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Best Cordless Nail Gun Australia [2023 Buyers Guide]

Whilst the traditional hammer and nail does the job in most cases, in the 21st century there’s a much better way to place nails without lugging a hefty hammer around, bashing your thumbs, and putting a huge hole in your drywall.

A nail gun is essential for any professional contractor, but it’s also useful for DIY enthusiasts too. The best cordless nail gun delivers precision, muscle power, and speed when you need to nail materials together. 

A cordless nail gun forces nails into a piece of wood or your material of choice using air, electromagnetic energy, or gas. They are super convenient and portable, which makes them a popular choice. So read our top reviews!

Best Overall

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

The DeWalt 20V Max cordless nailer is a great overall performer. Designed for versatility, it can drive fasteners between 5/8” and 2 1/8” into your chosen materials. Whether you need a nailer to fasten casing, decorative moulding or kitchen crown, this is the tool for you.

How To Find The Best Nail Gun In Australia?

Do you need to find the best nail gun on the market today? Here, you’ll find our buyer’s guide to point you in the right direction!

Which Materials Will You Use?

Yellow & black cordless nail gun on table with other tools

When you’re looking for the best nail gun for framing, you’ll need to consider the materials you’re using. Different kinds of wood are required for different structure types. 

Softwoods like white pine, spruce, and cypress require less driving force behind the nails whereas hardwoods such as oak, beech, and balsa require a lot more force. If you use excess force when using softwoods, unsightly surface marks could be the result. You’ll therefore need to choose a nail gun that suits your material requirements.

The Amount Of Work You Need To Do

How often will you use your nail gun? If you’ll be using it frequently for heavy-duty purposes, you’ll need a more robust model. An industrial-strength, professional tool may be the best option for you. 

Conversely, if you’re looking for the best framing nail gun for light-duty, infrequent use, a budget model may suffice.

Is cordless nail gun better than a corded electric nail gun? Checking this article will answer the question.

You should also consider the types of jobs you need your nail gun to tackle. You may need to choose a model that can fire many different nail types. This will give you the flexibility to tackle a broad spectrum of projects.

man using nail gun to fasten two pieces of wood


Some cordless nail guns are heavy and difficult to use. If you need to use yours for long periods or need to transport it regularly, a lightweight model is best. You should also consider ergonomics for periods of extended use to avoid pain and discomfort.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer Kit
  • Weight – 2.27kg
  • Gauge – 18
  • Brushless motor
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Best on a budget Best on a budget Bielmeier 20V Cordless Brad Nailer
  • Gauge – 18
  • Weight – 2.99kg
  • Fires 2000 nails per charge
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Best for Professional Use Best for Professional Use Paslode B40001 IM50S Cordless Nail Gun Combo Kit
  • Weight – 2.95kg
  • Magazine capacity – 200
  • Cycle rate – 2 nails/second
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Read Our Best Cordless Nail Gun Reviews Here

Here, you’ll find our thorough reviews of the top cordless nail guns available to purchase this year. 

1. DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer Kit – Best Overall


  • Weight – 2.27kg

  • Gauge – 18
  • Fastener range – 5/8-inch to 2-1/8-inch
  • Brushless motor

The DeWalt 20V Max cordless nailer is a great overall performer. Designed for versatility, it can drive fasteners between 5/8” and 2 1/8” into your chosen materials. Whether you need a nailer to fasten casing, decorative moulding or kitchen crown, this is the tool for you.

The brushless motor integrated into this tool is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery. This makes the tool easy to use on the go without any need to use a compressor or gas. Suited for both small and large projects, this tool offers all the benefits of pneumatic tools with greater freedom.

Made by a reliable and reputable manufacturer, this nailer comes with a micro nose to improve nail placement accuracy. It also allows for tool-free depth adjustment to ensure even more precise nail countersinking.

Some extra features of this model include the tool-free jam release system and multi-functional LED lights. It’s also possible to choose between contact actuation or sequential modes without any need for tools.

Safety and convenience have also been borne in mind when designing this tool. The stall release lever allows the driver blade to be reset quickly should it stall. The low nail lockout also prevents unwanted markings on the material and dry firing.

2. Bielmeier 20V Cordless Brad Nailer – Best On A Budget


  • Gauge – 18

  • Fastener range – 5/8″~1-1/4″
  • Weight – 2.99kg
  • Fires 2000 nails per charge

Finding a cordless nail gun on a budget isn’t always easy, but this model from Bielmeier is a great option. With an affordable price tag, this tool offers surprisingly good performance thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

Designed to ensure better penetration strength and stable shooting, this nail gun can drive a variety of 18 gauge nails. It is compatible with fasteners between 5/8” and 1 ¼”. It is also compatible with staples, perfect for plastic sheeting or thin insulation. 

The quick-release loading magazine makes installing nails easy and speedy. Meanwhile, the design is ergonomic for extra comfort during long periods of use. The rubber handle is designed to be non-slip for maximum comfort during use. 

The cordless, battery operated design is versatile and flexible for use anywhere. Yet it can still deliver more shots at full-power than comparable corded tools. At full charge, it’s capable of firing 2000 nails!

Weighing just 4.8lbs, or 2.99kg, this tool comes with an LED light for better illumination of work spaces. It’s also been designed with safety in mind thanks to the safety nose pin and discharge protection in the battery.

3. Paslode B40001 IM50S Cordless Nail Gun Combo Kit – Best For Professional Use


  • Weight – 2.95kg

  • Magazine capacity – 200 
  • Fastener range – 32-50mm
  • Cycle rate – 2 nails/second

When you need a high-performing professional cordless nail gun, the Paslode B40001 will fit the bill. Made by a reliable manufacturer, this tool is designed for industrial use. 

Designed with safety in mind, this model locks its battery into place whenever it is disengaged. It also features a non-slip, ergonomically designed hand grip for better safety and comfort.

The cordless design makes this a lighter and more versatile choice for professionals on the go. Meanwhile, this device comes with a rafter and belt hook for even greater convenience. 

Created with versatility at the forefront, the Paslode B40001 enables users to carry out a wide range of applications. This tool is suitable for use on cladding, decking, fencing, plywood, fibre, cement, and metal thanks to the 32-50mm nail range.

The powerful battery can drive as many as 4500 shots in a single hour. Meanwhile, the tool-free drive depth adjustment allows for more nail placement flexibility.

The Verdict – Which Is The Best Nail Gun For Sale?

The three different nail guns that we’ve recommended here are all good choices if you’re looking for a high-quality tool. However, overall, we think that the DeWalt 20V Max cordless nailer is our top pick for this year. 

As an all-round performer, it is hard to beat, offering great flexibility and versatility for all users. Compatible with a wide range of fasteners, this tool is light enough to use on the go. It’s also made by one of the most reliable brands in the industry.

man using a traditional hammer to place a nail

Want To Buy A Nail Gun? Here Are Some FAQs

A small nail gun is ideal for smaller projects where minimal structural integrity is required. If you’ll be tackling projects with heavy or thick materials, a larger tool will be required. A 15 gauge or 16 gauge model will give more holding power.

Electric nail guns use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (1) to drive in the nails. Many have long runtimes, fast recharges and impressive power. If you have an additional battery charged up and on hand, these nail guns have virtually no downtime.

A combustible battery nail gun (2) uses a rechargeable battery and a fuel canister to create combustible forces that drive nails. This type of nail gun is typically more powerful than cordless electric nail guns. However, they’re less popular since they need charged batteries, spark plugs and fuel canisters.

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