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Best Carpenters Tool Belt in Australia [Top 4 Picks 2023]

Tool belts are the ultimate tradie accessory. These carry all companions are a necessity for any carpenter, builder, engineer or electrician, and they are even super helpful for the serious home handyman.

The best tool belt for carpenters favours functionality over aesthetic and improves workflow and efficiency. But what makes the best nylon or leather tool belt? We explore the different options and how they stack up against the competitors. Now all you need to do is choose which one is right for you.

Best Overall

Bucket Boss – AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders

Bucket Boss is a long-standing brand renowned for producing high-quality tool belts. The AirLift is an all-in-one tool belt with suspenders and caters for taller and larger men with an infinity belt that can be adjusted to a 52” waist using thick steel grommets.

Best Carpenters Tool Belt – Buying Guide

The best tool belts are designed to be thrown around and have sharp tools stowed away daily, so when deciding on a tool belt, the first thing to consider is the durability of the construction, what material it’s made from, and whether it suits your needs.

A few other considerations when selecting a new tool belt:

Close up of man wearing carpenters tool belt at work

Construction materials – Consider whether leather or nylon is best for your requirements and job. Regardless of your choice, if you care for it correctly and the construction is sturdy, it should be with you for a long time.

Fit and comfort – Because you’ll be wearing the tool belt all day, you should consider the empty weight of the tool belt and whether it’s built for comfort. Looking for things such as padding, even weight distribution when filled with tools, and harness strap thickness and quality are all important to overall comfort.

Waist size – This is unique to you, but it’s essential to pay attention to the minimum and maximum size range the tool belt offers so you can ensure it’s the right fit. Waist size is usually measured in inches, the same as pants.

Knowing which is the best tool belt for homeowner will help you find the right belt for you.

Pockets – You know best how you’ll be using the tool belt, so checking the number of pockets, the depth and the durability will be critical to ensuring you choose the right bag for your job.

Design – Tool belts come in two main configurations: harness and waist belt. Which one is best comes down to personal preference, unless your job dictates a specific style.

A man wearing Tools Belt in Australia

Wearing a tool belt increases efficiency and effectiveness in any workplace, and it’s just as important as the tools it carries. We’ve worked hard to whittle down the competition to the top four best tool belts so you can make an easy and informed decision when making your next purchase.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Bucket Boss – AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders
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MagnoGrip 12-Pocket Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt-min
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Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set-min
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STANLEY Leather Nail and Hammer Pouch-min
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Let’s Have A Look in Detail One By One

1. Bucket Boss – AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders – Best Overall

Why we love it:

  • We really dig the adjustable belt size and suspender system. It allows the tool belt to be customised for different working situations and requirements. The use of 600 denier poly ripstop fabric means this rig will last for years to come and feels sturdy and durable, which is precisely what we’ve come to expect from Bucket Boss products.

Bucket Boss is long-standing brand renowned for producing high-quality tool belts. The AirLift is an all-in-one tool belt with suspenders and caters for taller and larger men with an infinity belt that can be adjusted to a 52” waist using thick steel grommets.

Designed with reinforced barrel-bottom pouches ensures no tools or nails slip out while working, plus they provide extra carrying capacity and can be easily repositioned on the belt for maximum work efficiency. Apart from the oversized pouches, it also comes with a steel hammer holder and an additional loop for other long-handled tools.

The suspender system can be easily detached, and the belt can be used independently of the suspenders. Even so, the chest strap coupled with the suspenders makes for a comfortable experience when on the job site.

2. MagnoGrip 12-Pocket Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt

Why we love it:

  • This unique tool belt is probably the best tool belt for carpenters. You’ll barely notice the 454g weight of the tool belt because it feels so comfortable to wear. Plus, it fits from 31’’ through to a 49’’ waistline. While the features and superior construction are sure winner’s in our book, what won us over is the absolute bargain price point. You can’t go wrong with this tool belt by your side.

Sick and tired of nails and bolts falling out of your tool belt? Never fear, MagnoGrip is here! This innovative brand manufactures high-quality magnetic workwear, so you’ll never be another screw loose.

This 12-pocket tool belt has been reinforced with rivets at crucial stress points for increased durability, and the double-layered 1680D ballistic polyester ensures a sturdy yet lightweight piece of equipment. Ballistic polyester has been developed for unrivaled abrasion resistance and maximum durability. Its original intended purpose was to create an anti-fragmentation ballistic jacket to protect military personnel [1].

The innovative design is embedded with strategically placed magnets that secure screws, bolts, nails, drill bits, and other metal tools in the belt. 

This magnetic carpenter’s tool belt will also keep your hammer secure and allows you to store tools on the outside of the pocket for super easy access. However, the 12 pockets are decently sized, and you’ll no longer need to have the best nail bags as an addition to your tool belt because this all-in-one has got you covered.

3. Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

Why we love it:

  • Backed by the Occidental Leather brand, this tool belt looks great and feels great to wear. The empty bag weight is a comfortable 458g which doesn’t add very much to the overall load weight when full. 

    There’s also an option to purchase a separate harness that matches the bag to increase overall comfort. It does have a pretty steep price, but you’re sure to have this tool belt for a career or a lifetime if you look after it.

Occidental Leather has been manufacturing tool belts since 1980, and they put a strong focus on design and functionality by combining 19th-century craftsmanship with 21st-century manufacturing techniques and processes.

A well-made tool belt for production carpenters featuring a solid and hard-working combination of light nylon and leather, this tool belt offers the ultimate performance with a comfortable design.

The tool belt is made with the patented leather Fat Lip design, which helps keep the pockets formed, open, and protects against scuffs and damage. The belt has also been manufactured with impressive ten-inch deep industrial nylon bags reinforced with a leather bottom and leather corners. 

Now, let’s get to the important part, pockets! The signature design of this tool bag ensures no tool will be left behind; with 24 individual pockets, there’s a spot for everything. In addition to the multiple tool holders, there’s also a 2-in1 tool and hammer holder at the rear of the belt.

The Adjust-To-Fit system caters for adjustments from waist sizes 32″ to 41″. The belt is constructed from high-density neoprene, resilient commercial nylon, and full-grain leather trim and support.

4. STANLEY Leather Nail and Hammer Pouch

Why we love it:

  • They say good things come in small packages, and this tool belt lives up to the idiom. We love this pouch for use around the home or as an addition to an existing tool belt set-up.

    Those looking for a professional option for the worksite may find that it doesn’t have enough space to carry everything. Although, still well priced and a great option if you need a simple tool bag without any bells and whistles. Also good if you’re looking for the best nail bags as opposed to a full tool belt.

This leather tool belt is made from high-grade professional buffalo leather and is reinforced in stress points to ensure long-lasting performance on the job. As the name suggests, this is a pouch instead of an entire tool belt, but it doesn’t forgo the convenience offered by some of the other competitors.

It has a wide belt slot, so you can easily add it to any belt you currently have available. Plus, the pockets offer convenient and fast access to all of your tools, and the integrated metal hammer loop is a sure winner in our books.

This functional tool belt is a great option for small to medium-sized projects or if you only need a small selection of tools and nails on a work site. It’s also a great addition to any existing tool belt set if you’re looking for an upgrade.

The Verdict

For the price, quality, convenience, and easy customisation, the Bucket Boss – AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders is our number one pick for the best tool belt for carpenters. The additional weight of the harness, still only 1.5kg in total, is offset by the highly comfortable straps and belt, and it seems to fit like a glove.
If you’re looking for the best budget option but with a unique difference, the MagnoGrip 12-Pocket Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt is a great option. Never lose your cool over a lost screw again. This bag will keep you organised on site.


We suggest opting for a tool belt that allows for one size larger than your current pant size. For example, if you are size 32” pants, then sizing up to a 34” tool belt will give you the extra room required to add on pouches and fit around your pants properly.

A nylon tool belt, without any leather trimming or reinforcements, can be thrown straight into the washing machine with the laundry.

Because leather is porous, you need to take more care when cleaning it. Start by using a soft brush vacuum to suck up any debris, and then used a soft-bristled brush with a gentle soap to build up a lather and work off any dirt or stains, then let it dry out completely.

Once dry, you can use leather oil or conditioner to nourish the leather and keep it in peak condition. [1]

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