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The Best Belt Sander in Australia (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

A belt sander is an extremely useful tool to have in your toolbox, letting you smooth edges in a safe and effective way. 

Keen to invest in a new belt sander but can’t pick from the huge number of available options? Then we have the information you need. 

Our buyer’s guide will provide you with hints and tips to use when planning your purchase and when looking at tools and our recommended product list will give you some excellent options to choose from, saving you from hours of in-store browsing. 

Keep reading and the best belt sander in Australia will soon be on its way to you.

Best Overall

Metaltech Belt and Disc Sander

If you want to know which product is our favourite overall then the Metaltech Belt and Disc Sander is where it’s at! This device has a 10 Amp plug and offers a 240-volt motor that can complete all your work to a high standard.

Belt Sander Reviews Australia

Now you have a clear idea of what bench sanders can and can’t do, take a look at our four recommendations to help you find a product that will fit well with your needs!

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Metaltech Belt and Disc Sander
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget Makita M9400B Corded Belt Sander
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Mighty Seven QB313 Air Belt Sander
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Metabo BAE Belt Sander
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How to Choose the Best Belt Sander?

Before you splash the cash, you will need to learn as much as possible about belt sanders so that you end up with the right make and model for your needs. There is a lot to take into consideration (1) and we have shared some of the most important points to help you get to grips with everything. 

Why Do I Need a Belt Sander?

Belt sanders can be used for a wide range of projects, both professional and DIY, making them a valuable tool in anyone’s workshop. Typically you will see them used for woodwork projects such as flooring, doors and kitchen fitting but they can also be an asset when you are renovating items that need to be carefully sanded first. Belt sanders are also great at saving you time, helping you to speed up the process of sanding and get a better finish than if you had done it by hand.

Cheap Belt Sander, Expensive or Something In-Between?

Budget will always be important when picking out new tools and unless you need a new belt sander for work purposes then there is often little need to pay over the odds for the most expensive model. However, beware of brands and offers that are far cheaper than other options as they are often poor quality, with no recourse when things go wrong. Before you begin to shop, work out your available budget and then look in that area to find the best product for your price.

A Belt Sander working on a piece of wood on the floor

Handheld or Benchtop Belt Sander?

Choosing between a handheld and a benchtop sander can be frustrating as they both offer great features. A benchtop version requires you to take the materials that need sanding to the machine and are often bigger and more robust, helping you with all your needs.

Do bunnings have a good range of belt sanders?

A hand held belt sander is a portable tool that you can take to your materials, but they are often more lightweight, which may mean they are not suitable for the most difficult jobs. However, they are more versatile and can get to places that a benchtop version can’t.

The Features You Need to Look for

When you’ve decided on the type of belt sander that you want, it is important to look for the features that you need. These include:

  • Power Options – the greater the power, the quicker the job and the better the result.
  • Sizing – belt sanders come in a number of different sizes and you need to choose the size that best fits your ongoing needs. Remember that the width of the belt is another vital component too, especially when you want to use it for an ongoing project.
  • Speed – fast sanding helps you to get on with the job but it is also important to look for a model that offers different speed settings to help with more complicated jobs.
  • Dust Collection – having a good dust port is the difference between having to constantly sweep up and not! Different belt sanders come with different options, but picking the best dust port will save you hours of tidying!

1. Metaltech Belt and Disc Sander (Best Overall)


If you want to know which product is our favourite overall then the Metaltech Belt and Disc Sander is where it’s at! This device has a 10 Amp plug and offers a 240-volt motor that can complete all your work to a high standard.

It comes with a cast iron base for added strength and the belt table is versatile and movable, giving you horizontal and vertical sanding access. There is also a special function to make changing the belt easy and quick too.

The belt is 100 x 914mm and the machine weighs 19.5kg, however, it does also come with a disc sander, giving you a 2-in-1 solution. The disc size is 150mm and can be used for a range of jobs, making this belt sander a worthwhile investment.

2. Makita M9400B Corded Belt Sander (Best on a Budget)


Finding a cost-effective belt sander that can withstand vigorous use is not as hard as you may think, especially when you choose the Makita M9400B Corded Belt Sander. This device comes with a belt that is 100 x 610mm and offers sanding speeds of up to 380m per minute.

It has a 940W motor and comes with a step that you can attach as well as offering a flush-to-wall design for sanding. It weighs around 6kg and the power cord is 2m long, making it simple to plug into your workshop or shed power sockets without needing an extension.

This set comes with the belt sander, a high-quality abrasive belt, a dust bag (2) and a carbon plate, providing you with everything you need to get started.

Finding a quality pneumatic belt sander is simple when you pick the Mighty Seven QB313 Air Belt Sander! It has a belt that is 30mmx540mm and offers a free speed of 13000 RPM! It is made from quality materials that can be easily maintained, helping you to prolong the life of your new tool.

It weighs around 2.4kg, has a vibration level of 1.2m/s2 and gives off 81dB of sound when in use. Ultimately, if you need a high-spec option and have the budget to cover it, the Mighty Seven M7-QB313 Air Belt Sander is hard to beat.

The Metabo BAE Belt Sander is a great choice of sander that offers brilliant results and comes with VTC electronics that allow you to customise the speed of the sander depending on the material you are working with.

There is a side handle that helps you to get a precision finish and you can attach it to the accompanying stand if you want it to be a benchtop sander, or leave it off for a handheld device instead. There is even the option to connect a vacuum cleaner to the device to help you keep dust and mess to a minimum.

The device comes with a dust bag, a suction adaptor, a stand, a wrench and a length guide, all aimed at helping you get the results you need. It’s also a decent price, making it accessible to a wider audience than similar but more expensive models.

The Verdict – Best Sander Review

When it comes down to selecting the best belt sander, we have to pick the Metaltech Belt and Disc Sander. It’s a 2-in-1 belt and disc sander that is heavy-duty and adjustable. The powerful motor provides the finish you need and the easy belt replacement makes it simple to switch to a new belt whenever you need to.

The Makita M9400B Corded Belt Sander is also well worth considering, especially if you are on a budget and need a device that you can plug in and use straight away. There are some great features on this model, giving you a belt sander that will perform well time and time again.

Don’t get caught out buying a small belt sander when you need a large one or investing in a beginner’s device when you are a pro! Check out the most commonly asked questions so that you don’t make a mistake when you purchase yours.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bench Belt Sander Options

A cordless belt sander is better for some people than a corded one, but they are both good tools for sanding wood. If you are looking for an easy way to sand wood, a cordless belt sander may be just what you need. It requires less effort to use, making it easier on your back, wrists, or arms while also making it harder for you to get tangled in it.

Belt sanders are sold as a tool that should be used on wood but this doesn’t mean that they cannot be used on other materials too. Ultimately, it depends on the type of belt that is attached to your sander and what it has been designed to do that will give you a clearer idea of the materials you can use it on.

Remember if you use your belt sander on a material that is not listed on the instructions then any warranty you have will be invalidated.

This is a great question that confuses many people but in short, a benchtop and stationary belt sander are exactly the same things! You will see the terms used interchangeably but they both refer to a sander that has been fixed before it can be used as opposed to a handheld sander.

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