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Best Air Compressor Australia [2023 Buyers Guide]

Whether you’re planning an off-road adventure or need to update your professional or home workshop, an air compressor is a multipurpose tool that has such a wide variety of uses it’s simply a must-have.

Air tools are some of the most practical and are an excellent long-term investment. They can be used for drilling, inflating tyres, painting, sanding, polishing, cleaning and running other machinery.

Not sure where to start with buying your next air compressor? Read on as we’ve reviewed the top five air compressors, including the versatile 12V air compressor and the best 4×4 air compressor.

Best Overall

Bushranger Black Max Compressor

If there is one thing that stands out about this compressor, it is very quiet. It offers a soft noise level of 48 dB for a peaceful working environment. Its 12V copper motor is highly efficient and runs at 1440 RPM for high performance.

Top 5 Best Air Compressors

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Bushranger Black Max Compressor
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AstroAI Tyre Inflator Portable Air 12V Compressor-min
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TATA Michelin 12 Volt Compressor
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Unimac ACM-250 24L 2HP Portable Direct Drive Air Compressor, and 5pc Air Tool Kit-min
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Dynamic Power Air Compressor-min
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Best Air Compressor Australia – Buying Guide

Before we get stuck into the nitty-gritty of our top five, let’s go over a few of the basics.

How does an air compressor work?

A compressor is a tool that utilises an electric motor to absorb air at ambient pressure through a filtering system, which then accumulates in the tank at a higher pressure. Then when you use the tool, the pressurised air is released via a hose or nozzle.

A few key considerations when buying an air compressor

What size compressor do I need

The tank size refers to how much pressurised air can be stored before the machine turns on to pressurise more air.

Tanks range in size, but generally, a home compressor will have a capacity of anywhere from 3-5 litres and range up to 50 litres for more professional use.

red air compressor in a workshop

What jobs will I use it for

Whether you’re looking for a portable air compressor to take camping or off-roading or a larger unit for the workplace, it’s important to consider performance, how mobile the unit is, the noise output, and the best-sized tank for your job.

What is PSI

PSI refers to the air pressure the compressor generates inside the tank, and it stands for pounds per square inch. Most air tools require approximately 70-90 PSI to operate successfully [1], whereas when you’re inflating a tyre, the PSI will be determined by your vehicle’s unique tyre and is usually displayed on the tyre itself or within the vehicle manual.

How to choose an air compressor for a 4wd? Continue reading to know about it.


Compressors are among the easiest tools to care for; simply clean the condensation from the tank after use and then clean the air filter weekly.

1. Bushranger Black Max Compressor – Best Overall

Why we love it:

  • With so many options available, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing a tried and trusted brand. This highly effective and compact air compressor is very well priced and should be an essential tool in every vehicle or garage.

The TATA Michelin 12V air compressor is rated as the number 1 bestseller in the Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems category on and has an excellent consumer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Michelin is a brand you can genuinely rely on, boasting a long history of manufacturing high-quality products. So, it’s no surprise that this air compressor is a great option and a favourite on our list.

It inflates a standard tyre in 3 minutes and is best suited for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and leisure activities (balloons, air mattresses).

In addition, its default function allows it to automatically inflate to the pressure selected on the digital display with accuracy to +/- 1 PSI. The air hose is 60cm in length, and the power cable is 3m in length.

It has a flow rate of 100 L/min, perfect for small activities in your home or on the road, and is compact enough to fit in most spare tyre wells in the car.

2. AstroAI Tyre Inflator Portable Air 12V Compressor

Why we love it:

  • A reliable, well-priced air compressor that is easily transported due to its impressively light body, weighing in at just 1kg.

    Fitted out with a backup flashlight, this tool has you covered for any situation day or night.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 on, this air compressor offers fast inflation and advanced accuracy to ensure the reading is within the 1.5% range of the actual tyre pressure.

This air compressor has a lot of power and fulfills its function perfectly for inflating tyres, mattresses, or balls. Both its cable and accessories are stored in the compressor itself, making it convenient and easy to use.

The pressure selector wheel has a backlit display which is ideal for nighttime emergencies on the road, and it also has an auto shut-off function.

The unit comes with three different nozzle types for various applications. It also comes with a replacement fuse to ensure total protection of you and your devices.

3. TATA Michelin 12 Volt Compressor

Why we love it:

  • Compact enough to take camping or 4WD driving, but powerful enough to pump up tyres on various vehicles in any situation. Delivering an impressive 66 L/min, this air compressor will have you back on the road in no time, or if you’re about to hit the beach, it has a nifty decompressor to let tyres down.

If there is one thing that stands out about this compressor, it is very quiet. It offers a soft noise level of 48 dB for a peaceful working environment. Its 12V copper motor is highly efficient and runs at 1440 RPM for high performance.

In addition, it is lightweight and compact, and easily transported. It is equipped with an oil-free pump, requires no daily maintenance, and eliminates the risk of oil stains on work surfaces.

It has a heat dissipation fan and safe solenoid valve, providing thermal protection for the motor and also helping to extends the service life. Additionally, it’s self-ventilated so it won’t break down or overheat and has an integrated pressure regulator and air filter.

Finally, it also has a double air outlet, regulated and direct, making it the best 4×4 air compressor on our list.

4. Unimac ACM-250 24L 2HP Portable Direct Drive Air Compressor, and 5pc Air Tool Kit

Why we love it:

  • Whether you want to spray paint a fence, operate a nail gun or inflate tyres, this heavy-duty machine is the perfect tool for the home or professional workshop.

This powerful professional-quality air compressor features a 2HP motor and a substantial 24L tank capacity.

This unit is ideal for operating air tools, blow cleaning, airbrushing, and inflating tyres. The flow rate is 159 L/min with a max pressure of 116 PSI.

This unit weighs in at 23kg, but it’s still easily portable with the addition of all-terrain wheels, a large anti-vibration rubber foot, and an extended handle. This unit is best suited for use in a workshop or around the home.

This tool comes with all the bells and whistles, featuring a spray gun, paraffin gun, tyre inflator, blowing gun, and a flexible 12m hose.

5. Dynamic Power Air Compressor

Why we love it:

  • An excellent option for the home handyman (or handywoman) who needs an air compressor that operates tools and also pumps up tyres. While it only weighs in at 5.4kg, it doesn’t have wheels, so it isn’t as easy to manoeuvre as some of the other units on this list.

Voted Amazon’s Choice for air compressors, the Dynamic Power air compressor features a 3L air tank that provides constant pressure and has an auto start-stop function at 43PSI and 57PSI, respectively

What’s impressive about this machine is its low noise level given its power, operating at a quiet 35-34dB.

It’s also thermally & overpressure protected, meaning that the unit automatically cuts out due to an overload or excessive rise in temperature.

The verdict:

Throughout our research for the Best Air Compressor reviews Australia, there was a lot of competition, but there can only be one winner.

The TATA Michelin 12 Volt Compressor has won our vote for its high performance, well-known brand name, versatility of applications, and very reasonable price point.

This unit is so good we’d recommend purchasing one to keep in the car and one for the workshop or garage. This is the best 12V air compressor we’ve come across. Because it was such a tough decision, our runner-up recommendation goes to the AstroAI Tyre Inflator Portable Air 12V Compressor due to its impeccable nighttime safety features and ease of use.


An air compressor works by forcing air into a cylinder and pressurising it. Then when the machine is in operation, the pressurised air is forced out through a nozzle or hose and into whatever requires inflation.

There isn’t a massive amount of difference, as they both perform very similar tasks. However, an air compressor is a larger unit and generally has a wide variety of uses besides inflating tyres. They can be used around the house to operate machinery and clean surfaces. Meanwhile, an air inflator is usually lightweight and can be easily stored in a vehicle for on-the-go maintenance.

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