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The Best Electric Whipper Snipper (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

Do you find that keeping your garden neat and tidy is a constant battle with Mother Nature, especially when the grass starts to creep beyond the area you want it to cover? Do you crave straight lines and edges to create the perfect aesthetic for your home?

If you want a one-stop solution for edging, weed whacking and long grass cutting then you need to find the best electric whipper snipper on the market. We’ve shared some handy advice and listed some great options for you to choose from so that you can purchase a device that really works for you.

Best Overall

STIHL 540W Electric Grass Line Trimmer

The STIHL 540W Electric Grass Line Trimmer is our top choice for the best electric whipper snipper as it is powerful and hardworking but comes in a lightweight package that makes it easy to use

The Best Electric Whipper Snipper Reviews

If you are looking for an electric whipper snipper review that you can trust then we have four great options to help you choose. Take a look at our selection and then buy the right one for your needs – it is that simple!

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall STIHL 540W Electric Grass Line Trimmer
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget STIHL Electric Grass Line Trimmer
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Black and Decker Strimmer
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Black and Decker String Trimmer and Edger
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How to Choose the Best Electric Whipper Snipper in Australia

Before you can invest in an electric whipper snipper, it is important to be able to work out what you want and what you want to avoid. Our buyer’s guide will help you understand the electric whipper snipper market so that you can forge ahead with purchasing the best option for your needs.

Corded or Cordless

When you buy an electric whipper snipper, you may be wondering whether to choose a cordless or corded version. An electric whipper snipper cordless is one that is run via a battery pack whereas an electric corded whipper snipper needs a power source and comes with a power line. Corded versions offer ease of use as you just have to plug them in and get going but a cordless version requires you to charge a battery pack up beforehand, and then wait to recharge it when you have used it up.

Safety Requirements

Staying protected as you work is always an important factor to consider, especially when you think about the power and speed that an electric whipper snipper uses. Choose a model with a safety guide and a line cutter that keeps your trimming wire at the right length. It is also a good idea to invest in safety goggles (1) to help you avoid stray bits of debris that may fly up into your eyes.

Check our review for the Stihl battery whipper snipper if you are going to buy it.

Lightweight or Heavy?

Picking between a lightweight or heavy model can be difficult, especially when you want to get the best finish. Lightweight models are typically more comfortable to use but can sometimes offer fewer features such as rotating heads and comfort grip handles. Heavier models typically offer more power but can be harder to use. To get the best of both worlds, make a list of the specifications you’d like to see and then find a version at the right weight for you. We’d recommend anything below 4kg (not including your cord).

Maintenance Needs

The key to keeping your whipper snipper in action for a long time is regular maintenance. This means cleaning the unit thoroughly after each use and storing it in a cool, dry place until you need it again. You should also make sure that the trimming line is not frayed and that there is enough length left for your next job. Replacing your line is simple and you can get quality replacement lines in most DIY stores.

Man using and electric whipper snipper and cutting the grass around a tree

Noise Levels

In addition to keeping your whipper snipper in good working order, it is also vital that you think about your own health and safety. If you are going to be using the whipper snipper on a regular basis then finding a quiet model will be beneficial to your ears and reduce the risk of complaints from other people in earshot of your work.

However, if you find that your device is noisy, you can invest in noise-cancelling headphones or ear defenders that you can wear as you work.

1. STIHL 540W Electric Grass Line Trimmer (Best Overall)


The STIHL 540W Electric Grass Line Trimmer is our top choice for the best electric whipper snipper as it is powerful and hardworking but comes in a lightweight package that makes it easy to use. It weighs just 4kg in total and has a soft-grip handle that makes holding it comfy. It also comes with a guard and cable strain relief, making it very safe for anyone to use.

It has a 5-2 nylon line which means you can use it in the brush, on the grass or when thinning and edging without leaving a messy finish. Plus, you can use the gauge wheel that is provided to help you avoid plants and trees as you work, making it easier to get to hard-to-reach places without causing any problems.

It is a quieter model that can be used in areas that are sensitive to noise and will not give you a headache if you have a larger project to complete. All in all, we love the ergonomic design and range of safety features that you can trust every time you plug it in. 

This model is one of the best electric line trimmer and one of the best overall for this list. That being said, it’s what should make this one of the top priority choices for anyone that’s looking to buy a Whipper Snipper in Australia. You don’t need to read another electric line trimmer review, we’ve covered everything you need to know.

2. STIHL Electric Grass Line Trimmer (Best on a Budget)


Getting the most for your money is important when you are on a budget and the STIHL Electric Grass Line Trimmer is the perfect option to choose! It comes with a pivoting head and can be used for trimming and edging even in the smallest spaces.

It comes with a loop handle and cable strain relief for comfort and safety and the pivoting head will take you from trimming to edging in one simple movement. It weighs in at 2.6kg, which means that it is lightweight and easy to hold each time you use it.

It isn’t designed for large spaces, however, making it a good option for those with small gardens or low edging and trimming needs. It’s also easy to maintain as it has a mowing head and a line spool that you can access when it’s unplugged. If you want a simple option for sporadic use then this piece of kit is well worth thinking about!

Black and Decker is a trusted brand and the Black and Decker Strimmer is a great choice for anyone that needs to tidy up areas that are hard to reach. It boasts 900W of power and comes with a 35cm cutting width for highly effective outcomes.

It is also fitted with a wheel edge guide that will ensure the neatest edges as well as helping you to avoid plants and trees that you don’t want to damage. It also comes with an auto-line feed to help you get to work and stay working until you finish the job.

When it comes to your comfort needs, you can look forward to using two handles for a steady and secure grip. Plus, one of the handles is adjustable, giving you the ability to manoeuvre it into a position that feels the best for your needs.

Our final choice is the Black and Decker String Trimmer and Edger, a two-in-one solution that will edge your borders and beds as well as trimming back any growth that you cannot reach with a mower. 

It is lightweight at just 2.5kg and there are two handles that you can use to get a comfortable grip. The handle on the front of the device is adjustable for your height and comfort too, making it easier to use for longer periods of time.

There is an auto-line feeder that stops the need for bumping and the high power but low noise motor will keep your ears and neighbours happy! It’s a great option to consider when you need a powerful solution without paying more than you can afford.

The Verdict – The Best Electric Whipper Snipper

Choosing the best whipper snipper isn’t easy, especially with so many great options available. However, the STIHL FSE  Electric Grass Line Trimmer is our favourite for budget, especially if you are only going to use it on an occasional basis. It is lightweight and the pivoting mowing head helps you to do the job you need quickly and simply.

Despite our budget option being great, our best choice overall is the STIHL 540W Electric Grass Line Trimmer. It’s safe, sleek and attacks even the thickest areas of brush and weeds (2) without strain. We love the gauge wheel too, helping you to avoid your prized trees and plants when you are working in the smallest areas.

Making a purchasing decision can be daunting, especially when you want to get the best value for your money. Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions to help you work out what option is best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people believe that a cordless electric whipper snipper is safer than a corded version because of the risk of getting electrocuted if you cut through the wire. However, modern whipper snippers come with a wide range of safety features to help you avoid cutting near the wire. If the worst should happen and you do cut the wire then your electricity supply will short, keeping you safe.

When it comes to staying safe and avoiding unnecessary injuries, a guard is required, which is why we only recommend versions that offer this safety feature. Failing to use a guard leaves you at greater risk of injury from flying debris.

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