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Best Lawn Aerator (2023 Buyers Guide)

Want to get the greenest lawn on the block? Need to reinvigorate and aerate your lawn for best growth? When it comes to choosing the best lawn aerator, you will want a tool that is easy to use, effective and provides outstanding results. 

However, with so many different options available to choose from, it can be hard deciding which one to buy. Rather than choosing the first one that you find, take the time to check out our advice and get one that meets your needs. We’ve even shared a number of great products that you can opt for if they meet your needs! Find out more now.

Best Overall

Draper 83983 Rolling Lawn Aerator

If you prefer the idea of rolling your aerator up and down the lawn then the Draper 83983 Rolling Lawn Aerator is an ideal solution that will produce excellent results. You simply push the handle and let the galvanised steel drum get to work.

Lawn Aerator Reviews

Now you are clear on choosing the best lawn aerator for your needs, why not take a look at four of our specially selected options to see if any of them offer the solution you are looking for?

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Draper 83983 Rolling Lawn Aerator
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Best on a budget Best on a budget Lawn Spike Shoes
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Spear and Jackson 5 Pronged Aerator
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Traderight Lawn Aerator and Scarifier
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Buyers Guide – Best Aerator for Lawn

Whether you want the best cheap lawn aerator (1) or you are willing to spend a bit more on your new home lawn aerator, we have the information you need to consider. Take a look through our buyers guide and the purchase with total confidence.

Power Options

Choosing between the best manual lawn aerator and the best powered option all depends on the space you need to cover and how hard the ground is. Manual aerators come in all shapes and sizes, with some push along models and other aerator spikes that you simply attach to your shoes.

Powered models generally all work by moving up and down the area that needs to be aerated while the engine pushes the spikes into the ground.

Aerator Knives

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the aeration knives that are used to penetrate the ground. If you go for a cheap lawn aerator with basic knives then you may find that they are unable to deal with ground that is very dry or hard. The best knife material is stainless steel, as it is durable and tough, giving you the best outcome each time you use it.

Weight of Your Aerator

Many people forget to check the weight of the aerator that they are purchasing, only to find themselves fatigued before the job is complete. However, if you purchase one that is too light, you may find that the machine does not successfully aerate the lawn.

For the best results, we’d suggest that a roller aerator is the best choice as it can be heavy on the ground but still easy for you to move across your lawn area.

Depth of Penetration

The whole point of aerating your lawn is to get access to the nutrients (2) buried in the ground and improve air and water flow. To do this, your aerator knives will need to penetrate the ground by at least 1 to 2 inches and if you choose a powered aerator then you may even be able to adjust the depth to suit your specific requirements.

Garden Size

When picking out the best model for your needs, you will need to have a clear idea of the space you want to cover. Start by measuring your garden and then pick a machine that will be the easiest to use. For small gardens, a manual option or show spikes should be fine but if your garden is large or you want to use it commercially then petrol or battery operated models are often the best choice.

closeup of a grassy lawn with dew

Safe Storage

When you are not using your lawn aerator, you will need to safely store it so that it is kept in good condition and doesn’t cause harm to anyone that comes into contact with it. Before you put it away, you will need to clean it thoroughly, getting rid of any build-up.

Once it is clean, you should dismantle any parts that can be taken apart and then store everything together ready for the next time you need to use it.

1. Draper 83983 Rolling Lawn Aerator (Best Overall)


If you prefer the idea of rolling your aerator up and down the lawn then the Draper 83983 Rolling Lawn Aerator is an ideal solution that will produce excellent results. You simply push the handle and let the galvanised steel drum get to work. 

The unit has 27 aerating knives and they are designed to pierce your soil in order to improve drainage and grass health. The ergonomic design makes it comfy to use and it will quickly aerate your lawns, giving you more time to focus on other activities. It’s a great manual aerator for small to medium gardens!

2. Lawn Spike Shoes (Best on a Budget)


Getting your lawn in great shape shouldn’t mean that you have to pay more than is necessary and that’s where Lawn Spike Shoes are a great solution. They simply attach over your shoes with Velcro straps and you walk up and down your lawn, letting the spike penetrate the ground. 

They are made from high-quality PP plastic and are secure when put on, offering a safe solution to your aerating needs. The spikes work to create holes in the soil and loosen any compacted areas that may be struggling to get water. The only downside is that they take a lot of walking for bigger gardens but are a great way to keep your lawn looking healthy.

If you are in the market for a heavy duty solution, the Speak and Jackson 5 Pronged Aerator is a great choice. You simply place the aerator in position and then use your foot to push it into the ground before removing it and moving onto the next patch. 

This aerator removes soil plugs in order to reduce compaction and improve aeration, reaching down to the roots of your lawn and making sure they can get the air, water and nutrients they need. It is simple to use but it will take a lot of time to cover a large area, meaning that it is only really suited to the most compact of soil that needs precision support.

Finding a quality model that will work without breaking the bank is easy when you choose the Traderight Lawn Aerator and Scarifier. This device is made from quality materials and the handle is 150cm long, making it ideal for gardeners of all heights. 

It’s lightweight and easy to move around, allowing you to cover rage spaces with the least fuss and hassle. Its manual design also means that no fumes escape and that you are in total control of the areas that are covered when you get the work.

The Verdict – Lawn Aerator Australia

Getting the best is simple when you choose the Draper 83983 Rolling Lawn Aerator. Not only is it simple to use and move around but the 27 spikes make quick work of your lawn, giving it the penetration it needs to access all the nutrients in the ground below. It’s made from durable materials and is easy to store when not in use.

We also think that the budget Lawn Spike Shoes are a great option for smaller gardens or for anyone that wants to save cash and still get results. They are simple to wear, stay securely in place and give you total confidence that the knives have properly penetrated the area.

Deciding the best lawn aerator to buy can come with a lot of questions! We’ve got the answers you need below, helping you to pick the best option for your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Home Lawn Aerator

Yes, there are a number of water filled, manual aerators that can be pushed along your grass to get the results you are looking for. The reason they are filled with water is to provide the weight needed to get the aerator knives to penetrate the lawn at the right level.

Choosing between a manual or powered aerator depends on how often you will use it and the space you want to cover. Small gardens and occasion use is ideal for manual models, but larger gardens and frequent use is better served by a powered model.

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