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Best Battery Whipper Snipper Australia (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

We understand that keeping your garden at its best requires a lot of effort and a keen eye for detail. Do you find your lawnmower simply just can’t do the things you need when you start tidying up the garden?

From edging lawns, trimming back weeds and clearing the ground, investing in the best battery whipper snipper you can find will help you achieve your goal. 

We’ve shared some key information to help you get the look you need as well as four of the products to choose from – take a look and get your garden looking better than ever before!

Best Overall

STIHL FSA Cordless AutoCut Compact Grass Line Trimmer Kit

We are always looking for a whipper snipper that offers a lightweight solution that is as powerful as possible and the STIHL FSA Cordless AutoCut Compact Grass Line Trimmer Kit doesn’t disappoint.

Battery Powered Whipper Snipper Reviews

Now you know what you are looking for, why not consider one of these four models? Each battery whipper snipper review will share pertinent information to help you make a purchasing decision so that you can spend more time in the garden with your new device.

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall STIHL FSA Cordless AutoCut Compact Grass Line Trimmer Kit
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget Dewalt 18V XR Cordless Brushless Split Shaft Line Trimmer
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Hikoki CG36DB Cordless Line Trimmer
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Makita DUR368LPT2 Cordless Brushless Loop Handle Line Trimmer Kit
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Best Battery Whipper Snipper in Australia – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best battery-powered whipper snipper requires a good working knowledge of the unit and a clear understanding of what you need from your new tool. We’ve shared some of the key things you should know and think about before you invest – giving you the best chance of success with your new whipper snipper.

Weight of Your Battery Whipper Snipper

One of the first things you need to think about is the weight of your new whipper snipper. There are heavy and lightweight battery whipper snipper models, with many people preferring something that they can hold for long periods of time. 

Before you buy, think about how tough the job is that you need your tool to complete and then get a whipper snipper that is designed to achieve it, remembering that the lightest models are often only good for occasional use.

Reading the Ryobi battery whipper snipper review can be helpful if you are going to buy it.

How Much Charging Time Will Your Whipper Snipper Need?

A battery-operated (1) whipper snipper with blades will require charging before use, meaning that you need to plan your gardening work so that you don’t end up running out of power before you finish the job. Make sure you know how long your battery lasts and how long it takes to charge to help you plan effectively.

Spare Battery Options

If you are going to be using your new whipper snipper for work on a regular basis then you may want to consider investing in a spare battery pack that can be charging as you use your other battery in the device. Most suppliers will sell replacement or additional batteries, making it easy to keep working for longer.

battery of an electric whipper snipper

Most Powerful Battery Whipper Snipper

Another important consideration when picking a new whipper snipper is to look at how powerful the model is. You can work this out by reading up on what it can be used for. Smaller, less powerful choices are ideal for lawn edging and some weed removal and more powerful options can be used to clear thick beds of weeds, long grass and brush. When you know what you need it to do, you can then select the power level that works for you.

Does Noise Level Matter?

All tools emit some level of noise but if you live in a built-up area or plan to use your new tool on a regular basis then it is worth looking for a model that works quietly. Quieter whipper snippers will reduce the impact on your ears and keep the neighbours happy, meaning that you can work for longer without interruption.

Are Accessories Included?

From a carry strap to replacement handles, most whipper snippers will offer different accessories. It’s always a good idea to read up on what is included to get an idea of what you may need before you make a final decision. Common inclusions are strimming lines, safety guards and carry straps (2).

We are always looking for a whipper snipper that offers a lightweight solution that is as powerful as possible and the STIHL FSA Cordless AutoCut Compact Grass Line Trimmer Kit doesn’t disappoint. This whipper snipper weighs just over 2.5kg and is easy to hold and manoeuvre for a long time without your arms becoming fatigued. 

It’s been designed for gardens that are medium to large in size and can cut through weeds, brush and grass as well as offering an excellent edging option for your lawns. In terms of safety, this whipper snipper comes with a guard attached, helping you to avoid flying debris when you work.

Perhaps the best thing about this device is that the AK battery will fit other AK cordless tools by STIHL, giving you greater freedom to work whenever you need to. You simply plug it in for 95 minutes to get it fully charged and ready to go. If used with an AK10, you can expect 25 minutes of power from a single charge, 50 from an AK20 and 60 from an AK30.

This whipper snipper comes with a powerful motor that can easily cut through thick overgrowth, weeds and brush with a 36cm swath. This means excellent results at speed, perfect for anyone that has some high jobs to tackle.

It comes with a patented spool that is quick to load and houses a Dewalt twisted line that can cut through all of your garden problems. It’s also less than 3.5kg which makes it easy to hold for longer and the adjustable handle is designed to give you ultimate comfort as you work.

The 5Ah battery can run for 40 minutes before it needs to be charged and then it needs to be plugged in for around 75 minutes before you can use it again. This model doesn’t come with a carry strap but it does have a secondary handle to make it easier to hold.

The Hikoki CG36DB Cordless Line Trimmer is another powerful machine that offers high performance and excellent results. It is also a quieter model that works well for customers who live in built-up areas. 

It comes with an easy-grip handle and a trigger switch to give you full control over turning the device on and off and can cut through weeds and grass with ease. The safety guard is attached to the device to enhance your safety and at 3.6kg you should be able to hold it long enough to get each job done.

The battery has an eco and normal mode to help you get the most from every charge. The normal mode can run for 70 minutes and the Eco mode will run for up to 122 minutes – offering ample time to get your garden in good order.

If you have some cash to play with and want a professional, cordless solution then the Makita DUR368LPT2 Cordless Brushless Loop Handle Line Trimmer Kit is well worth your time. This tool comes with three speeds and uses a brushless motor that will work as hard as you.

There is a guard for safety and a reverse switch that can help you untangle the whipper snipper when needed. It takes a nylon line and provides you with a cutting width of up to 350mm. We love that it is sold as a kit and includes two wrenches, a shoulder strap, a nylon head and an accessory bag.

This model also boasts a dual battery pack and charger that can charge both batteries at the same time or simultaneously when you work. It’s clear that this whipper snipper means business, making it great for professional use.

The Verdict – Best Battery Operated Whipper Snipper

Without a doubt, the STIHL FSA Cordless AutoCut Compact Grass Line Trimmer Kit has to be our top choice! Its clever battery system that enables you to switch batteries between products and adjustable design impressed us as well as the power that this lightweight machine offers. Buying this is a great investment, especially if you have other STIHL cordless products.

Our budget choice, the Dewalt 18V XR Cordless Brushless Split Shaft Line Trimmer is also well worth looking at, especially if you want a device that is strong enough to work through tough ground cover. We love that it has two handles for comfort and grip and that it comes with a simple to load line compartment.

Take a look at the answers to some frequently asked questions about whipper snippers so that you can feel fully informed before you make a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your chosen whipper snipper states that it has a bump feed head then it just means that it comes with a simple way to release more lines. A bump feed works when you tap the bottom of your whipper snipper on the ground as it compresses the spring inside the head, allowing the line to be extended.

In simple terms, a whipper snipper uses a motor that spins nylon cord around at high speed. This action allows the cord to cut through grass, weeds and ground cover as well as cutting neat edges into the grass.

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