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Are Budget Heat Guns Worth Buying? Pros and Cons

Are budget heat guns worth buying? Is there any major performance disadvantage? Do the pros outweigh the cons? 

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Budget heat guns are a portable way to warm objects without burning them. They’re widely advertised as being good for use to help peel paint or to do some other handy work. But before buying one, read our analysis to see whether they’re really worth investing in. [1]

So if you want to learn more about them, continue reading our article, where we will cover the pros and cons of buying a budget heat gun.

What Are Some Things to Consider Before Buying a Heat Gun?

Before purchasing a heat gun, it is important first to determine what type of heat gun you need. There are three main types:

1. Electric heat guns

2. Gas heat guns

Electric heat guns have two parts: an electric element that produces heat and a heating pipe that transfers the heat to the tip of the device. 

Gas heat guns work similarly to electric heat guns, but instead of using electricity to create heat, gas heat guns use pressurized gas to transfer heat. They also require a separate tank of propane or natural gas.

How Much Power Does It Produce?

The amount of power each heat gun produces depends on how much energy is required to operate it. It is important to note that the amount of power produced by a heat gun does not always correlate with its ability to heat objects quickly. 

In fact, many heat guns claim to have high-powered outputs, yet their lack of quality makes them ineffective at welding jobs or whatever you may use them for.

For this reason, purchasing a heat gun based on its size and power is best rather than its price. If you plan to use your heat gun frequently, then look for a model that has a large capacity tank. This means that it will last longer and provide more consistent results.

Dewalt Heat Gun Being Held on Hand.

Budget Heat Guns Pros and Cons

Even though they’re still the same tool that should be able to do the same task, there are some major differences in brands of heat guns, but is there much difference with a budget choice? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of budget heat guns. [2]


  • Easy to Use. The budget choices sometimes mean having fewer functions and features, resulting in fewer buttons, so it’s easier to use than an expensive one.
  • Lightweight. With less complicated designs, budget heat guns tend to weigh less than expensive ones.
  • Low Cost. A budget heat gun may cost less than a comparable product, which could save you money in the long run.


  • Less Powerful. Because of their lower price tag, budget heat guns often produce less heat than higher-priced models. You don’t have to have the most powerful heat gun, but the extra bit is always nice. 
  • Noisy. Many budget heat guns make noise when used, which can be annoying.
  • Few Features. Budget heat guns usually don’t offer as many features as pricier versions.
  • Limited Warranty. Most budget heat guns come with limited warranties, which may not cover defects such as overheating or malfunctioning.
  • Short Product Life. Budget heat guns typically don’t last very long because they aren’t built to withstand heavy usage.

Should You Buy One?

If you’re looking for a solution to heat things up and do some welding work, then yes, you should buy a heat gun. In order to make sure that you’ll receive a reliable product, it is recommended that you invest a little bit more money into getting a better quality heat gun.

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Heat guns are perfect if you want to strip paint off a wall, defrost pipes, melt materials such as plastic, and more. So if you want a solution for any of those things above that, you can now understand why a heat gun is beneficial.

Closing Thoughts

Budget heat guns are a great way to get started with the hobby of airbrushing, but they’re not without their own set of pros and cons that you should be aware of before purchasing one. However, if you’re more serious about your work, then consider spending a bit more to get a better model.

I have found that the best heat gun for electronics is the Craftsman brand. They are inexpensive, reliable, and work well with most materials. Let me know which one you end up getting in the section below.

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