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The Best Blower Vacuum in Australia (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

Keeping your garden tidy can feel like a never-ending task, especially when autumn comes around and your once perfect lawn is piled with decaying leaves and twigs. 

Rather than the time consuming task of sweeping and raking up the leaves, weeds and grass cuttings, why not treat your home to a much more effective, and fun, blower vac instead? 

Simple to use and time-saving, the best blower vacuum in Australia is easy to find when you trust our buyer’s guide and reviews. Check them out now!

Best Overall

Dewalt DCV100 XR Cordless Compact Jobsite Blower

This option is not just great for job sites and gardens but it is compact and lightweight at just 1.3KG and is easily transported from one site to another.

The Best Blower Vacuum Reviews Australia

To help you find the right tool for your needs, we’ve compiled the best blower vac reviews for you to read so that you can get the right product the first time. Take a look at our top four choices now.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Dewalt DCV100 XR Cordless Compact Jobsite Blower
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget Katana 18V Cordless Blower
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Makita BHX2500V Petrol Blower Kit
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Metabo LB 18 LTX 18V 5.5Ah Cordless Leaf Blower Kit
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How to Choose the Best Blower Vacuum?

When you are keen to buy a new blower vacuum but don’t know how to pick from the wide range available then there are some key considerations that you will need to follow. We’ve shared the pointers that will help you below, allowing you to get the best garden blower vacuum for your individual needs.

Work Out What You Want From Your Garden Vac

One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether you need a tool that can blow, vacuum or do both. A blower is good for people who just want to clear paths but don’t want to collect up the items they blow off the paths. A vacuum is ideal for people who want to clear an area of debris, making your garden look neater.

Ease of Use

The next thing you’ll need to decide upon is how easy you need your new device to be. Many people opt for a tool that blows and vacuums as you can work quickly and efficiently to gather all the leaves and other garden waste into one pile and then turn on the vacuum function to collect it all up quickly. However, you can just choose to invest in one that just blows or just vacuums although we wouldn’t recommend it.

Storage Capacity

man blowing leaves down the stairs with a vacuum blower

Garden vacuums typically come with a collection bag that attaches to the machine so that you can suck up all the debris and then empty it in a bin or compost heap when you are ready. As with most things, not all storage bags were created equally and it is important to check out the collection capacity of the one that interests you so that you don’t spend all day emptying and reattaching the bag.

Looking for the best petrol vs electric leaf blower vacuum in Australia? We’ve briefly discussed both options with pros & cons which will help you to choose one for your needs.

Power Options

Depending on your budget and individual taste, there are three main ways to power your new blower vac – petrol, electric or battery. Petrol options tend to be the most powerful choice and will work hard to get the job done quickly, making them great for larger areas.

Electric blower vacs need a power source to plug into and can often be less powerful than their petrol counterparts, however, they are ideal for domestic users with a small space to work with. Finally, if you want a cordless option then a battery-operated blower vac may work for you. Each battery will come with a typical run time and you will need to charge it between uses.

Our top choice and best recommendation is the Dewalt DCV100 XR Cordless Compact Jobsite Blower. This option is not just great for job sites and gardens but it is compact and lightweight at just 1.3KG and is easily transported from one site to another. 

It is battery-operated and comes with an XR Li-Ion battery that you will need to charge before use. If you are planning to use it on a regular basis then we’d recommend buying an additional battery pack so that you can switch between them to prolong your usage time. 

In terms of power, this device is 18V and offers 18,000 RPM fan speed as well as 80 m/s of airspeed, making each job that much easier to complete. It comes with added safety features such as a lock on the switch, low noise and less than 2.5 m/s2 of vibration on your arms and hands when in use. It is a great option for anyone that needs a blower vac they can really trust.

This is one of the best cordless blower vacuum australia that you can find for the amount of money. It’s going to have the best features,such as the battery that it powers it, the motor and the intensely high speeds that it produces and the low noise that it has. Making it truly one of the best overall choices out of this list and the entire market for that matter.

2. Katana 18V Cordless Blower (Best on a Budget)


Finding a blower vac that is easy on your wallet but packs a punch doesn’t need to be impossible. The Katana 18V (1) Cordless Blower is a great, cordless choice that will work hard from the moment your battery is charged and ready to go!

It is designed for clearing up leaves and grass cuttings but you can also use it in workshops or garages when you want to get rid of dust and debris that has built up over time. It offers a velocity of 60m/s and air volume of 3mm per minute.

It’s a lightweight option that makes it simple to hold for longer periods of time and is simple to store when not in use. It’s also worth considering if you live in a built-up area as it runs quieter than a petrol option, making it less annoying for your neighbours.

If you want a cordless blower vac that packs a punch then the petrol-powered Makita BHX2500V Petrol Blower Kit is well worth considering. It is an MM4 model which means that you won’t need to mix any oil and petrol and it comes with low emissions, making it safer for you and the environment.

It weighs in at 4.5kg, making it a heavier option but this gives it the power you need to clear large areas at speed. It is also a low-noise option, with just over 88dB being emitted when in use, keeping your ears safe and not disturbing others too much when you work.

This device comes with a range of additions that include a 35-litre collection bag, two extension pipes, a sweeper pipe, a box wrench set and a vac attachment. It is ideal for anyone who is serious about clearing up and makes a great starter solution, saving you the hassle of having to source the additional components.

Our final choice is another cordless option that comes as part of a kit, helping you to get everything you need in one go. The blower comes with a blowing tube, a comfortable and padded shoulder strap and a 5.5Ah battery as well as a battery charger.

You can adjust to air velocity on this model which means you can achieve the ideal power in all situations. It’s a powerful model that gives you the ability to clear up leaves and dirt from pathways as well as helping you to clear out work spaces such as garages and sheds.

It weighs just 2.5kg and comes with a slim design that makes it easy to use even in smaller areas. Its lightweight nature doesn’t stop it from working hard and its brushless design provides you with a motor that will work for many years to come. Finally, it is a quiet option that boasts eco-friendly credentials, making it the ideal choice for all locations and needs.

The Verdict – Best Blower Vac in Australia

Choosing the best option from our blower vac reviews wasn’t an easy task but we felt that the Dewalt DCV100 XR Cordless Compact Jobsite Blower just beat the other competitions to the top spot. It’s compact, lightweight and versatile as well as being a low-noise (2) option that won’t irritate your neighbours. When you want the best cordless vacuum in Australia, you won’t go far wrong with this one!

However, the Katana 18V Cordless Blower is also worth considering, especially if you want to keep your expenditure to a minimum! It’s battery-operated and lightweight, but this doesn’t stop it from being a powerful choice that will work hard for you. It’s clear that whether you want the best petrol or best electric blower vac in Australia, our top two choices will be perfect for the majority of users.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Blower Vac

There’s always a chance that your blower vac will become blocked if you try to suck up wet, compacted items or piles of debris that are mixed with earth. To avoid this happening, it is always best to use your blower vac on a dry day.

Taking care of your blower vac collection bag is important, especially when you want your investment to last! The best way to do this is to avoid overfilling the bag by emptying it regularly and by washing it out once you have finished using it. You can turn it inside out and hang it up in your garage or shed to dry so that it is ready to use again next time.

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