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Best Hammer in Australia [Top 4 Picks 2023]

Purchasing a decent hammer for your toolbox should be a priority; they are one of the oldest and most versatile tools used by builders, electricians, mechanics, metalworkers and woodworkers. No home or workplace is complete with a hammer.

What do you need to know before buying your next hammer? Read on as we drill down into what makes a good hammer, things you need to consider before purchasing and our top five picks.

Best Overall

Estwing Framing Hammer

Estwing’s Framing Hammer is forged in one piece using solid steel, which offers superior striking power, durability, and strength. The head and handle have been hand-polished, which gives the Estwing hammers their trademark appearance.

Best Hammer in Australia – buying guide

The type of work you’re undertaking will determine the kind of hammer you’ll need, and it’s essential to choose the right one for the job. 

Do you know what the carpentry hammer name is we call? Reading our article brief will help you know.

A high-quality and durable hammer is generally made from a solid piece of steel and provides an ergonomic and cushioned handle to minimise shock, and the best hammers are lightweight so as to avoid fatigue on long or complex building projects.

a hammer with blue handle on a piece of cloth

Materials Used for Hammer Construction

The quality of a hammer, like many tools, comes down to the materials used to manufacture it. So, what are the most durable materials used to manufacture a hammer?

  • Handle – Traditionally, hammer handles have been made from timber, and many still are. However, wood tends to wear down faster than a steel handle. There are also certain types of hammers constructed from fibreglass, which help to reduce overall weight.
  • Head – Hammer heads are usually made from either steel or titanium, and there’s a lot of debate about which one is best. Titanium hammers are around 45% lighter than traditional steel hammers, and around 97% of the energy from a hammer swing is transferred directly to the nail [1]. However, titanium tends to be more expensive than its steel counterpart.

Types of Hammers

There are many different hammers on the market, some are multipurpose, and some are for specialised work such as a welder’s hammer. Below we’ll go through some of the most commonly used hammers and the ones we’ve reviewed in this article.

A hammer on a table along with some nails in Australia

Claw Hammer – A general-purpose hammer that’s ideal for driving and pulling nails thanks to its weighted head and claw-like back end. The best claw hammer will have a deep ‘V’ channel and a curved top so they are capable of pulling out tough nails.

Framing Hammer – Similar to a claw hammer but usually a bit longer and heavier to provide better leverage and swinging action. These hammers are commonly used in professional carpentry work and considered the best woodworking hammers.

Ball Pein Hammer – The head of this hammer has a flat face on one side and a round ball-shaped face on the other. This type of hammer is mainly used for metalwork.

Dead Blow Hammer/Mallet – This type of mallet hammer is designed to minimise any surface damage; therefore, they can effectively knock joints together without damaging the soft timber, among other carpentry work. The head is usually solid or filled with shot steel and is generally manufactured using polyurethane [2].

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Estwing Framing Hammer
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Estwing AL-PRO Aluminum Framing Hammer
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Neiko Dead Blow Hammer
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Spear & Jackson Ball Pein Hammer
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With all of this in mind, let’s get into the swing of things with the best hammers in Australia reviews.

1. Estwing Framing Hammer – Best Overall

Why we love it:

  • The Estwing’s Framing Hammer is a heavy-duty option versatile enough to do everything from professional carpentry and building work to home DIY projects. However, we’d suggest that this hammer is ideally suited to heavy-duty jobs and is the best framing hammer on the list.

Estwing’s Framing Hammer is forged in one piece using solid steel, which offers superior striking power, durability, and strength. The head and handle have been hand-polished, which gives the Estwing hammers their trademark appearance.

This hammer weighs in at a mere 453 grams, which helps to reduce on the job fatigue, and it features a 16-inch handle with a shock reduction grip that reduces impact vibration by an impressive 70%, ensuring a precision strike every time.

It also features a beautifully milled face for optimum nail head grip, and the weld-free design eliminates any risk of joint failure on the hammer.

2. Estwing AL-PRO Aluminum Framing Hammer

Why we love it:

  • This hammer is stretch ahead of the rest, and as it should be for the premium price point. It certainly delivers on performance and vibration control to provide a superior experience.

    The 760-gram hammer is lighter than other framing hammers. However, one downside is that the handle quality could be improved, especially considering the price. A professional piece of equipment at a professional price point.

The Estwing AL-PRO might be the best framing hammer on the market. It has been built with quality, performance, and durability in mind. This revolutionary hammer has been forged using the highest quality aircraft aluminum alloy, meaning it’s lighter than competitor titanium hammers.

Featuring the unique dead blow technology means that the hammer’s head is filled with vibration dampening shot; this distinctive feature increases power and control. Additionally, the head includes the easy-start magnetic nail starter, and the large, forged steel face is available with a choice of either a smooth or milled surface.

Moving to the back of the hammer is the high-leverage claw which has a shorter channel than other hammers, but it claims to keep the nail further from the pivot point so you can get better leverage and remove nails with ease.

Because the hammer is made entirely from aluminum instead of wood, it features the patented Shock Reduction Grip, which claims to reduce impact vibration by over 70%. It is moulded and bonded directly to the tool’s aluminum core, meaning it will never slip, even under the most challenging conditions.

3. Neiko Dead Blow Hammer

Why we love it:

  • We rate the Neiko dead blow as one of the best woodworking hammers, and you’ll never lose it thanks to the high visibility neon orange construction. It also helps to quickly distinguish it from other hammers while on a work site.

    This is a very affordable dead blow hammer that’s perfect for autobody or carpentry work. It’s important to note that it has a short body length and weighs in at 962 grams, which is certainly on the heavier side.

The Neiko Dead Blow Hammer is a versatile and heavy-duty mallet-style hammer that’s perfectly balanced to deliver powerful blows with an easy swing. This hammer offers outstanding balance and temper, making it durable and easy to use.

The hard-wearing unicast poly moulded body helps prevent wear and tear between the head and the handle, and it also works to prevent sparks upon impact, which makes this an excellent hammer for metalworkers. Additionally, the steel shot-filled head adds extra force without damaging soft surfaces while simultaneously providing a solid blow with minimal rebound.

The diamond-textured non-slip grip ensures fewer slips and mishaps when using the hammer and is comfortable to hold.

4. Spear & Jackson Ball Pein Hammer

Why we love it:

  • Fantastic price point, and the perfect choice if you’re specifically looking for a ball pein hammer. The only downside to this hammer is that there’s no shock-absorbing grip fitted on the handle, so the impact vibration may be felt more than some other models.

This ultra-lightweight Spear & Jackson Ball Pein Hammer features premium a hickory handle and a heat-treated fully polished head for superior strength and performance.

This hammer is the best tool for small and light tasks, such as bending soft metal on vice, and the polished striking face is excellent for avoiding chipping and dents.

Spear & Jackson have managed to manufacture an excellent ball pein hammer at an exceptional price point.

The Verdict

The Estwing Framing Hammer has been awarded Amazon’s Choice and is an excellent heavy-duty, multipurpose hammer. Whether you’re a professional builder or just have a few repairs around the home, the long claw will make easy work of removing stubborn nails, and the vinyl shock reduction grip will ensure you’re comfortable while you do it.

This hammer hits the nail on the head for us!


Always wear eye protection to avoid any flying debris.

Only use the face or pein to strike a surface or object. Avoid using the side of the hammer. 

Grip the handle near the end for the greatest force when hammering, and use your arm to swing and not just your wrist 

For delicate jobs or when you need more control over the hammer, move your hand further towards the head and take a shorter swing. 

Don’t use a hammer with a loose handle or damaged head, as it can be dangerous for you and those around you.

It depends what job you’re undertaking; the best carpenter hammer is generally a claw hammer, and secondary to this is a framing hammer.

The best hammer is a dead blow or mallet if you’re undertaking metalworks because it won’t damage any soft surfaces.

Additionally, choosing a milled surface is generally best because it allows the head to get a firm grip on nail heads and avoids slippage.

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