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Best Beach Tent Australia [2023 Buyers Guide]

Spending a day at the beach is both fun and relaxing, allowing you to enjoy nature at its finest with the people you care most about. But sometimes there can be a wind blowing in off the sea which kicks up sand, or harsh sun beating down which can be an issue especially if you have young children. 

If you are looking for shelter for your trip, then you are in luck as we have found the best beach tent in Australia for you to buy, as well as a number of other great options to consider. Take a look at our suggestions, and then buy your tent today!

Best Overall

NXONE XL Pop Up Beach Tent

If you dream of a beach cabana Australia but your budget won’t stretch, then the NXONE XL tent is a great alternative, especially if you have a large family or want a space to stretch out and relax. The key dimensions of the tent are 99”W x 59”L x 55”H, showing that you can get a large family tent without breaking the bank!

How to Choose the Best Beach Tent Australia?

When it comes to choosing the best beach tent in Australia, there are a number of factors that you first need to consider. Take a look at our list of must-haves so that you end up with the best product:

man sleeping inside a blue tent on the beach

UV Sun Shelter

One of the most important considerations is the UV rating of your new beach tent. Failing to get a tent with a high UV rating leaves you and your loved ones exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Take the time to check that the option you pick is safe and protective so that you can stay on the beach for even longer than you thought!

Portable Beach Shelters

The very nature of a beach sun shade is that it is simple to put up when you arrive and take down when you leave. When you are looking for the best one for you, take a look at the instructions to get an estimated set up time so that you can see if it will work for your needs. If there is no specified setup time, then you can look at the instructions to get a sense of how hard it will be to complete.

What are the 3 Brands of beach tents you can buy at kmart? Check our list to find more.

Pop Up Beach Tents

If you don’t need a huge beach tent, then you may want to consider a pop up beach shelter instead, as it is simple to put up and can be used within minutes of arriving on the beach. Pop up options are great if you want a space for your kit or for little ones that you want to keep out of the sun, but they don’t typically come in a large enough option to fit the whole family!

drone view of people on an australian beach

Best Sized Beach Tents

Finally, when you are searching for your new beach tent, think about the size you need so that you have ample space for everyone. Plus, it’s worth checking out what storage pockets come with the tent so that your items don’t get lost on the beach or buried in the sand when you are off having fun!

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall NXONE XL Pop Up Beach Tent
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Best for Young Children Best for Young Children Senodeer Baby Beach Tent
see price on amazon
Best for Families Best for Families Neso Tents Gigante
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The Best Beach Tents in Australia – Check Out Our Beach Shelter Reviews

If you dream of a beach cabana Australia but your budget won’t stretch, then the NXONE XL tent is a great alternative, especially if you have a large family or want a space to stretch out and relax. The key dimensions of the tent are 99”W x 59”L x 55”H, showing that you can get a large family tent without breaking the bank! 

It pops up for simple installation and is secured with poles that ensure sturdiness and durability. The tent also comes with guy lines and stakes for maximum protection, making it the ideal choice for an all-year-round solution. The tent has been designed to offer a simple setup and takedown and has grey handles that you simply push or pull to open or close the tent, leaving you with a ready to use or store tent.

The tent is waterproof, windproof and has an extendable floor that you can use to soak up some sun when it suits you. There are also three windows that offer ventilation so that you can breathe in the sea air as you get lost in a book. When you want some quiet time or privacy, simply zip up the extendable floor to act as a privacy door for you and your loved ones.

Keeping everyone’s skin safe is bound to be high on your list of priorities, and the 50+ UPF rating will help to reassure you that when you are in the tent, the sun can’t damage your skin. The inside of the tent is coated with a silver covering to ensure that no UVA rays can get to you as well as mesh covers for the windows to let the light and air in without causing anyone to get sunburn.

2. Senodeer Baby Beach Tent – Best For Young Children

If you are looking for a beach tent that will protect your little one only, then the baby beach tent by Senodeer is well worth considering. It is a small popup solution that can be ready to use within seconds of choosing your spot on the beach.

The great thing about this tent is that it also comes with a built-in pool so that your baby can join in with all the fun and keep cool on the hottest days. It is designed to look like a shark and is interesting and inviting for little ones to enjoy.

When it comes to protecting your child, the material that is used to create the tent is UV protective and has been designed with a fully enclosed back section so that your little one doesn’t get accidentally burned when the sun moves across the sky. 

Once you have installed the tent and added the water to the little pool, you can be certain that your child will be safe as it is completely wind resistant. To achieve this, the tent comes with four ultra-strong pegs that need to be driven down into the sand to anchor it correctly.

When it is time to go home, you simply need to empty the pool and twist and secure the tent in its handy carry bag – then throw it in your boot, ready to use again and again.

3. Neso Tents Gigante – Best For Families

When you want to enjoy a day with all your friends and family, why not choose the Neso beach tent that is 8ft tall and 11 ft wide! This option is more like a canopy, but it does provide a large space for everyone to shelter and enjoy the beach safely.

When it comes to installing this beast of a tent, you will need to drive the poles down into the sand for maximum security. You can also further protect the tent by using sand or beach rocks to anchor it on a windy day. The tent is made from high quality materials and offers 98% protection from harmful UV rays.

This style of tent is very popular with beachgoers as its open design means that surfboards, tables, chairs and other equipment can also be stored inside. If you want to enjoy a freshly cooked meal, you can even set up a BBQ just outside the tent, leaving you safely secured inside away from the sun – this is made possible as the open nature of the tent safely removes fumes and smoke.

The Verdict – Which Beach Tent Should You Choose?

When it comes to picking the best beach tent for your needs, we would have to choose the NXONE XL Pop Up Beach Tent as it fits a family of up to four people and offers the versatility you need to enjoy the beach to the max. It also offers great value for money so that your trips to the beach don’t break the bank!

However, an honourable mention needs to be given to the Neso Tents Gigante as it is a highly versatile solution for anyone that likes to visit the beach in a large group and wants to have excellent protection from the sun.

tent right on the beach with ocean and sunrise

Check Out The Most Frequently Asked Beach Tent Questions

Ultraviolet Radiation or UV is the energy that is created by the sun and can cause cancer when you expose your skin for too long. UV ratings are given to products to tell you how long you can enjoy protection from the sun’s harmful rays when you use it. The higher the rating, the better the protection! (1)

Many people think that they need to treat their tent every time they go to the beach, but this is not true. If your beach tent has a low UV rating, then you may want to treat it before use, and it is worth topping up the protective layer at the start of each season so that you can be confident that you and your loved ones are as safe as possible. (2)

When the beach season comes to an end or when you aren’t planning on heading to the beach for a couple of weeks, it is sensible to store your beach tent safely so that it doesn’t get damaged. Beach tents can be stored in most locations, but it is always best to find a cool, dark place so that it doesn’t get damaged or discoloured.

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