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Best Brush Cutter Australia (2023 Buyers Guide)

Have trouble keeping the brush in your garden manageable? Is unwanted brush making your garden unkept? Keeping your garden tidy can be a real chore, especially when the weather gets warmer and everything springs into life. Rather than letting everything become overgrown, why not invest in a petrol or electric brush cutter instead? 

Choosing the best brush cutter Australia has to offer is straightforward when you check out our handy buyers guide and recommended products – take a look now and purchase yours today.

Best Overall

Metabo FSD Cordless Brush Cutter

Our favourite choice for consumers is the Metabo FSD Cordless Brush Cutter. It has a D handle for ease of use and is a quiet model that can work even in the tightest spaces. It makes use of a nylon line that’s can be adjusted at speed by simply tapping the head of the spool.

Best Brush Cutter Reviews Australia

Even when you know all the important factors to look for, it can still be hard deciding which brush cutter to buy. To help, we’ve shared four great options that may be suitable for your needs – check them out now.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Metabo FSD Cordless Brush Cutter
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Best on a budget Best on a budget EGO BCA1200 Multi Function Brush Cutter Attachment
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STIHL FS 250 Professional 2-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter
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EGO BCX3800 56V Cordless Brush Cutter
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Best Brush Cutter – Buyers Guide

Before you purchase a new brush cutter, take the time to find out how to get the best tool for all your needs. Our buyer’s guide explains the factors that you need to consider and will help you know what to look for.

Fuel and Power Options

When it comes to power, you can choose a petrol brush cutter (1) or one that is powered by electric or battery. Petrol cutters are often more powerful and great for anyone that uses a brush cutter frequently or has a heavy duty job that needs to be completed.

Electric and battery brush cutters are more frequently used by home gardeners who need access to a tool that can be used when they need to clear smaller patches

Corded or Cordless

Picking between a corded and cordless brush cutter depends on where you want to use your new tool and whether you are happy to wait for it to be charged between uses? Many users like the idea of a cordless option as it can be used across a wide space without the restriction of a wire.

Checking the Stihl fs 38 review can let you know its features with pros & cons.

Cordless options are powered with battery packs, making them safe to use and stopping any risk of electric shock (2). Corded versions come with long wires and have protective features that shut off your electrical sockets if the wire gets cut by accident.

When To Use a Brush Cutter

Once you have chosen your brush cutter, you will need to know when it can and can’t be used. Brush cutters are most often used to cut back overgrown grass, strim lawn edges or clear uneven ground. However, they can also be used to clear dense brush or even woody brambles.

An electric brush cutter on the grass

Nylon Wire or Bladed Brush Cutter?

Brush cutters either come with a fixed cutting solution or offer a changeable head. If you purchase a fixed tool then you will need to choose between a nylon wire or a blade. Nylon line brush cutters are mostly used for grass trimming and removing soft plants. Blades are the best choice when you have dense areas that need to be cleared or when the plants are woody and tough.

Looking After Your Brush Cutter

No matter which make or model you decide to buy, keeping your new brush cutter in good working order is essential. Start by cleaning your cutter every time you use it and store it in a dark dry place – this will help to stop it from becoming corroded.

It’s also important to check the brush cutter over on a regular basis, making sure that all the components are in good working order.

1. Metabo FSD Cordless Brush Cutter (Best Overall)


Our favourite choice for consumers is the Metabo FSD Cordless Brush Cutter. It has a D handle for ease of use and is a quiet model that can work even in the tightest spaces. It makes use of a nylon line that’s can be adjusted at speed by simply tapping the head of the spool.

It is cordless and the power pack has 18 volts and a long run time, making it great for commercial or domestic use. It’s seriously comfy to hold as the handles are made from runner and there are safety switches in place to help you avoid accidents when it is in use.

If you are looking for a brush cutter and have an EGO Power Multi Tool then there is a great attachment you can add that will provide you with a brush cutter solution. The EGO BCA1200 Multi Function Brush Cutter Attachment has a 30cm blade that can handle even the toughest of jobs and will cut through and prune plants and long grass.

It works in an anti-clockwise motion and has an IPX4 water resistance which will protect it from corrosion and damage. The multi tool system is cordless and you can power it up with the battery packs, giving you the best flexibility and coverage possible.

If you have a large outdoor space and want a traditional-style brush cutter that is powered by petrol then the STIHL FS 250 Professional 2-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter will not let you down! It’s more expensive than some of the other models available but it is lightweight and comfortable to handle, great when you have a lot of cutting to get through.

It has a two stroke engine and an anti-vibration function that allows you to operate it for longer. It also has a compensator fitted that will help to get the right amount of fuel to the engine, even when the filters begin to clog up. It weighs just 6kg and has quick adjust handles that will help you to work for as long as you need.

Our final product is perfect for pros as it has been designed to offer the most comfortable usage even for long periods of time and is powered by battery for an odourless output. The EGO BCX3800 56V Cordless Brush Cutter comes with a 30cm cutting blade and also has a line trimmer head as well as anti-vibration function to improve your comfort while you work.

The shaft is made from carbon fibre and the tool come with an IPX5 water resistance level, allowing you to work even if there is light rain or other poor weather conditions. You can purchase as many battery packs as you like too, giving you the option to work for longer without having to wait for charging time.

It also comes with a full, 1-year commercial warranty, helping you to have the most trust in the tool and ensuring that any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

The Verdict – Brush Cutter Reviews

When it comes to picking out our top choice, the Metabo FSD cordless brush cutter is the easy winner. Not only is it powerful and hard working but it offers a quiet output and can be used even in the tightest spaces. If you want a versatile solution that you can trust, this is the product to buy!

We also think that the EGO BCA1200 Multi Function Brush Cutter Attachment is the perfect solution for anyone with the EGO Power Multi Tool. It is powerful yet simple to use and easily attaches and detaches as and when you need it.

Whether you want a cheap brush cutter or something more complex, it is important that you have the answers you need before you buy. We’ve shared some of the commonly asked questions and answers below to help.

Frequently Asked Questions – Brush Cutter Australia

Heavy duty brush cutters tend to be needed when you are a professional gardener with lots of strimming and cutting to be done or when you have dense or woody clearance to complete. Heavy duty brush cutters are typically more expensive than lighter use options but will make short work of most jobs!

A 4 stroke brush cutter is a tool that has a four stroke engine. Four stroke engines work with an internal combustion motor that has a piston that can complete four separate strokes, offering a more powerful engine and better results.

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