a responsible source, you will do less harm to the planet and be able to enjoy your wood-burning stove or fireplace without any worries.

Different Types of Splitter

When it comes to choosing the right log splitter for your needs, you have to think about power. If you are going to be using your machine for work or need it on a regular basis then an electric log splitter or a petrol log splitter are great options. If you only need it on rare occasions then a manual log splitter may be the best choice and is often simple to store when not in use.

Splitter Safety

One of the most important things that you need to consider before buying a log splitter is whether the model you want is safe to use. Check the model for safety features such as automatic shut-off and blade covers to get started.

Once you know that the basic safety features are in place then you can look for other features that have been added to the design, such as a covered area that stops you from getting your limbs stuck between blades. Focusing on safety is essential to your health and wellbeing. 

Key Considerations

A man is using a log splitter outside

Knowing what to look for in a new log splitter can be daunting but you should always think in terms of the amount of wood you want to split over a year, the size of the logs that you will be working with and the power mode that works best for you.

Using these as your starting points will ensure that the model you end up selecting will do the job you need.

Vertical or Horizontal Machine

Finally, you will need to pick between a vertical and horizontal log splitter model. Horizontal splitters will hold your logs in place and are a great choice when you want to get cuts of less than 50cm. Vertical splitters require less hands-on work and will work well for larger, heavier logs, giving you great results with less effort.

1. Rover Petrol Log Splitter (Best Overall)


The powerful Rover Petrol Log Splitter is our best overall as it comes with an 8-ton force and is powered with a petrol motor for the highest level of efficiency. The splitter is a horizontal model and can be collapsed for easy transport when you want to use it for work. When the logs have been split, they are directed straight into your chosen vessel ready to be moved, making it one of the most well thought out designs on the market.

It comes with a 5-year warranty for domestic users and a 90-day warranty for commercial use. It can split logs into 480mm long, and the unit weighs 76.5kg when not in use, making it sturdy and reliable, especially with its horizontal design.

2. Baumr 6 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter (Best on a Budget)


If you need a heavy-duty splitter that won’t cost the earth then the Baumr 6 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter is worth considering. Not only does it come with a 6-ton force for splitting your logs, but it also has a sturdy frame that won’t break when you get to work. It can handle logs that have a diameter of between 50 – 250mm and the cycle time takes just 12 seconds to complete.

It takes 2.4L of hydraulic oil and has a hardened steel wedge that will help keep your logs secure when you are using it. It is a horizontal splitter that you can secure your logs on and guide them as they are, producing the results you need each time you use them.

Another great option for a log splitter is the Yukon 240V 8 Ton Electric Log Splitter. It’s a horizontal splitter that uses hydraulic support to offer up to 8 tonnes of force. It comes with a 2000W motor that is up to commercial standard and quickly deals with your logs with minimal mess or fuss.

There are a number of safety features included with this model that will keep you safe from harm and as it can use a standard plug to power it up, you won’t need to have it installed in one place when you want to use it. It is stable and durable but it also comes with wheels to help you move it around for work purposes. It’s a great product and well worth considering.

If you need a commercial splitter and want to invest in one without worrying about price then the BE 126 10T Electric Log Splitter is worth checking out. Not only does this machine offer a massive 10 tonnes of force, but it has a dual splitter wedge that can offer two-way splitting when you need it.

It comes with a 2-year warranty for residential customers and a 180 warranty for commercial customers, helping you to get the best service as you learn more about what it can do. It is collapsible for easy transportation and weighs in at 112 kg, making it one of the heaviest options in our list of recommendations.

The Verdict – Log Splitter Reviews Australia

Each log splitter review shows that our top four choices are all excellent, however, there is one that stands out from the crowd. The Rover Petrol Log Splitter is a horizontal machine that comes with a dual splitter for quick and efficient log processing. We love that it is transportable and comes with a wide log cradle that can keep logs and debris in place safely. If you need a machine you can trust, this is the option you should go for!

The Baumr 6 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter is also worth mentioning as it is powered with electricity and provides the hydraulic force needed to deal with all types of wood. It’s quick, precise and simple to use as well as being a great solution for anyone on a budget.

If you want to find the right log splitter, take a look at the most commonly asked questions and answers so that you have the most relevant and up-to-date information to hand.

Frequently Asked Questions – Log Splitter Australia

Pricing is always important, especially when you like to keep a close eye on your budget. However, choosing the cheapest option without considering other factors could backfire and leave you without the right machine. Look around for the best deal but always make sure that you get a splitter that will provide the support you need.

There are a number of different log splitter options, including an electric log splitter, a hydraulic log splitter, a petrol log splitter and even a manual log splitter. If you are looking for the best then you may even opt for an excavator log splitter. Take your time to check out each option before you buy.

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