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Are Cordless Circular Saws Worth It?

A saw coupled with hammer and nails makes up the trinity of tools required for successful carpentry construction. Before now, the corded circular saw was the main tool used for cutting through wood, and it was pretty efficient. So what changed? The need for versatility in cutting positions and freedom of movement during cutting. That’s where the best circular saw comes in.

This need triggered the development of the cordless circular saw. True, they are portable and do an excellent job at cutting through wood, but are they any good? Are cordless circular saws worth it? Before answering these questions, let us examine the cordless circular saw in detail.

Saw Design

While some people are two-handed, most of us have a dominant hand. We either use the left or the right hand for most activities, including using a saw. The cordless circular saw has two designs differentiated by the positioning of the blade.

The saw could have a left placed or right placed blade. A right-placed blade is ideal for individuals with a dominant left hand and the reverse for right-handed individuals.

Another design feature to look out for is the placement of the saw motor [1]. Here there are two distinctions, the sidewinder and worm drive. The differences in these two motor forms hinge on blade speed and toughness. Worm-driven cordless circular saws reach a top speed of around 4300 rpm but take on tougher jobs than the sidewinders.

Having discussed the designs available for a cordless circular saw, let us delve right into the purpose of this article. Are cordless circular saws worth the hype?

Are Cordless Circular Saws Any Good?

There is no direct answer to this question. However, below are some factors that might help buttress its usefulness.

Versatility and Portability

Do It Yourself (DIY) has become the new way to do basic household repairs. If you are an ardent fan of this system, we cannot overemphasize the importance of this tool. With a cordless circular saw, you can cut through plywood, roof, bookcase, and lumber framing with ease.

It is portable, which makes carrying it around easier and less cumbersome. In addition, this saw is cordless, making it versatile, and you could use it at sites where electric power is unavailable.


One common misconception people have is that the batteries in this system increase their weight. Not true. Cordless circular saws are often smaller in size than their coded counterparts. So you could carry yours about in your tool bag.

The trick here is choosing the right size and weight for your cutting needs.

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Reduces Electricity Bills

Electricity bills are a nightmare! Using power tools over an extended period of direct current bumps up the bill. Besides, corded circular saws run on electricity ratings of about 220-volt, the ideal voltage for cutting through hardwood. This consumption drills a hole in the pocket when the bill comes in. On the other hand, cordless circular saws rely on a charged lithium battery with a rating of 20-volt. This feature cuts the electricity bill as you only need the power to charge the tool. Furthermore, fitted with Brushless technology, the cordless saw makes maximum use of battery power as no energy is lost [2].

For Any User

Whether Left-handed or Right-handed, the position of the blade will take care of your hand preferences.  Consider getting one with a left-side blade if you are a right-handed user,  while a left-handed user gets a right-sided blade.

The left-sided blade is popular among users because most users are right-handed. This blade also has merit not seen in its right-sided counterpart! Using this blade makes it easier to track the base shoe on the wood you are cutting. Also, having the edge on the left side of the saw gives you a better view of the cut line. This is why it seems like the left blade is conventional.

A man cutting a wooden piece with Cordless Circular Saw in Australia

Wrap Up

So, are cordless circular saws worth it? Yes! A tool that gives you the best power and mobility is worth every penny you decide to spend on it. Understanding how it works and which design is ideal for your cutting needs is the first step in choosing the best one for you.

The main argument against this tool is power consistency. If woodcutting is a hobby you are looking to explore, then a cordless circular saw is just ideal for you. But if you are into heavy-duty projects where constant power is a requirement, then the corded saw is your best bet.


Cordless circular saws are closing the power gap to the corded saws fast. With the recent advancements in technology, cordless saws now have enough power to handle almost any job. For example, the Makita XSRO1 has power that equals that produced by most corded saws [3].

Yes. Although they have a circular shape, these saws are for cutting straight lines.

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