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Are Cobalt or Titanium Drill Bits Better?

When it comes to selecting the best drill bits, it can seem pretty challenging and tasking. However, you would agree with me when I say both the cobalt and titanium drill bits comes as an excellent choices for drilling works.

If you don’t know which one to choose between both drill bits, you are in the right place. In the course of this article, I will answer the question, “are cobalt or titanium drill bits better,” in a head-to-head comparison.

Let’s get started.

Cobalt Vs Titanium Drill Bits: The Perfect Choice

Before you get the perfect choice for your drilling works, you first need to have detailed information about both drill bits.

Cobalt Drill Bits

I understand the generic misconception about the cobalt drill bits. At first, I thought of them merely as regular tough steels until I realised they were more than that. The high resistant capability of this drill bit makes it the leading choice for several drillers dealing with hot temperature.

This drill bit comes from a combination of cobalt and steel without any titanium coating. And it usually has different cobalt concentrations in its production. The cobalt drill bits can cope with the heat going as high as 1100F without any damages.

According to Crawford Components, the M35 grade has 5% cobalt. Meanwhile, the M42 grade has about 8% cobalt. And the higher the cobalt, the more brittle it is with an increased heat resistance [1].

However, the cobalt drill bit can become a real pain when it goes blunts. Therefore, they are not only high-priced on purchase, but sharpening them can be very costly.

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Nevertheless, I will recommend the cobalt drill bits for individuals looking to drill hard materials because its high-speed steel trait and efficiency speak for themselves.


  • High resistance
  • Very durable
  • Strong on any material
  • High versatility


  • Expensive

Titanium Drill Bits

I know what might be running through your mind, but this drill bit isn’t entirely titanium. However, this drill bits’ core is all high-speed steel. Besides, its exterior layer has a titanium finishing.

Mostly, you might find these pieces with the name tag “TiN drill bits” when making purchases. The reason is due to the coating of titanium nitride.

Moreover, there is another form of coating called titanium aluminium nitride (TiAIN) (2). And this other coating type extends the drill bits’ life up four or fives times from the TiN. But then, the titanium carbonitrides (TiCN), which is super-tough, works perfectly for high mechanical uses.

Unlike the cobalt drill bits, the titanium variant is more affordable while maintaining a solid structure.

Without the titanium coating on this drill bit, excess heat might damage the piece, hammer, and possibly your hands. In addition, the coating allows you to appreciate the strength, resistance, and effectiveness of this drill bit.


  • It works great on soft materials.
  • Affordable
  • Works for a longer time than regular bits
  • Possesses high heat resistance up to 1500F


  • The titanium coating expires, and it becomes a regular steel tool.
  • They are not the best for hard metals.

Cobalt Or Titanium Drill Bits: Which One Is The Better Pick?

5 Different Cobalt Drill Bits

Considering both the cobalt and titanium drill bits’ pros and cons, finding a winner is clear but purely based on user preference (3). If you fancy your drill bits looking shiny, affordable, and with high resistance to heat, you might want to opt for the titanium variant.

However, if you prefer a solid and long-lasting drill bit and less concerned about the high price, the cobalt is for you. Regardless of whichever drill bit you pick, they will both provide you with efficient working capability.


Generally, both the cobalt and titanium drill bits are excellent drilling pieces with strength and high resistance. However, this post has answered the long-standing question, “are cobalt or titanium drill bits better.”

Regardless, if you find this article helpful, you can share it with family or friends looking to buy drill bits.


These drill bits have titanium coating, and aside from that, they are pretty regular. So you can sharpen them at any time once they become blunt.

However, it reduces the titanium coating anytime you sharpen the drill bit. And this will result in you losing high heat resistance and extra strength.

Shop for any type of drill bit either online or in a physical hardware store. However, shopping online doesn’t mean you get a quality purchase.

The material might be of less quality or not than it seems on the website. For this reason, purchasing drill bits from the traditional hardware or trusted online store is more advisable.

If you should use these drill bits on a masonry material, you risk damaging your equipment. In addition, it is inadvisable to use either drill bits on materials not designed for it.

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